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PO now: Fleet Foxes First Collection 2006-2009

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Also available at Bull Moose and other places.  According to Sub Pop, it's limited edition but it's not specified how many.


  • Debut album 12"
  • Sun Giant EP 10"
  • Self-titled EP 10"
  • B-Sides and Rarities 10"
  • Art stuff

Would like the self-titled EP and the B-sides collection but it's an expensive set just for those... I feel that anyone interested in those already has the debut LP and Sun Giant on vinyl.

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Just received this, this is a really really beautiful set over all. It's a shame there isn't a download card included though. When i tried to gently pull off the back info-paper that was attached to the box set with 2 of those 'gum balls' i tore of some of the color of the box *facepalm*, don't know if i should send it back and order a new one.

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This is a really nice box set. The quality of the box and vinyl is really well done. I've never listened to their early EP's so this is new to me and I'm loving everything i've heard so far. 

The booklet was actually really good to. The pictures, commentary, letters and lyric sheets were very well put together. If you're a fan of them and don't own the original EP's you might want to snag this! 

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