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  1. Hello! this is totally not record related. I have been a long time user on this board (though I rarely post anymore) but I am desperately in need of help. I’m trying to buy my wife a gift and they only ship within Mexico. I live in California, and I’m trying to find a place for the seller to ship it to in Mexico and then have them ship it to me in California. I would obviously reimburse you for the help. thank you! Andrew
  2. While this is correct, this is better: Speak Now (come at me bro) Red Lover Folklore Fearless 1989 Taylor Swift Reputation
  3. In and ordered. Confusing ass website. Also, TOCS in the description says it’s for LITSOS
  4. I just upgraded my debut carbon to the debut carbon recordmaster hires, changed the cartridge to blue, and I love it. Did it mainly because I wanted the debut carbon with a preamp built in. The speed box is wonderful, but I’ve heard it can go out quickly (read it in reviews). I haven’t used a slipmat on it yet and don’t see the need to at this point. I would have went with the espirit but I wanted the built in preamp. Hope this helps.
  5. This times infinity. No idea why this is taking so long..
  6. thank you thank you thank you thank you. Placed the order. Fingers crossed!
  7. Did you guys get any copies of Matt Nathanson - Some Mad Hope? I swear 2500 units should make this relatively easy to purchase, but not a single copy anywhere.
  8. Same here. Did NOT think this one would be THAT hard to come by.
  9. I support all of this one billion percent. Lover sounds very intriguing and may be my favorite of the recent albums, but it doesn’t get better than the first three.
  10. ALL records are gone! Thank you to all who purchased! Enjoy. =]
  11. Last bump forever!!!! Cmon. Make my trip to the record store shorter =]]] fill that record collection of yours!
  12. Prices Lowered. These are for sure gone on Wednesday! Got like 6 more mailers to use. Lets do this!!! =]
  13. 3 days left. Make an offer. Worst I can say is no, right?!? Seriously, I've made some pretty good deals so far! =]
  14. God I wish I could have helped. I HAD a pressing of this (taken from me in a break-up) and I spent a pretty penny on it. For what its worth, the quality was pretty bad and it was "ready breake". Haven't seen a copy pop up since then, and that was like 7 years ago. Field Day should TOTALLY do a pressing!
  15. Didn't get a chance to take these to the record store... So you get another chance. CMONNNNN help me get Peter Pan permanently on my arm! =]
  16. last chance!!! seriously. Make some offers. Whats the worst that can happen!?!??
  17. I’m leaving this up until Wednesday, and then taking it to the record store. Buy stuffs!!!
  18. put the list into Vinyl Collective (took out Discogs) and added prices. Have at it! =]

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