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  1. Guess that means I am never going to see Sinéad’s Faith and Courage unless she does it herself, and I think that’s doubtful.
  2. VPI vacuum RCM or go home. I was wasting time and damaging records using other, cheaper ways. Even with new records, they need a spin on one before you can really hear how they sound.
  3. I had no IDEA Bloweyelashwish was ever pressed to vinyl. 😯 The only vinyl I knew about was the purple 7-inch. I will put it on my wantlist, but I doubt I will be able to find one, unless it gets repressed. Will keep an eye out for Xuvetyn though!
  4. Find a vintage machine with good specs that has not been run to death. Take it to a tech that knows how to restore and service tape decks. Took me over two years to get my vintage deck rolling. But for me it was worth the wait, and the $500.
  5. I think I prefer the Orange over the silver. Any other versions out there? Real Gone Records red?
  6. QRP pressed the Drastic Plastic Love and Rockets reissues and the Nurse With Wound. Yeah, this could be wishful thinking if the label tries to cheap out, but QRP handles the pressings of other labels records, Dizzy Up the Girl, LCD American Dream, etc. If like those last Drastic Plastic issues, if IWS gets pressed at QRP, I am going to want one.
  7. Thanks for telling me Drastic Plastic is pressing this. It should be pressed at Acoustic Sounds. They make some of the best sounding records in the world.
  8. If I didn’t grab one of the last black copies off of I Music, I would have been all over this. Thanks for posting.
  9. AFAIK, It is just a black vinyl re-issue with a special live CD shrink wrapped to the cover. You can also get the live CD on it’s own from Ten Club, for $17.99 shipped, if you are a member.
  10. Well, if you have buyers remorse, hit me up. 😄 I went to my local store and pre-ordered the mirror board cover on black for $37.99, out the door. While I lost the lottery, I am saving $35+ and obtaining the same music.
  11. Can you please tell me which store in the USA has the 5LP set? This is one of my favorite albums. I even have an OG. I wanna dive down the rabbit hole.
  12. Can you please tell me which store? I am in The States, and my 5LP pre-order from Bull Moose was cancelled. 🙄
  13. Indie Exclusive Yellow. Bull Moose was the same UPC, so I pre-ordered there. Edit: I ended up changing it to the Green Galaxy pressing. Sounds more exciting. 😄
  14. Do all versions of this LP include the photo/lyric booklet? Or is that just for the special edition?
  15. Does this mean the Rubio tapes, and the others will be available again once the event is over?
  16. I always liked them, and have wanted that album on vinyl for decades. Their 2009 vinyl release of In the Black trades for over $100+ as well. They rock. 🤘🏻