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  1. I wonder if they'll have a tour variant like they did for The Wilderness. That tour variant was probably the nicest looking of all the variants for that album.
  2. Would've been nice if they offered the autographed version online as well to go with vol. 1. $50 USD shipping to Canada too. EZ pass.
  3. There's also a 7" with an exclusive b-side: https://fuckedup.merchtable.com/music/7/one-day-7-vinyl
  4. They're currently available on their website: https://ilovemetricstore.com/collections/music
  5. That blue/yellow/white smash variant looks nice. Better than the gold.
  6. https://lightningbolt.bandcamp.com/album/oblivion-hunter https://thrilljockey.com/products/oblivion-hunter Deluxe reissue of Oblivion Hunter issued on 4 different colors, EACH with a unique cover/version of the “Oblivion Hunter”. This is the art as initially conceived by Brian Chippendale in 2012 but never before issued. Fully artworked inner sleeves and download included. First up by the band’s choice is Kelly Green with Blue Splatter. Oblivion Hunter has been remastered for LP by Josh Bonati. Oblivion Hunter will be released world wide on Aug 19, 2022.
  7. Yeah, that's pretty annoying. Maybe they have the artwork finished but are still waiting for the vinyl to be pressed.
  8. They have Doomscroller and All Comes Crashing 7" singles (each out of 500) on the app store now.
  9. The natural pressing originally had a mention that it was out of 1000, but it seems they have removed it (or it was just the signed version that was).
  10. They're playing it at their own festival on July 3: https://bornandraisedconcertseries.com/
  11. Agreed, could've been so much better. The Black Widow cover is pretty bad too.
  12. Yeah same reason I passed on the first two releases. It didn't make sense that they were charging state sales tax on an international order. They should just have the taxes included in the price considering how much they're charging for these.
  13. $50 USD shipping to Canada still. At least they're not charging taxes anymore but... seriously?

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