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New scammer on the VC board

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20 hours ago, mameeshkamowskwoz said:

Anyone else been engaged after posting to B/S/T by a JefferyD? I’m kind of starting to have fun toying with him via email after he passed on the email address of his “friend” who has the records I’m after.

I knew exactly who this was going to be about before I even clicked.  DM’d me asking if I’m “still interested in getting this?”  And if so, to email his buddy Larry, and then gave me the email address.  I knew it was a scam right away because my ISO was for multiple things.  Furthest I got was messaging him back and asking “interested in getting what exactly?  And who’s Larry?”  Haven’t heard back since.

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I messaged him back on here and he just reiterated that I needed to email his buddy for details (seemed reasonable, but sketchy due to him never having posted at all on VC before). When I emailed Larry with a list of test pressings I was after he said he had them all and then I KNEW (as if I already didn't) that it was scam, but figured I'd let them try to prove that they had them.


I wouldn't have bothered making this thread, but I've checked a couple times to see if he's posted at all yet and so far no, but it always shows that he's been online here within hours so I know he's out to try and dupe people.

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13 hours ago, phillybhatesme said:

Yes, I have exactly what you're looking for and I will make you a great bargain bundle deal. Please send jewels to nigeria where prince can accumulate wealth masses and give to me and you. 

Your records are in the mail @mameeshkamowskwoz upon receipt. 

You're the real jewel

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Ahhh thanks for posting this, same situation.
Like I would pay $500 to a stranger, without seeing actual photos of the album (with multiple known counterfeits on the market too).  Lol.  I was referred to Larry as well, and when I tried following-up, I got bounced back "550 5.2.1 The email account that you tried to reach is disabled".

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