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  1. $8.50 may even be generous, but that's a decent assessment. I have a copy that someone gave to me a few years ago because they didn't want it anymore. I'm a Queers fan but their records aren't really selling anymore.
  2. Rotting Christ color "Theogonia" up on bandcamp. Only a few left. https://rottingchrist.bandcamp.com/album/theogonia
  3. https://wraith-us.bandcamp.com/album/speed-armageddon-split-w-bastardizer Wraith/Bastardizer split. I'm breaking my "no new 10"s" rule for new Wraith.
  4. Here's a record worth checking out ASAP: the new Valdrin. As of now, there are still some of the splatter variant available to those willing to pay for international shipping (like I am). This album slays. http://bloodharvestrecords.bandcamp.com/album/effigy-of-nightmares
  5. Chepang put up some pinwheel and clear variants of their killer album Chatta. Get into this if you like grindcore. https://chepang.bandcamp.com/album/chatta
  6. I love the song on bandcamp. Ordered one of the /100 pinwheels.
  7. New Devangelic up at bandcamp. This is a beast. The /100 splatter is still around as of right now. https://devangelic.bandcamp.com/album/ersetu
  8. Ordered the LPs. Man, I'm so glad they had an option to buy this outside of that bundle.
  9. I'm impatiently awaiting shipping notification. I ordered the signed LP/t-shirt package and I suspect we're going to be the last group to get mailed out. The delay really isn't that bad, considering I've been waiting 5 months for a guitar amp, but man I really want the shirt/LP.
  10. Yeah it is. It exceeded my expectations for sure. Really good album. I've listened to it a lot since I got it in.
  11. I'd be into this if it stays focusesd on hardcore and punk. I feel that if this gets into pop punk and ska, it will be redundant and useless.
  12. Some guy has two copies up for sale on discogs already. Only $119 per.
  13. This is part of the Gilead sub club, if anyone else is in that. Just a heads up, since I almost PO'd without thinking.
  14. New Like Rats up on bandcamp. Looks like one variant already sold out. This is doing it for me. http://hibernation-release.bandcamp.com/album/death-monolith
  15. https://frozensoul-maggotstomp.bandcamp.com/album/encased-in-ice Frozen Soul Encased In Ice LP up on white vinyl.