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PO: Strong Bad Sings (And Other Type Hits) LP

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there are certainly worse nostalgia buys. i still sing bits and pieces of these songs to my wife all the time. she has no idea what i'm talking about


13 minutes ago, birdwell said:

I wish that instead of trying to cash in they would just make more content...

in fairness to them, i am more than happy to support them after the fact for years and years of free content supported with a limited array of merch sales. also, although H*R holds a cherished place in my heart, i think if i went back to watch a lot of it i'd find that i've outgrown it. so... i'm not sure new content would do much for me these days. (although undoubtedly new content would be very welcome!)

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i'm surprised it sold out so quickly too. i'd bet it was a pretty limited press that first time around. will be curious to see if they'll go with the same colorway or something new. just glad that they've already committed to a repress—good for them being transparent about it 

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I gotta say I think Homestar Runner still holds up as much as anything. I think it helps that they never relied on reference-based humor (well, current references anyway) or crudeness (nothing at all against crudeness, it just doesn't age well. Don't see a lot of nostalgia being expressed for Happy Tree Friends). They're just weird little cartoon people executing a very specific brand of humor.

And they do put out new stuff every so often - probably 2-3 toons a year plus random side project things like the Trogdor board game. They just put out a DOS game play-along video with puppet Strong Bad two weeks ago: 


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