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  1. I wonder what they mean by acoustic? Having sound?
  2. I agree. They were instant preorders but now I'm not sure why. I liked about half of Cassadaga and haven't really liked anything since. Even the album art has sucked since then now that I think about it. I'll probably take them to amoeba at some point to swap for some store credit.
  3. Are we still on this? Sigh.. here we go. If the item is broken, take it back to the store for a refund. That's what they do. You're not taking a high road by keeping the item to protect the brick and mortar. Just today, I bought a camp shower. It's a little pump that connects to a sprayer that allows me to wash off while camping. It doesn't work. Guess what I'm going to do? Normally, it's obvious but let me spell it out. I'm going to take it back to the store. And they will accept it. If they don't have a replacement, I'll get my money back. It'll be a great exchange and I'll happily shop there again. Sometimes products are defective and need to be returned. You still haven't taken one proactive step to get your records replaced. You're inventing problems and then complaining about them.
  4. My friend. He's just saying you sound like that type of person. Not that it's the same thing.
  5. In other words, you want to speak to the manager? Such a long winded way to say you've done nothing and expect a corrected product.
  6. Wrong. You could have returned it. You've obviously never worked in retail. I have. Class solidarity brother. The store should 100% stand behind delivering a quality product to the consumer. That's their business after all. If they get a return for a faulty product, they refund the customers money and then send the product back to the manufacturer. You didn't return your faulty product when you had the chance. You're drawing a crazy wavy line of who should be responsible and who shouldn't. There's a system setup for cases like this and you didn't do anything at the time. It's your fault for keeping the product. Sometimes manufacturers/distributors will issue a recall program for faulty vinyl. Just happened with Green Day's Insomniac. They didn't do this for this release. Although it looks like some people that took proactive steps had theirs replaced. You did nothing proactive and you're just complaining. That's extra weird, dude.
  7. The store should stand behind the products they sell. They would have accepted a return. Sounds like you're shirking responsibility.
  8. Don't tell me what to do. Return them ding dong.
  10. I'm not paying for this latte. You just lost your job.
  11. Good. Maybe this will finally force me to only buy records I actually want.

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