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  1. haha, wow! okay, i'll bear that in mind.
  2. Also been a follower for quite some time, for some reason I thought you did it all yourself/didn't take submissions. In which case I'll throw a couple of submissions your way as I strangely have a bag full of googly eyes at home.
  3. Sad to say I agree on this too. It felt like it was missing something, nearly all of the songs came across so flat.
  4. There honestly seems to be never ending variations of this album.
  5. I'll happily let my cloud var go for $5000 and i'll throw in a random picture of a turnstile to sweeten the deal.
  6. Well, i'll happily grab this one. Haven't listened to this for some time but this band were so underrated imo.
  7. awww yeah! Can't wait for dat Oct 2024 vinyl release
  8. Time & Space and NSF have just been repressed I believe or at least up for PO's in a few places. The threads got bumped earlier this month IIRC.
  9. This is wild there's so much demand. It might be time to sell my cloud variant as I was fancying a new car next year...
  10. I was a bit slow to see this so only managed to get a grey/gold mix but I’m more than happy to finally have this on vinyl!
  11. After missing the initial glorious /250. I mulled over what to get, I snagged the /300 Discovered - Blue Jay in Bone. Hyped for this bad boy.
  12. urgh. I wanted the screenprinted cover but the shipping to the UK was mental. In the time of looking at that, missed the UK screenprinted one.
  13. I'll likely be picking this up. Sounds promising so far.
  14. I have literally this very minute just received tracking info...
  15. Again, not sure if people have ordered from here but it's now delayed until late November
  16. Also grabbed the green var from DA. I considered the yellow for RARE factorzzz but really knew i'd not bother with that zine and thought i'd save myself a few £££
  17. mines picked at Banquet so i'll likely get it next Friday...

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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