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  1. This sound will definitely have to grow on me. It sounds a lot like Hayley's solo stuff which is fine. After Laughter was quite the sonic departure as well, but the melodies and song writing were top notch catchy. This is obviously in more of the 'artsy alt' realm. Interested to hear some others from the album **UPDATE** Upon several listens over the past few days, can say the song and their direction has definitely grown on me. Kinda hoping we get a darker side of this sound on the album too. If Paramore is the new Radiohead/Bloc Party, then I guess I'm here for it lol.
  2. Have a few things I don't listen to much anymore that I'm needing to purge for a little extra cash money. All prices are ppd unless you buy multiples then we can make some bundle deals. Thanks for takin a look! 12" LP/2xLP 30 Seconds To Mars - This Is War (2022 Remastered Reissue 45RPM/NOT Signed 2xLP) --------------------------------- $75 4 Non Blondes - Bigger, Better, Faster, More! (2017 Reissue, 25th Anniversary Press LP) ---------------------------------- $55 The Avalanches - Since I Left You (/1000 Turntable Lab Exclusive, Pink/Yellow Marbled 2xLP) ------------------------------$45 Better Off - Better Off (/100 Alt Cover, Aqua LP) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------$50 Glassjaw - Material Control (/1993 signed & hand-numbered, LP) -----------------------------------------------------------$45 John Moreland - LP5 (/500 VMP Exclusive, Sky Blue LP) --------------------------------------------------------------------$35 The Judybats - Native Son (/1600 2022 RSD, Olive Green LP) ---------------------------------------------------------------$25 Mild High Club - Going Going Gone (LP) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$15 Neck Deep - All Distortions Are Intentional (/240 'When You Know' Alt Cover, Yellow Trans w/ Green & Purple Splatter, LP) -$90
  3. I agree so much with this. Also, it's funny that right after that vocal repeat part is what I consider one of their most dirty southern rock moments from Schuyler since It Hates You
  4. Black ice! 🤣Instantly made me think of that Key & Peele skit about black ice 😂
  5. New album Endless Hallway announced today set for November 11th physical release (digital is October 28th per Apple Music). No pre-order links yet from their label, Spinefarm Records, yet there's an announcement news article on the labels homepage. Even says "pre-order here", but "here" isn't linked to anything yet. So probably coming very soon. https://www.spinefarmrecords.com/312/news/he-is-legend-announce-new-album-endless-hallway https://spinefarm.merchnow.com/collections/all-music 2 new songs are fire as always. Can't believe these guys are still kicking ass 20+ years later:
  6. Lol. For whatever reason I keep thinking back to The Office episode with the cold open where Michael is talking to Pam about watching Oprah and now wanting to adopt a kid from China. When Pam tells him it could be like a year wait he says (paraphrasing): "A year? I may not even want a kid in 12 months." lol That right there perfectly describes my interest in these EP's. They seem to be ok, but will I really want them when May 2023 rolls around. 😅
  7. Yea my local shop said their distributor told them they'd have their copies by tomorrow. Looking forward to grabbing one from them Friday! Heard the press sounds great and is LOUD 😍
  8. 1. Homesick 2. For Those Who Have Heart 3. Common Courtesy Although it's my #3 album from ADTR, it has my favorite songs of theirs: "Right Back At It Again" and "The Document Speak For Itself". Waiting to see if there's some announcement about the repress with maybe some other deluxe type editions. Because I'm still happy with my OG EU pressing for now.
  9. 4 "new" tracks (alt takes) + an etching...for $50... Think I'll stick with my OG press for now. But excited for anyone who never had this for sure
  10. Hahahaha I thought so. Was just checking. Yes, the force is strong with this one...
  11. I second this statement. Top notch stuff from FDR this time around
  12. Wait...has there even been a single dropped yet?????????????
  13. Soul Blind's first full-length LP, Feel It All Around, is up for pre-order through Other People Records: https://otherpeoplerecords.com/pages/soulblind Tri-color /250 Color-in-color /500 Both singles released so far:
  14. Cracker Island...that was my nickname in highschool...
  15. Fuck me. I step away from my computer for 30 minutes and this shit drops lol /2000 Orange webstore exclusive is SOLD OUT now.
  16. Anyone else order these represses? I just got an email from the Soundgarden store that my order had been cancelled/refunded because it was "not available at this time". Like what the actual fuck does that mean???????!!! So pissed. Did they sell more copies than what they had? Or was this a fluke from the get-go???? Also all of the vinyl represses are no longer up on the site
  17. Anyone else snag any of the represses? The site didn't really specify if this was a 'pre-order' or if these were in-stock/shipping soon. I hadn't received a shipping notification yet, so just wondered. Wouldn't be surprised at all if these were pre-orders though. But hoping not
  18. Oh shit! Wondering how big a repress this is and if it'll be coming to indie shops anytime soon. And on Chris's birthday?!?! So cool...miss him...and Chester 😞
  19. Oh hellllllll yes. Also, every time I see a new post in the Mondo thread, my heart skips just a bit in hopes that it's a That Thing You Do! update...but alas...😪