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  1. LOL. Now THAT'S comedy. This is the exact type of edgy humor I'm looking for on a vinyl board.
  2. I hope you're right so I don't have to buy it.
  3. Holding out for a non black, non boxset variant. I dig eels but I regret the few boxsets I've bought for standard releases. They're a pain.
  4. There are two Manson threads happening right now. 2020 is wild. Time is a flat circle. I think this was meant for the other.
  5. Looks like there's roughly 320 left in the US store at least.
  6. How is the jacket printing? I have a hard time getting on board with these boots.
  7. It's going to be like all the other later era SP. Hopeful and exciting at first. Saying "I actually like these songs" and then 4 months later, they're forgotten and everyone rediscovers Machina again.
  8. I feel that. Leaks for me these days go something like this. "oh look what just got sent to me. I'm working with headphones and could use something to listen to" That's about it. I don't get super excited for leaks but also releases have kind of blurred too and I'm not that excited. So now I just hear it when I hear it. Sometimes it's months after the release before I have a chance to really listen and sometimes it's before. I buy a ton of records, I have an apple music subscription. I'm either going to buy it or not. Hearing it early makes no difference either way.