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  1. Wow! When it rains FLCL vinyl, it pours.
  2. Preorder is live! https://www.rightstufanime.com/FLCL-Vinyl-Soundtrack
  3. Yeah wasn't Cowboy Bebop like $250-500 or something a couple years ago? I feel like i read that that sold out too! $50 feels like a bargain by comparison.
  4. Update 9/6: Preorder is live! US: https://www.rightstufanime.com/FLCL-Vinyl-Soundtrack UK: https://www.alltheanime.com/collections/specials/products/flcl-vinyl-ltd-ed ------ I haven't seen this posted anywhere (apologies if it has been) but apparently the FLCL soundtrack is (finally) getting pressed on vinyl. Admittedly not much news has come out since this that I can find, but its still something!
  5. Another new song. I've been listening to this on repeat all day. So damn good. Album of the year contender already.
  6. Right there with you dude. Got it yesterday, been listening today. This is one of those sets that I didn't know I needed.
  7. The new Hundred Waters album is up for preorder on all the sites. Here's the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Communicating-180-Gram-Hundred-Waters/dp/B074KQV1JH/ They have a Deluxe Edition on their website that also includes a "reversible sequin jacket & 24 page booklet", but most importantly, their excellent Currency EP: https://shop.thehyv.net/collections/hundred-waters/products/deluxe-sequin-jacket-double-vinyl-lp-ep-pre-order?variant=48277882575 This appears to be the only way to get any kind of physical edition of the Currency EP at the moment.
  8. Anybody grab an extra Ben Folds 10" (or can snag me one)?
  9. Seriously. I've never wanted a video game soundtrack on vinyl more (except maybe Jet Grind Radio) and this is way out of my price range. As much as I love Rez, I can't justify this.
  10. Definitely intrigued. I heard him play a few of these live a few years back and they were beautiful. Interested to hear what they sound like in-studio.