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  1. That's just what the guy who I talked to said. However, he did say they would inform customers if they only got the black instead of more colors so I guess they are going to give customers the option to cancel their order in that case.
  2. I was awaiting more order to be fulfilled for the colored variant of LCW from Banquet and they told me they don't expect to get the colored back in stock and will be shipping out black. So if you haven't got your colored copy from Banquet at this point you'll probably end up getting black.
  3. Laid down for a coloured LCW from Banquet. Figured it be the one that is harder to get (at least price wise) in the future
  4. Looking to snag the newbury pressings of long drive or lcw. PM if you have one or both to sell.
  5. It would be one thing if they just held onto some copies to throw up online a few weeks down the road but then to turn around and up the price is just fucking terrible
  6. Me and my wife both have platinum passes. So we're both getting a cassette and hopefully both getting a peach variant. We're going to flip a cassette and a peach variant on eBay.
  7. I placed an order this morning about an hour ago. They were $22 a piece on 180 gram black vinyl. Long Drive said Oct 28 and LCW said Nov 4th. Not sure why they're not there at the moment.

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