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  1. thefinalsound

    FS - Third Man Vault 21

    Ya, again the words and punctuation surrounding the "$5" you saw indicated that was the cost of shipping, not the item. They have since been removed to cut down on confusion. How about $60, plus $5 for shipping. That's a total of $65.
  2. thefinalsound

    FS - Third Man Vault 21

    Ya $5 for the shipping, in addition to whatever price is agreed upon.
  3. thefinalsound

    PO: Tycho - Awake

    Right. It's no longer available through the label though without buying the $60 t shirt/bag bundle. This guy says he has like nine left so here it is available for a reasonable price to people like me who missed it on the label site.
  4. thefinalsound

    PO: Tycho - Awake

    Just found it in beige shipped for $24 on ebay.
  5. thefinalsound

    WTB: Röyksopp - The Understanding

    Took me a while to find one, good luck! Do you have any other Royksopp right now? Just curious.
  6. thefinalsound

    PO: Beck - Morning Phaze

    Just pre-ordered this through Amoeba for $21.23 with their 15% off and free shipping. Code for 15% off is Jan1514
  7. thefinalsound

    Matador One Day Sale 50% off

    Their site is down.
  8. thefinalsound

    CYBER MONDAY catch all thread

    20% off everything at http://www.amoeba.com with code CYBER20H
  9. Not sure how much shipping from Hawaii would end up being, but this would be a pretty good deal. http://app.audiogon.com/listings/turntables-pro-ject-speedbox-ii-2013-10-17-analog-96822-honolulu-hi
  10. Where did you hear this? If that's true then this is the miracle we have been waiting for.
  11. thefinalsound

    PO: Suede - Vinyl Collection Box

    Elbow released a similar box set last year that I was able to get on Amazon UK for a very good price (I'm pretty sure it was limited to 2000 copies). Here's to hoping that Amazon gets this, if they do it will likely be much cheaper as well.
  12. thefinalsound

    Foo Fighters TINLTL $4.50 at Amazon

    Ordered, thanks!