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  1. You'd expect nothing else from me "thb"? Because we know each other so well, right? 🤣 You're a real cookie. Watch the videos that are on youtube of the "fangirls", or more accurately groupies, lining up in front of the stage. These girls do not just want to "go backstage" - them wearing top tier hooker clothes and consenting to whatever on a pdf form on an iphone given to them in front of everybody kind of gives that away. You don't seem to realise that there are some people out there who genuinely just want to fuck rockstars, right? Especially Till - that guy has a certain reputation. So add 2 and 2 together: Lining up in hooker clothes to go backstage to see Till Lindemann. Mhhh, I'm sure they just want to see how the pyro technics work! These girls go there on their own consent and some girls have since these accusations come out and said that if they didn't want to do anything with Till he was totally fine with it. I don't know why people like you are always so fast and get this weird hard-on when instantly getting the chance to end someone's carreer or even ruin someone's life. Ironically, it's a fascist method and you probably don't even realise it. Not caring about actual burden-of-proof is only one sign of that. So congrats to you for being "truly disgusting dude".
  2. Dude chill out. Even Till's ex has come out in support of him. I don't say that he's not involved in some raunchy behaviour - because he certainly is - but I think the Johnny Depp trial should have really set a precident to wait for actual proof before completely destroying someones carreer or even life over allegations from some potentially attention-seeking semi-psychos like Amber Turd. Just look at the book publisher that released his poetry books. They have just cut ties with him and wrote that it has come to their attention that he featured the book they published in a porn film he shot as a music video. You mean to tell me that they have just found out NOW? Like, 3 years later? Give me a break. They made money with him as long as they could and are now trying to save themselves. Absolutely pathetic. If you want to talk about "enabling" weird behaviour by money-makers these companies should be dragged before a jury first in a case like that. At the end of the day, Till is a rockstar, and the singer of Rammstein at that. So what do people expect? There are even videos out there (from this year) of groupies dressed like russian hookers lining up before the barricade in front of the stage and signing "paperwork" on a smartphone before being let backstage. It's just how it is, they're not being dragged backstage, they're going because they want to. Till has a reptuation and they all know it. I don't know. I'm actually suprised that it took this long for people to come after that band after the whole me too campaign a few years ago. In the end, Rammstein have been in the critical eye of the ignorant public and the press ever since they started in the mid 90s. They will not go anywhere, and that's a good thing.
  3. Ordered a copy of the single to put into the box set. I wonder if Clouds Hill will be releasing some missing live stuff as well, even though the box set was always labelled as the "studio collection". Having their live album on vinyl too would be really cool to kinda complete the set.
  4. Yeah I read that as well. Has nothing to do with the song for me though, the track has a perfect mood in that slot of the record, both in terms of the music and the over all narrative arc. If she doesn't want him to be on the record anymore she should have left out the track in the first place imo and it obviously has it's place on the album. Kind of sends a weird artistic message to me when an artists changes the tracklist because of something like that. Like, how many times would tracklists change if this sort of stuff would be done all the time, that would practically be the end of the album artform. Either way, I'm still battling over even buying the record given that I haven't really warmed up to the last 2-3 songs, they just seem like they were added for streaming numbers only, they don't fit the rest of the album at all.
  5. I sure don't hope so, I really like that interlude and hate when artists change the tracklisting after the release. I'm still thinking about getting a copy since I didn't buy any of the other variants, but the interlude not being included would be a bummer for sure...
  6. Just came back from the global premiere. They left the best songs for the record, which I never expected in a million years. Enjoyed it from front to back, absolutely amazing set of songs. Really looking forward to revisiting it again tomorrow.
  7. Mine was "shipped" yesterday, too. Although the tracking number still says that it's preparing for being picked up. Maybe they'll just ship these next week like they wrote on the item page. The packaging looks fantastic though. The gatefold has a 72-shaped die cut in the inside, the photos of the band look great as well.
  8. Crazy that them owning a pressing plant in Germany doesn't seem to take care of the demand if they just bought a new one. Kinda can't believe that somehow, I mean how many records are they selling??
  9. Nice, haven't bought the original album yet so I'll probably grab the bundle next month. Really nice that they are going with the foil cover with the acoustic album to fit the Kinetic edition of the original.
  10. Weird, you sound like the kind of person who would say MAP instead of Pedo because you find it offensive. Because you also claim that people are guilty of something only because someone said so, even though they have been cleared of all charges: https://www.nme.com/news/music/ryan-adams-cleared-by-fbi-in-investigation-into-underage-sexts-2856567
  11. Really unfortunate that his music seems to have suffered from the whole media hassle a few years back. Prisoner is a masterpiece, that word is used a lot nowadays but that album is on the same level as old springsteen records imo. Every one of the follow ups is really lackluster. I don't get why he had to literally release 5-6 albums last year instead of just taking the good songs and putting them on one.
