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  1. Grabbed Toy Soldiers so I can finally add that to my collection, was hoping to grab the Bouncing Souls split too but it's sold out on their site.
  2. Single is middle of the road for me, but I like it. Really interested in the track with Princess Nokia, not sure what to expect with this album but pre-ordered it because Silverstein is yet to disappoint me.
  3. Literally 2 days ago a friend and I were talking about how much we wish 18 Candles had a vinyl pressing. Absolutely hyped about this, Decade is great too, I still have my t-shirt and signed tour laminate from the initial release.
  4. Snagged Lizzo, thought about Sugar Ray but the shop was sold out. I'm interested in the Saturday Morning Cartoons release but I might wait a bit and pick it up down the road. A ho-hum Black Friday RSD but what else would I expect.
  5. Thought the sale might be of interest, especially with some Victory Records stuff, but like hell am I paying $19.99 for an A Day To Remember 7".
  6. Thrilled The Donnas won, between this and Songs For The Deaf getting a new pressing all my high school favorites are slowly finding their way into my collection.
  7. Did you get a shipping notice or was it a surprise delivery? I wouldn't be mad if I came home from work in the next day or two and found this waiting for me.
  8. Well that's an annoying sticker. Hope mine shows up soon, I now get an error if I try to check my order status.
  9. Sorry to bump this thread for a simple question, does anyone remember when these are supposed to ship? I tried looking around but with the product page down I can't find anything.
  10. I mean I think it's limited to a degree, the product page says that it's expensive and complicated to make so when they're gone they probably won't make more. That said who knows how many were made for this run though.
  11. Do you know how the sound/quality is? It seems like a standard pressing but I can't find any info for it on Discogs.
  12. My copy finally showed up, my peacock doesn't look too bad and that flexi is fun but boy is the sound rough on it (what did I expect though).
  13. I don't know how badly I want this release, but hearing their other titles will get reissued makes me beyond happy.
  14. Lizzo and Saturday Morning Cartoons... But they're both RSD firsts so if I miss them no biggie I guess.
  15. At least y'all are getting some movement, no emails about delays or shipping for me. Checked MyUSPS and nothing, order page has no movement either. At least I'll get a digital download on release day right?
  16. First volume was pretty good, really excited for this one though. Really stoked to hear the Sharptooth and Doll Skin covers, I might actually get the vinyl this time around.
  17. Excited for this, Bayside always puts out a solid record. Also, there is a pre-order up at SRC so I'm betting more variants show up soon. SRC - Bayside
  18. I agree with this 100% which is also a bummer. That era really hit for me, I went through a lot of personal growth and coming out and the lyrics and the person Buddy became really clicked with me. I felt such a connection to PTTFYH and it reignited my love for the band. I'm not mad at the new stuff and I quite like it, I just wanted more PTTFYH both musically and lyrically. I thought Speak The Truth was a great place for this sound but if it's what the band is going back to so be it. I appreciate the small lyric updates and I'll be waiting to hear what comes next for them.
  19. Really like the new song, grabbed that 7" super fast (even though $16 with media mail shipping is a lot to pay).
  20. I saw them open for Yellowcard, Acceptance was on the bill too! Love this album and I just might back it.