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  1. Just to be clear, this is the Ben Gibbard from Death Cab?
  2. That's because Flea is back on bass on this. Like the good old days.
  3. Pretty fun listen on the ol' headphones. Better than I expected.
  4. For the people that check this board before their email. Like me.
  5. The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow $11.98 Led Zeppelin - II $12.89 Eminem - The Eminem Show $12.38
  6. Reviving this thread in case anybody was looking for this once overpriced set at a good deal. Garth Brooks - Legacy Box Set | $29.99
  7. Listened to these singles. I LOVED the last one but her vocal is so grating on these. The opening chords to fire sound just like this great song
  8. Building an api for these stores to adopt to would be great. For my app I have to check every source and see how to pull the data from their stock and it changes and then my app breaks. Bullmoose, for example, recently changed their data response format and my bullmoose feed stopped working.
  9. Thanks for the bump Tommy! I'm still working on this in my free time. I use it a lot. It's also very handy to save a little list of records you're looking for while in brick and mortar stores. I've wanted to add a bunch more features but I've been mainly focusing on making sure the scrapers are staying up to date and showing relevant data. I have a long list of things I'd like to add to it. Open to making anything a priority if it's useful.
  10. I also dig the artwork. I wish it didn't have text on it though.