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  1. They reissued Blind, Static and Silence, and Reading, Writing and Arithmetic for RSD. Hopefully they will press them again.
  2. I am a member of r/vinylreleases, and while I am not a fan of Amazon, I jumped at ordering that! 😃 I looks like I predicted both this, and Judybats “Native Son” on green vinyl. 🔮 Choirgirl is out there, but now expensive. I have both the German single LP and the US double LP. Only listened to the German pressing so far, and it is very flat like most Alsdorf pressings, but I liked it.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I have actually had a lot of success with them, even with my UK RSD wants this year. I just can’t pull the trigger for $40+ each. If they cancel, I will use the dough towards another record.
  4. Cheaper for USA customers at iMusic. Came out to about $33 each for two of them.
  5. It is back up at the Capitol Music website. I called my local store about it, and they could not find anything about the release in their system. $8 shipping for a $15 7-inch! 🤪
  6. Had no idea Soundtracks for the Blind was still available. Would rather have that than the Van Hagar box. Thanks! 😃
  7. Guess that means I am never going to see Sinéad’s Faith and Courage unless she does it herself, and I think that’s doubtful.
  8. VPI vacuum RCM or go home. I was wasting time and damaging records using other, cheaper ways. Even with new records, they need a spin on one before you can really hear how they sound.
  9. I had no IDEA Bloweyelashwish was ever pressed to vinyl. 😯 The only vinyl I knew about was the purple 7-inch. I will put it on my wantlist, but I doubt I will be able to find one, unless it gets repressed. Will keep an eye out for Xuvetyn though!
  10. Find a vintage machine with good specs that has not been run to death. Take it to a tech that knows how to restore and service tape decks. Took me over two years to get my vintage deck rolling. But for me it was worth the wait, and the $500.
  11. I think I prefer the Orange over the silver. Any other versions out there? Real Gone Records red?
  12. QRP pressed the Drastic Plastic Love and Rockets reissues and the Nurse With Wound. Yeah, this could be wishful thinking if the label tries to cheap out, but QRP handles the pressings of other labels records, Dizzy Up the Girl, LCD American Dream, etc. If like those last Drastic Plastic issues, if IWS gets pressed at QRP, I am going to want one.
  13. Thanks for telling me Drastic Plastic is pressing this. It should be pressed at Acoustic Sounds. They make some of the best sounding records in the world.

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