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  1. I actually can't remember what the original due date for some of the splatter pressings was, but i'm sure it was well before now. I'm regretting just not buying a copy closer to home now as i've hammered this album on spotify so i'm not even likely to spin it when it arrives now haha.
  2. Banquet link; https://www.banquetrecords.com/rival-schools/united-by-fate/RFC242LPC8
  3. urgh. I knew there'd be delays but I didn't expect it to this extent. Seems a bit crazy they don't actually have an estimate.
  4. Nice! grabbed the "savannah" copy of WTTHAB, the souls ST (finally) and a copy of do or die whilst I was there.
  5. urgh, I was at a gig last night and missed this drop 😭
  6. I tried and for the first time in my life, missed out at a drop for a record. So snagged the pinwheel var. Tempted to grab the EU press just so I can get it earlier but I guarantee if I do that, it'll get pushed back.
  7. I'm still waiting on the green exclusive from Dine Alone with no apparent date of delivery which i'm pretty gutted about as this album is unreal and I'd really of given it some use lately.
  8. Just had the inevitable "it's delayed" email so I gave this a solid blast through digitally this morning and i'm really liking it.
  9. I was fortunate enough to grab a cloud copy on release/pre-order and it was $22.
  10. I got mine about 2 weeks ago now. Gotta say, it's a killer record.
  11. Honestly it was my favorite release of 2020. I've hammered since, really looking forward to finally seeing them. Good luck on your hunt, i've got an OG 7" and the BBB press on splatter but not really sure i'm wanting to get rid yet.
  12. I honestly thought the same thing when they announced it.
  13. Fair enough, can't fault that our tastes change. Clearly mine haven't changed all that much haha.
  14. you think? I gave it a spin again yesterday and I still think it holds up incredibly well compared to some modern pop-punk. (with the exception of "My Friends Over You" as that's pretty bad imo)
  15. Snagged PiD and The menzingers press. Thanks for the heads up!
  16. That new song is a straight up banger. Also MD 20/20 is alive and well in my local corner shop.
  17. My copy finally arrived yesterday! very pleased indeed. Narcolepsy is still a huge jam and i'm glad I can spin it on an LP now.
  18. Snagged the blue from coretex. so hyped for some new music from these guys. their previous stuff still finds its way on my weekly playlists.
  19. First run through this album and it's honestly great, so happy this has been a "hit" record rather than the "miss".