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  1. I hope I can buy one online. Hard to participate in record store day from China.
  2. Wasn't there a blurb in there about how Radiohead has been written about endlessly so there's no need to induct them? Either way, so many other magazines can write about the impact of Radiohead on music. What I like about the AP Class of 2000 is that it goes deeper. And even though I'm not particularly into a bunch of the bands that were featured (AFI, Bright Eyes, Dashboard Confessional) I don't really disagree with any of the picks. But I do kinda agree with dynamitekid - take off Deftones and put on D4. That's only because "Versus God" epitomizes the kind of music I was into most back then. I need to dig up Class of 1999 and 1998 features (if they exist?) - I think I have back issues around somewhere.
  3. I just finished reading the Class of 2000 feature in Alternative Press, and going back to listen to some of the stuff I was too punx to listen to ten years ago. Curious if anyone had any other albums you would substitute? I'm in need of "new" music from this era. Here's the class of 2010 list: AFI: The Art of Drowing At The Drive-In: Relationship of Command Boy Sets Fire: After the Eulogy Bright Eyes: Fevers and Mirrors Cave In: Jupiter Cursive: Domestica Dashboard Confessional: The Swiss Army Romance Deftones: White Pony Elliott: False Cathedrals Glassjaw: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Silence The most surprising thing about this list may be the fact that arranged alphabetically, there's nothing beyond the letter G.
  4. Awesome, this is pretty close to where I live in China. Too bad I'm back home in Canada for the summer.
  5. Pretty sure hate speech isn't covered by freedom of speech. At least it's not where I come from (Canada, not China).
  6. Reading this thread reminds me of when I spent a day or so reading the "Flat Earth Society" message board. Sometimes it's just mind-boggling and fascinating that some people (as marginal and irrelevant as they may be) still think this way. The main similarity is that a dialogue with a neo-nazi or flat-earther is equally pointless because they conveniently plug their ears and shout "Jewish/NASA conspiracy Jewish/NASA conspiracy la la la la la" at the mention of any evidence or reasoning that contradicts their idiotic positions. At least, the world is developing in a direction towards more diversity, more equality, and more integration. People who oppose these things kick and scream and throw temper tantrums, but ultimately lose in the end. Speaking of diversity, equality, and integration - it's Canada Day today and this thread has never made me feel more proud of Canadian values. Thanks for that, Strap-On Man!
  7. I had to get a new credit card number, so my pledge won't go through. Trying to figure out how to update that. But I want my pledge to stand!
  8. Does anybody know why Motion City Soundtrack - My Dinosaur Life never seems to be for sale at the Epitaph store or the band's official store at Blue Collar Distro? I've been meaning to pick this up for a while and Interpunk seems way over priced. Is this a very limited pressing or something? Oh, I'm not talking about the picture disc collection package, just the regular LP. And in case anybody is interested, the server that hosts the VC board is now BLOCKED in China. So I have to go through a VPN to get here. And it's super slow.
  9. China Mobile! Prepaid. Cell phone time is cheap here. $20-30 can last me for a year. Brought my iphone from back home.
  10. I remember getting a lot of Initial promos back when I did a zine. The only one that has stuck with me is "The Medicine" by the Jazz June. Maybe I'd be more into the other bands now.
  11. Video won't stream for me. Damnit, China...
  12. Already ordered, but would have much preferred a 10".
  13. Man, this makes me so tempted to sell mine. But it's on the other side of the Pacific right now so not much I can do.
  14. I'm liking this. But no digital download with purchase? Still in China...
  15. I missed out on both batches that were posted. I hope I get my hands on one someday.
  16. Sounds great from the write-up... not entirely sold by the myspace songs... need to hear the rest.
  17. Interesting, I'm a teacher and this doesn't sound anything like what I went through to get certified. I did a 4 year bachelor of arts and a 1 year bachelor of education, plus a 1 year diploma in ESL. No tests involved in any of it.
  18. Turkish Techno are really good. I hope they have a full-length in 2010.
  19. Offer is for United States customers only Bullshit! There better be a regular LP soon.
  20. I haven't listened to this band since "Battle Hymns" (though I may have glanced through "Steal This Record" at one point). How good are these albums?
  21. I'd definitely buy this if the price was reasonable.