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  1. we had it added to our homeowners insurance and they also asked for the link after I explained what discogs was. They also asked for photos of my collection as well.
  2. i want this, but the re-recorded part, and the 25PPD price for four songs is pretty off putting. Maybe if a black non limited copy pops up at like bullmoose or something I may grab it.
  3. Almost positive i can get a green day and a private parts at my local. I can head back that way later if someone wants to pm me. They dont open til noon though and its about a 40 minute drive to get there.
  4. I thought so, but neither stores in town got a single copy and bullmooses stock is showing at only one store. So just figured id ask if someone saw it and didnt need it, that id take it.
  5. Can anyone grab me a copy of the crow ost? Only thing im missing.
  6. 41 bucks after shipping, first RA lp ive passed on for a while, but these prices, to me at least, are getting out of hand. To each their own though.
  7. never mind. Was thiking of something different. But his stage banter truly is second to none.
  8. PSAVE 25 Wont work with the import cds deal, even if you just add one item, says cant be applied/.
  9. very true, imma probably grab it at that price myself because I love SA, was just saying for those on the fence, may wanna see what happens.
  10. I really want this one, but I would bet this is going to drop even lower in the coming weeks. I picked up the last live LP they did for RSD and I think I ended up grabbing it from discogs for like 10 or 12 bucks.
  11. 80 bucks from Backstreets is actually reasonable. Ill wait it out, but this is great news. I also hope they put out like a blu ray of one of the shows or something.
  12. oh man I don't even know, I'm still at work and just saw the email. But youre probably right that its just for one more track.