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PO NOW: The Black Keys - "Let's Rock" (June 28th)

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New album just announced out June 28th on Easy Eye Sound/Nonesuch. Pre-order live via below link. 'Limited' /7500 Pink vinyl or Standard Black vinyl. Both only $20. 




Two singles have been released so far: 






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On 4/25/2019 at 4:08 PM, andynz said:

What other online stores are likely to carry the indie version? 


Bullmoose won’t let you order from outside the US. 

Looks like Amoeba is offering it.  https://www.amoeba.com/let-s-rock-indie-exclusive-colored-vinyl-lp-the-black-keys/albums/4136167/


And this place.  https://millsrecordcompany.com/UPC/075597924602/The-Black-Keys_Lets-Rock-Indie-Exclusive-Limited-Edition-Random-Color-LP

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Sign-up for TBK's new Lonely Boys & Girl Club and you can listen to new album NOW: 



Opening jam is great. So far I'm really liking  Dan bringing more of his guitar sound back :wub:


Also got shipping confirmation email this morning for the pink edition. Shows it'll be hear Friday :lol:

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