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  1. My local posted around 10:30am that they'd gotten restock of both Mellon Collie and SD. Both were super limited stock and hitting the shelves at 11am. I live about 30 minutes from the store and work until around 4 each day. But there's a reason they're my favorite store, I was able to call and purchase over the phone (even was able to use a gift card over the phone which involved me writing "VOID" on the gc myself and texting the manager the picture of it lol). So now my copy is officially reserved!!! So excited to not have missed out on this.
  2. Another new single, this one with heeeeeeeavy Aaron West vibes (not a bad thing imo). Surely we get an album announcement with the second single right??? RIGHT???
  3. Btw I paid $49 back in 2016 or so for this, so $50 isn't a ball breaker at all, relatively speaking. But yes, $50 is still alot of money
  4. Really? Geez. You think RSD will be affected? I could definitely see them having to break it up into multiple annual releases instead of a singular release...
  5. Oh snap! Really??? Yea i have the blue version I got from their site. Well damn, never mind I guess 😅
  6. I already have s/t, blue and out of the vein...but that greatest hits with the full version (w/ vocals) of "Slow Motion" is tempting...
  7. My wish - this is a Siamese Dream repress/reissue announcement. Most likely - this is a fall tour announcement
  8. I haven't gotten anything from Bullmoose yet so we'll see. Hoping it sounds ok regardless
  9. Exactly. If I remember correctly, "Echo and Dust Pt. 1" was the first single from Empty Black. It was my first taste of the band, and at the time perfectly demonstrated their style - dark melodies, energetic (at times chaotic) and full of great guitar work. I think Sweet Machine, a much more chaotic "heavier" track came next. Whereas this time, as you mentioned, for whatever reason, someone at Equal Vision thought it best to release "All Candy" which was essentially an equivalent of Empty Black's "White Lighters" as the first single instead of something more along the lines of "Echo and Dust Pt. 1" (possibly "Fed to the Lights" which would've been a freakin great first taste of TBBW) There's this - maybe Equal Vision thought 'let's pick a new song as the single that has the same exact first note as the previous album's single'. 😅
  10. JESUS CHRIST, this album rips so hard. Idk how, but I honestly thought they wouldn't be able to match Empty Black level, but hell I think they surpassed it. The back-to-back-to-back onslaught of "Fed to the Lights", "The Quiet Shakes" and "And It's Still Too Loud" is just an absolute epic ride. My only wish is that the closer was as epic as Echo and Dust, Pt. 2 was off Empty Black, especially after such a strong trio of tracks prior. PS: Isn't it the record label who gets final call as to the singles that are released? If so, Equal Vision needs to re-eval their marketing dept lol
  11. New album Hello, Hi out July 22nd. Title track streaming everywhere now. Pre-order link from Drag City below: https://www.dragcity.com/products/hello-hi
  12. I really liked both albums, more so NCTH, but the production on the drums both is jus not my cup of tea. Super dry drums in my opinion. But from a song standpoint, those albums have my fav TWY songs ever on them
  13. @jhuludor any other mod, please delete this thread. I've been a bad boy! (see above transgressions)
  14. Welp, guess it's time for me to hang it up guys. I'm officially washed after several years here. The day I'm getting called out by a guy named meatrocket is the day I ride off into the sunset ✌️
  15. I would definitely agree that they dont need to, but if they want to, I'm down 😄 Yesssssssss. "Out On My Feet" is so so so good
  16. Bands been teasing something new on socials past several days. Seems Madelyn from TGG is back????.... Single "Oldest Daughter" releasing 4/22 @ midnight...but it's streaming now 😲Everything about this is giving me those Greatest Gen vibes for sure. Will we get a Part 2 a decade later??? Oh my heart, be still..
  17. Sweet. It’s been on my wantlist forever and I somehow missed it first go around. Can’t wait to spin it soon!!
  18. I’m actually looking forward to sitting at my local early, hanging out with the other regulars and drinking beers at 9 in the morning. And then hopefully grabbing Commander Venus, The Judybats and Superchunk
  19. ummmmmmmm did anyone else notice that Jawbox exclusive is back in-stock??? I swear I just checked on it the other day and it was sold out. Only $31 + shipping. Def grabbing one
  20. Entire album is up on YouTube (linked playlist below). All those concerns we had about the direction of their sound were quickly obliterated after the opening track 👀
  21. Same. And I'm guessing this applies to the large majority here that sell on Discogs. We're essentially selling to support the Hobby many times 😅 So I just ran my PayPal transaction history for all of 2021. For whatever reason it's cutting off the history prior to July 2021 (and I double checked Discogs and had orders between January - June). Any way, I'm in the $2,000-$2,500 total received range (not excluding taxes, fees and shipping costs obviously). But when I go to my PayPal account > Statements and Taxes > Tax Documents, it shows that I dont have any tax documents that apply to me... ??????
  22. Trying to offload a few things to offset some recent home costs (home ownership isn't always fun lol). All prices are PPD. Tried to be at or below Discogs median value. Will offer discounts if you bundle, just shoot me a message ✌️ 12" / Boxsets A Day To Remember - Homesick (4th press - black vinyl) [LP] **SOLD** Band of Skulls - Love Is All You Love (signed - red vinyl) [LP] - $45 The Black Keys - The Big Come Up (RP - black vinyl) [LP] - $20 **SOLD** The Black Keys - Let's Rock (/7,500 - pink vinyl) [LP] - $30 **SOLD** Disq - Collector (VMP Pressing /300 - purple vinyl) [LP] - $25 Goldmund - Occasus (white marbled vinyl) [LP] - $20 King Tuff - The Other (LOSER edition - rainbow marbled vinyl) [LP] - $15 Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface (Hot Topic exclusive - white w/ black platter) [2LP] - $125 Ty Segall - Fudge Sandwich (orange vinyl) [LP] - $20 Ty Segall - Ty Segall (2013 RP - black vinyl) [LP] - $20 Ty Segall & White Fence - Joy (black vinyl) [LP] - $20 Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse (2017 RE 12") [2LP] - $25 Tyler Childers - Long Violent History (black vinyl) [LP] - $15 Underoath - Observatory Boxset (clear w/ black smoke vinyl) [4LP] - $150 Underoath - Voyeurist (deluxe lenticular cover edition - coke bottle clear vinyl) [LP] - $25 Weezer - Weezer "The Black Album" (/500 - black blob in clear vinyl) - $45 **SOLD** Western Plaza - Western Plaza (black vinyl) - $15 7" Mayday Parade - Jamie All Over/Miserable At Best (/500 - orange vinyl) - $75

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