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FS: Underoath 'Define the Great Line', Hum 'Downward is Heavenward', others

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Taking offers:


Underoath-DTGL (vinyl literally played once, sleeve like new)

Hum-DisH (in pristine shape)

311-From Chaos (still shrink, played a few times)

Theory of a Deadman-vinyl collection box set (sealed)

Deftones-Adrenaline (pic disc, sealed)

Deftones-Adrenaline (pink vinyl, sealed)

Deftones-SNW (green vinyl)

Evanescence-Fallen (purple vinyl)


pm me

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This year it's been selling for between $140-190 on Ebay but this not being Ebay I'd say a fair price would be $80 I might even pay $90 depending on the condition. It's Median price is $76 on popsike . So yeah around 2 years ago this just jumped up in price. It was available for the longest time and then was selling for $40-50 on Ebay for years then slowly the prices just went crazy. This is a must have Vinyl for me tho. They put on such an amazing live performance in Rochester W/ Saosin Post Anthony Green of course : ( and The Devil Wears Prada. Actually I think They're Only Chasing Safety is on par with this album. I really love both albums but TOCS has been repressed a few times but this album hasn't. But Define The Great Line had a pressing of 3,000 as far as I know so I still don't get why it goes for so much.

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