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  1. $16.80 USD shipping to Canada - ugh. Ordered the Dahm edition from Pelagic instead since shipping was somehow cheaper from Germany (€8.09).
  2. Silent Alarm is killer all the way through. A Weekend in the City and Intimacy have great first halves, but lose momentum towards the end. Four is pretty good throughout and the final track is one of my favourites of theirs. They lost an amazing drummer when Matt left and then Gordon leaving was pretty much the final nail in the coffin. They haven't been the same since and Hymns shows it. I'll give the new album a chance, but losing their previous rhythm section really hurt their sound.
  3. They had advance copies for sale at their shows last weekend. Managed to have a brief chat with Chris Murphy and he said they're going to put out a new album next and then do either a Smeared or Between The Bridges box set. He's leaning towards BTB as it's mostly him that sings on Smeared and he wants the other guys to have a more equal chance to sing on tour. Either way I'm happy.
  4. Weird that he's going to less populated cities like Hamilton and Kitchener that are within an hour drive of Toronto, but not Toronto itself.
  5. My replacement Auguries edition copy just arrived less than a week after it was mailed. Unexpectedly fast shipping from Germany to Canada. Sucks to hear about all the issues other people are having.
  6. I had a pressing defect on my Wild Flower edition and I waited about a week with no response before opening a Paypal dispute. Even then it took them a week to respond that they would send an Auguries edition as a replacement since they didn't have any more Wild Flower editions. We'll see if that actually gets sent. It's unfortunate since I've surprisingly never had any issues with them before. I'll still get their MONO variants over Temporary Residence because the difference in shipping cost is somehow negligible to Canada.
  7. Wade's side project Dooms Children is also up. Looks like all pre-orders are signed: https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/dooms-children-dooms-children-splatter-2lp
  8. Interesting, the description says red OR black. I guess it's random which one you get?
  9. Weird that the US site doesn't ship to Canada. Thinking of getting the scarry edition, but have to order it from the UK site with £20.99 shipping. Works out to $175 CAD after shipping, I love these albums but no thanks.
  10. Shipping costs for those in Canada: $15.00 USD from Bandcamp $16.80 USD from Temporary Residence $17.99 USD from EITS Looks like Bandcamp is the most palatable.
  11. Fantastic albums that have withstood the test of time. If I didn't already have the OG's, I'd jump all over this.
  12. For those that missed it, Fuzz Club has Melbourne '21 up for pre-order: https://fuzzclub.com/collections/all/products/king-gizzard-live-in-melbourne Also, if you ordered the Paris boxset, there's a pressing issue and they're selling replacement discs for £1: https://fuzzclub.com/collections/all/products/king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-live-in-paris-replacement-disc
  13. Is there no more discount for signing up to their newsletter? $50 USD shipping to Canada again and $12.50 taxes. Unreal.
  14. Sad I'm in Canada and couldn't take advantage of that price error. My local is getting the red marble variant though, so that's a plus.
  15. European variants ftw again. Grabbed the eternity and wildflower. Took a chance on the €13.50 untracked shipping from Germany to Canada. Did it last time for the live album and it arrived fine. Note to non-EU customers, they charge a €3 Paypal fee as well if you can't do bank transfer.

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