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  1. Very excited about this. https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/featured-exclusives/mormor-heavens-only-wishful
  2. $9.78 The Postal Service - Give Up $10.75 Michael Jackson - Bad $10.97 Beach House - Depression Cherry $11.86 Wilco - A Ghost Is Born
  3. $13.97 Michael Jackson - Thriller https://www.amazon.com/Thriller-Michael-Jackson/dp/B01B2M9H76
  4. $9.99 Arcade Fire - Funeral https://www.amazon.com/Funeral-Gram-Vinyl-Arcade-Fire/dp/B002WY64HA
  5. $6.99 The Strokes - Comedown Machine https://www.amazon.com/Comedown-Machine-Strokes/dp/B00BCR353E
  6. deftbarley

    The Weezer Thread

    So happy I resisted the urge to pre-order this.
  7. I'll 3rd this. Now I get to trade in my single lps that I already owned at amoeba for some credit! A gain on two sides of this deal!
  8. deftbarley

    Amazon Vinyl Tracking Project

    Exactly. I agree. Better than pages. I'll see if I can get that added soon.
  9. deftbarley

    Amazon Vinyl Tracking Project

    Thanks for the nice feedback! Amazon caps the number of results and paginates them but one option I've thought about was doing a lazy load for more results rather than having pages.
  10. deftbarley

    Amazon Vinyl Tracking Project

    Thanks for the quick feedback! Yes, pre-orders and out of stock should definitely be displayed and as options for a filter. I want to make it as close to browsing a record store as possible so those are among many things to add. Thanks again!
  11. I check this board every day (especially the cheap amazon thread). I also like to program on the side for fun so I decided to make a little site to search amazon's vinyl selection. I know this is not a revolutionary idea but I thought I'd share it here along with my plans for updates. Right now it's version 0.0.1. It's the most bare bones it could possibly be just to have something to start with. With the currently deployed version you can: Search by artist and get a paginated list of what is in stock from amazon prime for that artist. You can create an account and make a list of records to keep your eye on. Hover on the cover art and click the arrow on the bottom right (if you have an account). The current price will update when this list loads so you can check it throughout the day to see if a price drops. Features to add.. This list could go on forever but like camelcamelcamel, I would first like to add a notification if the price hits a threshold of the user's choice. After that, stronger search/filter options and ordering your list of items you're tracking would likely be the next updates. I know there are plenty of missing features but I thought a vinyl only amazon aggregator created by and tailored to vinyl collectors is an intriguing idea. I would love feature requests from the community and feedback from anyone who would like a tool like this. Again, I know this is a very simple and unexciting site in it's current state but hopefully, feature by feature, it can be something useful/fun in the near future. You can see this version at http://other.supply
  12. Inspired by this thread, I pieced together a little site in a few free hours I had today - https://other.supply/ You can search by artist for vinyl on amazon and get the 10 most popular results in order of lowest to highest price. More of a fun little project but I may add some features in the near future. For instance, email alerts when records dip below a current price. Open to suggestions!
  13. deftbarley

    Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody (Out 1/13/17)

    I actually agree with that but instead of lazier I would say more relaxed. Deliberately so.
  14. deftbarley

    Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody (Out 1/13/17)

    The three new singles are the best album tracks they have put out in a while. In spite of all their questionable experimental releases, their proper releases have been consistently great.
  15. deftbarley

    Smashing Pumpkins

    One handed and at MOST two fingers.