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PO: Greg Graffin Acoustic 7" (Bad Religion Songs w/ book bundle)

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Greg Graffin has a new book coming out and if you pre-order, you can bundle it with a 7" of acoustic renditions of Bad Religion songs that Greg recorded.

Book/7" bundle: http://www.kingsroadmerch.com/bad-religion/view/bundle.asp?id=1388&cid=1

Info about the 7":

As an exclusive Kings Road pre-order, we are very excited to offer a limited edition 7” recording that will accompany the signed first edition book. Greg recorded acoustic songs from the Bad Religion canon that inspired the work of Population Wars. This is a one-time edition 7” only available from Kings Road, Epitaph Records, and Greg Graffin. Also available is a limited edition t-shirt that can be added to the order.

Greg Graffin Acoustic Song 7” – Only available with the bundle of the book, this limited 7” release is themed as songs that inspired the book, Population Wars. These are acoustic recorded versions of songs that Greg felt were the most influential in his most recent book. Limited to 2500 and only available in select bundles through the Kings Road stores.

Track Listing:

Faith Alone

The Answer

Past is Dead

Fields of Mars

Info about the book:

We are VERY excited to bring you the news that we’re now accepting pre-orders for the new Greg Graffin Book, Population Wars. In the newest book, Graffin takes the position that life on Earth has been defined by war from the beginning, with war between populations seen as an inevitable part of the evolutionary process. The popular understanding of "the survival of the fittest," however, is often invoked to explain and excuse many reprehensible human behaviors. In Population Wars, Greg Graffin argues that this use of evolutionary theory is wrong, and that this mistake has allowed us to justify wars even when other, less violent solutions may be available. Through tales of mass extinctions, developing immune systems, human warfare, the American industrial heartland, and our degrading modern environment, Graffin demonstrates how an over-simplified idea of war, with its victorious winners and vanquished losers, prevents us from responding to the real problems we face.

I'd already ordered the book a month or so ago, but have a few friends I could gift the extra signed copy to. Shipping is ridiculous though. Might hold out for a chance to buy just the 7". Seems like the Father Christmas 7" was originally only available in a bundle, but is now a stand-alone item. Anyone else remember it that way?

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