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  1. I need me some “Is This Desire.” It is the ONE I missed.
  2. To Bring You My Love vinyl LP, with a Demos LP and a signed art card WAS up on the Kontraband store, but asked me for a “password” after I clicked on it, to buy it. Anyone know what the password is?
  3. Back in the 80s and 90s, it was the opposite. Interesting that has reversed with many modern pressings. However, my OG OK Computer was a pretty solid package with thick heavyweight vinyl.
  4. NICE. The Winchester Alamo just opened up, and one of our Film Clubs screened Mandy from an actual HCP drive earlier this week. Amazing film. 😎 If I did not buy a copy from Bull Moose already, I would be all over this!
  5. There has GOT to be more. Even if it is just a classic black pressing. If not, to press ONLY 300 copies is dumb.
  6. The one I voted for, BUT I have the OG and the RSD repress. Don’t need a third, but I like the color. 😄
  7. Well, I have found some Euro pressings sound better than their US versions. But, yes, they are usually in flimsy covers. So it depends on what you are looking for.
  8. Well, they actually have a storefront. I can call them a bit later in the year to see if they would sell me one over the phone. Otherwise, 20 hour road trip...one way. 🤪
  9. I wanted that clear version, but it is already gone. Is it available anywhere else?
  10. Just be warned. The recent vinyl stereo Beatles box received some bad reviews, and was sourced from digital. However, the vinyl MONO box received excellent reviews, and from what I read, was mastered in analog from the original mono master tapes. I am hoping this is a precursor to EMI remastering a better stereo box.
  11. As luck would have it, I am interested in the Johnny Cash Vault you can sign up for this month. I will suspect a color variant of this will pop up there. Pink maybe? Either way, in for Bull Moose black. I have waited too long for this album. Will double dip and grab the other if they show up in The Vault shop.
  12. About FUCKING time! https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34609099/that-dog-retreat-from-the-sun https://thirdmanrecords.com/news/third-man-records-announces-vinyl-reissues-of-that-dogs-totally-crushed-out-retreat-from-the-sun-out-july-24-2020 Thank you Jack!
  13. Well, I would try a black copy and see if the second side is pressed “better.” Turn around and just sell the clear then. Even with that flaw, someone will probably buy it for at least what you paid. Same thing happened to me with my first copy of STP “Purple.” Fortunately, that was $9.98 back in the day.
  14. I am used to paying like $28 shipping when dealing with packages overseas. The HHV package I bought from Germany was $50 to ship! 🤑 Having to pay a tax to receive the package is so foreign to me though.
  15. Woah...😱 Well, the USPS here in the United States is falling apart. The international shipments are going up like 35%...which will greatly reduce what records I buy overseas from now on. But, I have never had to pay a tax for something I received. My state wants me to pay a percentage of everything I buy through the mail, but also wants ME to come up with that amount. According to my figures, that amount is $0. 😄 They are finally enforcing it on the sellers side of things though. I guess I am just lucky here that I don’t have to add anything to the cost of my overseas shipments, aside from the high shipping rates. I WOULD start a case, as just the record cover is NOT worth $25, but I understand cutting your losses, with that obscene “admin charge” that is REALLY there to keep you from disputing it. Why I always vote for a “smaller” government, but I don’t want to go all political now with this post. Hopefully you can make the money back in the future.
  16. And a nice book too. I usually balk at the $35+ price point, but this looks like a REALLY nice package.
  17. They made SO many of these, I was expecting a bunch to show up at Ollie’s or something. My dad wanted this for Christmas, and he has never really asked me for an album before. I overpaid at FYE, but to see the smile on his face, it was SO worth it. 😊
  18. I am cool with the 12-inch either way. But, the full length on double clear vinyl made me pull the trigger. 😁
  19. Ordered BOTH from Bull Moose with the quickness. $55 of awesome!
  20. I was initially concerned about some of it NOT being from the master tape, but everyone that has it, says it sounds good. I would love to see a Mo-Fi repress of “Pneumonia.”