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  1. Yep same price every 3 months. I've been a Vault member since 2011 and I don't think it has ever changed.
  2. If you still have this, how much do you want shipped?
  3. I just purchased a single record and shipping was $5. Just to test I added two to my cart and it does show $8.50 for shipping. (Devo and Germs RSD titles)
  4. Did you snag the last one? I sent them a msg to see if somehow they have any more.
  5. I got a b-stock Magni 3, and my speakers are powered so I think I'm all set. I just need another rca cable. Thanks so much!!
  6. Wow, some of the plaid room leftovers vanished quickly at 8am EST. There was one copy of Mamas and the Papas that I wasn't fast enough. The hunt continues for that and the Garbage 7" single.
  7. Sorry they (Sandy UT) said they didn't get any
  8. Headed to my local shop in 10 minutes. Anyone need me to look for anything?
  9. So I added a Schitt Magni headphone amp to my setup (thanks to @Sidney-Crosley !), but now I need some kind of switch. If I understand correctly, it will be Turntable > Preamp > New Switch > 1) Speakers or 2) Headphone amp I thought something like this might work, but looking through the q&a someone said the impedance isn't correct for a turntable. Thanks for any help!
  10. Mine just updated to a delivery for this Thursday(last name starts with M). Also got an automated email from the Fedex delivery manager so that's cool.