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  1. Wow! That song had like 3 "whoa" moments for me.
  2. Today in extremely expensive vinyl collections: Shenmue III http://segabits.com/blog/2020/10/23/complete-shenmue-iii-soundtrack-releasing-to-cd-vinyl-and-digital/ 6 CD = $50 2 LP = $40 5 LP "Part 1" = $125 6LP "Part 2" = $150 11 LP box set = $300 11 LP Box set + Poster = $350
  3. They also said in the same episode that "Robin Pecknold has basically created a career where nobody has expectations of him anymore, and so this new Fleet Foxes album really blew us away" and then said that their expectations of Sufjan's album were too high and this album is not what they wanted from him. It felt like really weird double standards and was especially jarring when these takes were on the same episode. It is fine to not like an album on its own merits but to not like it because the artist is not doing what you specifically want from them feels petty.
  4. I listened to the Pitchfork Review podcast and they essentially said “we wanted Carrie and Lowell 2, and our expectations were not met so we didn’t like it”
  5. Black vinyl version is out if thats something you'd be interested in https://www.secretlystore.com/correspondence-jens-lekman-annika-norlin
  6. Preordered both with a quickness! I can't wait to hear My Rajneesh. A Wild Wild Country inspired Sufjan song? Yes please.
  7. the idea of seeing vinyl at the dollar store (esp a box set) is kind of insane
  8. Final single before the album drops on Friday. Side note, if you've watched The Midnight Gospel on Netflix, Johanna voices Bob.
  9. i've never ordered from rough trade before but I made an order last Sunday morning and I've not gotten a shipping notification yet. I have to assume most of my items are getting cancelled
  10. Out May 1 on Carpark Records/Wax Nine Records https://www.stereogum.com/2073196/johanna-warren-bed-of-nails-chaotic-good/video/ Preorder on Red Vinyl: https://carparkrecords.limitedrun.com/products/660554 First Single & Music Video:
  11. Wow! When it rains FLCL vinyl, it pours.
  12. Preorder is live! https://www.rightstufanime.com/FLCL-Vinyl-Soundtrack