  12. My copy arrived this last week. Spun it this morning, this has to be one of the best sounding records I've ever heard. Some static pops on one side (avoidable on my end), the rest is completely dead fucking silent, was blown away when I listened to it. I still count myself very fortunate for having been online during the right 17 minutes, still don't get that release strategy but I'm happy I finally have this album in my collection, this was pretty much my only grail record.
  13. Kinda prepared for this to become their worst album. Both singles didn't do that much for me. Sounds kinda like Hardwired outtakes, both in terms of the songwriting and the sterile production.
  14. Hi there, I'm currently selling some records I have multiple copies of or just never listened to. http://thumbnails.infolinks.com/thumbnail.jpg?domain=35.cat.infolinks.com All about Music & Audio visit localmusiccds.com/ to learn more www.localmusiccds.com > You're welcome to make an offer and I'll give you a discount if you take multiple records http://thumbnails.infolinks.com/thumbnail.jpg?domain=71.cat.infolinks.com Event Catering Hamburg visit kitchensurfer.catering/ to learn more www.kitchensurfer.catering > Tycho - Weather // Limited “Pink” /550, with handnumbered 12”x12” print SIGNED by Tycho Media: NM / Sleeve: NM (in shrink, opened on one side) 19 USD Courtney Marie Andrews - May Your Kindness Remain // Limited “Desert Rose Pink” /300, US Webstore Exclusive Media: NM / Sleeve: NM 42 USD Arcade Fire with Owen Pallett - Her (Soundtrack) // Newbury Comics Exclusive Clear Vinyl /1000 Media: Mint / Sleeve: Mint (Unopened and in shrink) 24 USD Fleet Foxes - Shore (Sandy Golden Vinyl) In Shrink, awesome condition Media: Mint / Sleeve: Mint 40 USD Brittany Howard - Jaime (Limited Deluxe Edition, White / Black Marbled) In shrink but opened on the side. Never played. Media: Mint / Sleeve: Mint 50 USD Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon? (Limited Edition, Picture Disc) Includes a handwritten and signed (printed) lyric sheet that came with initial pre-orders. Never played, very tiny bump in the upper left corner, which came already like this shipped. Otherwise a beautiful copy. Media: Mint / Sleeve: NM 40 USD Thrice – To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere Opened but still in shrink with sticker in tact, never played. Media: Mint / Sleeve: NM 27 USD
  15. Got my confirmation! Phew...took over 2 hours but I'm so fucking happy. Though I honestly have to say I do not understand why they would only let this thing be available for a few minutes. I'm really lucky I got one, but he could have made so much more money if he let this thing be available for 2 or 3 days or even a week. Maybe that's not his style, which would be kind of likeable. But you had to have been lucky to get one this time, I feel like in 2016 there was more time for people to get a copy, but I could be wrong.
  16. Wow, this is what I call an early christmas present. I did not expect him to ever repress this, as weird as that sounds. Did anyone receive a confirmation mail? I only got my usual paypal email. Maybe it'll take some time.
  17. Got my order in as well! I'm really excited about the packaging as a whole - "custom artwork printed box". I hope it will fit into the expedit, but I'm afraid it won't since the book alone will be 13" tall.
  18. Got the fifth member one, but damn, that artwork is ugly as fuck (just like the last one)
  19. They should really get on it and continue the Kubrick soundtracks. Shining would have been cool for halloween besides the 7 inches from last year. Edit: The Mandalorian Season 2 Box set also doesn't seem to be coming out soon...
  20. Yikes. If it were at least a little bit limited, they have currently more than 2000 left in stock in the european store and more than 8000 in the american store. Like, how are they planning to ever sell all of these? That and the price point make this kind of a bummer, plus I'm just now starting to kind of get a grip on this record.
  21. Can anyone explain why the kinetic edition costs 40 dollars? I've seen photos of it being a single sleeve, single LP edition with just a one-fold-lyric-sheet. Like, 40 dollars are kind of insane for that or am I missing something? The gold cover looks beautiful, but it should be 30 max.
  22. The album might be called "X-Rated" - Wikipedia had that title listed on the discography page yesterday. That has however since been deleted.
  23. As I understand it the track list is etched into the run out groves? The instagram photo at least suggests that.
  24. Copy ordered, shame the autographed version is only available in the bundle, 155 euros is completely insane for a 40 dollar record and 2 shirts, a bunch of stickers and a sleeping mask.

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