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Bitter Melody soft enamel pin + vinyl giveaway/contest

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So, I don't know how many of you guys are into the lapel pin thing going on, but there are some really cool ones being made.  We used one of our designs to do one too.  These are die cut, 2 military clutch backs, high and recessed silver metal and 3 enamel colors, custom packaging, limited/numbered of 50.


These are up for preorder now and should be coming to us in a week, maybe two.  They are $6.50 shipping included during the preorder (this is basically cost plus shipping-they are pricey to make) and they will increase once in hand.  The packaging on two of the 50 will be marked.  The two marked pins will win a goodie box from the label including vinyl, tapes, stickers, cds. 


These are kind of commemorative of our 5 years as a label (coming up on 6) and a fun giveaway.  Thanks for all the support and love you guys have given over the years.


You can pick it up here:




This is just a mock up below.  Finished pins will look very nice.  I'll post pictures when they get here.



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They pretty much did.  I had such high hopes for them. They were super solid. It looks like the 7" will be it for the time being.


Ben has moved to NC.


Dylan recorded a cool solo project last year called These Simple Things.  Reminds me of Alk3.  http://thesesimplethings.bandcamp.com/releases


Sonny is in Drench:  https://drenchband.bandcamp.com/releases


Jules is singing in Lightness:  http://lightnesssc.bandcamp.com/releases



I haven't forgotten about the test press either, I've been in the process of moving and uncovering stuff I haven't seen in forever. 

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