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  1. Haha. Shipping IS $12. Just checked to see if you were being hyperbolic.
  2. 2nd pressing announced. Run of 500 on black. https://therentals.bandcamp.com/album/q36
  3. Is this band "alex is on fire" or "alexis on fire"?
  4. There was a long article about plants being backed up in sundays NYT. I know plants are backed up because more people are pressing records but I haven't seen or noticed any lack of records in the stores I go to so that's why I asked. I'm guessing the real reason this showed up on the rsd site is because the label is simply vinyl, which at one time was a real label doing represses but now it is a different label ran by bootleggers under the same name (as told to me on reddit). So database/clerical error, not desperation by rsd is my hunch.
  5. Is this a joke? Where are you getting this news?
  6. Looks legit. https://www.ziarecords.com/p/13383242/marilyn-manson-antichrist-superstar
  7. Machina and Zwan are the last two I'm waiting for. I'll take them in any order though. MSOTS is a great record.
  8. I check out about every 3rd eels record. I'm due on this one. I dig the single.... ...However, I'm starting to learn my lesson with busting out the wallet when I "dig the single".
  9. We all have a different line of what an artist does in their personal life where it overshadows the art. That doesn't mean you research everything about an artist before deciding to listen but if something comes to light, it's up to you if that is something you can set aside while enjoying the art. Sometimes that happens before you listen. For example, Charles Manson has a record out. Will you support that art knowing what you know? If tomorrow you found out Ryan Adams was a child murderer, could you still listen to the art? It's your line to draw and the line is wavy. For music you really love, your tolerance is higher and if your introduction to an artist is that they're an awful human being, it's easier to dismiss. I too separate the art from the artist but I'm not going to pretend that there's nothing the artist can do in their personal life that will ruin art I once enjoyed. Knowing what I know now, Cold Roses still reminds me of a great time in my life. If Ryan Adams collected skulls of kids he murdered, I would no longer enjoy Cold Roses in the same way I do now.
  10. You're probably right but by other limited variant standards, they are very easily available for a long period of time.
  11. I had high hopes for these but I didn't end up getting anything. I was hoping for things more along the lines of their Counting Crows or Fleetwood Mac Tusk exclusives. Was still fun! Hope they do it again!

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