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  1. You're probably right but by other limited variant standards, they are very easily available for a long period of time.
  2. I had high hopes for these but I didn't end up getting anything. I was hoping for things more along the lines of their Counting Crows or Fleetwood Mac Tusk exclusives. Was still fun! Hope they do it again!
  3. I got excited too. Ended up getting the TTL Surfing Deep Fantasy exclusive but I wanted buy something. I have a problem.
  4. It doesn't even include a vinyl copy of the full album...
  5. https://sonnyandthesunsets.bandcamp.com/album/new-day-with-new-possibilities Happy to hear they're (he's) back with another one.
  6. I just don't know how they didn't use their logo in the van halen format for the cover? On one hand it's way too obvious but it's a million times better than what they went with. I don't think they realize how important cover art is. This fan made art would make me more interested in checking out the album. credit to reddit user capsvlecorps
  7. The worst is seeing retail marking up prices straight from the jump. Not even secondary market. I was in Salzer's in Ventura, CA over the weekend and they have RTJ4 for $50. Still in print straight from the distributor. It's a $35 record but it's getting a considerable markup before it even hit's the secondary market. I've seen the same with sealed RSD releases. Super fucked.
  8. Oh stop being so silly. I read this board every day. I love record collecting. Me calling a record boring is only as serious as you take it. This thread could use a little balance from the fomo heavy posts. You can make fun of me when I miss out on the RTJ2 TTL that’s about to come out.
  9. Because I enjoy posting on this board more than I enjoy her music. I need something to say.
  10. As someone who isn't buying this either way, that cover is really working against him on selling any of these.

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