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  1. I'm enjoying as well. I'd even agree it's a little boring. But in the best way.
  2. Do they still send out those "come back and get a free record" emails a few months after you cancel?
  3. Why are they no longer releasing on saddle creek?
  4. We were all waiting for you to let us know you were going to pass. Don't hold out on us so long next time!
  5. Not sure if there are any Richard Hawley fans here but his entire discography is being reissued. Some of which have been out of print and hard to find. Coles Corner and Truelove's Gutter have been on my white whale list for years. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/richard-hawley
  6. It should be in the default theme though.
  7. I've heard the last few. But also just the messages about "Surviving in chaos. The real shit."
  8. I stand by that this is what I personally think.
  9. How do we feel about this being Billie trying "out rock" his kids who are onto something with their own music.
  10. The White Album is confusing because it's all over the place but... Personally, I think "Do You Wanna Get High?" is the only good song on the White Album and the rest is trash.
  11. I'd be more interested in picking this up if the cover wasn't so bad.
  12. Why not call it "fuck all you motherfuckers" so when you buy it, it's directed right at the target.