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  1. Dusted_By_Space

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    41 bucks after shipping, first RA lp ive passed on for a while, but these prices, to me at least, are getting out of hand. To each their own though.
  2. Dusted_By_Space

    PO: Springsteen on Broadway Soundtrack 4xLP

    never mind. Was thiking of something different. But his stage banter truly is second to none.
  3. Dusted_By_Space

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    PSAVE 25 Wont work with the import cds deal, even if you just add one item, says cant be applied/.
  4. Dusted_By_Space

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    very true, imma probably grab it at that price myself because I love SA, was just saying for those on the fence, may wanna see what happens.
  5. Dusted_By_Space

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    I really want this one, but I would bet this is going to drop even lower in the coming weeks. I picked up the last live LP they did for RSD and I think I ended up grabbing it from discogs for like 10 or 12 bucks.
  6. Dusted_By_Space

    PO: Springsteen on Broadway Soundtrack 4xLP

    Being on Netflix next month is even better.
  7. Dusted_By_Space

    PO: Springsteen on Broadway Soundtrack 4xLP

    80 bucks from Backstreets is actually reasonable. Ill wait it out, but this is great news. I also hope they put out like a blu ray of one of the shows or something.
  8. Dusted_By_Space

    PO : Dave Hause - September Haze EP

    That's a bummer.
  9. oh man I don't even know, I'm still at work and just saw the email. But youre probably right that its just for one more track.
  10. Dusted_By_Space

    PO: Jason Isbell Sirens of the Ditch Deluxe

    if anyone needs a cheap copy of the deluxe on black or a first press for cheap hit me up. Priced to move.
  11. I got the download code, but no shipping notice yet.
  12. Dusted_By_Space

    PO : Dave Hause - September Haze EP

    I really hope a US distro picks this up.
  13. Dusted_By_Space

    Stabbing Westward WBBP and DD (Coming Soon-ish?)

    FWIW the Stabbing Westward Lp's are already up on bull moose. Both out of a thousand total. Darkest Days has a /300 grey marble and a /700 green, BM price is 35.97. WBB&P has a /300 yellow smoke and a /700 red, BM price on that one was 28.97. If WARGOD's price are lower than this I will be canceling the BM order and going with them. Just thought I would post for those who want to lock in a certain variant of these or those who are Bullmoose loyalists/have mad points to spend. EDIT: Just noticed WBB&P doesn't list "What Do I Have To Do" in the track list on Bullmoose's site, @Wargod is this track going to be on the lp?