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  1. im starting to think those 200+ copies they went up on the restock were in error.
  2. /300 https://night-tales-music.myshopify.com/products/proof-limited-edition-anniversary-lp
  3. thanks for sharing this. had no idea this existed and have only based opinion off of what others have said online.
  4. informed delivery did give me a heads up though, which was nice.
  5. $52 shipped is rough. Really hope were not moving towards a new standard here with $40 2x12 records.
  6. a few on FB groups did. its a translucent variant with smoke effect. no hype sticker.
  7. I ordered every variant (naturally) and BV is the only variant i HAVENT gotten shipping confirmation on. Ive received every copy except the BV and VMP variants but even VMP shipped their variant, I just havent received it yet. you should have gotten that by now. Would def reach out. was previously just advertised as "autographed". now it says "autographed by Mat Kerekes" on the site. not sure what happened.
  8. looks like bandbox is getting their own exclusive of every album, so we should see multiple variants popping up for each. (links are down but should be back up tomorrow 10/19 - they were $40 each though) https://shop.app/p/8226013413620?utm_source=shop_app https://shop.app/p/8226048213236?utm_source=shop_app https://shop.app/p/8225998373108?utm_source=shop_app https://shop.app/p/8226018918644?utm_source=shop_app https://shop.app/p/8226041659636?utm_source=shop_app
  9. i personally love the record. its refined citizen for sure. the best looking variant so far is the RFC store splatter.
  10. i was scratching my head at people saying "oh too expensive.. ill wait for udiscover.... like bruh, its $6. and its signed. gtfo.
  11. udiscover woke up today and chose violence. just dropped $200 i did not expect to spend today lol
  12. fucking excited as shit for this The 10th anniversary celebration of Daft Punk’s album Random Access Memories continues with Random Access Memories (Drumless Edition). Following the release of the critically acclaimed Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Edition earlier this year, this new iteration of the GRAMMY-award winning Album of the Year strips away all drum and percussive elements from the album. Doing so brings out a timeless quality to the album, giving listeners the ability to dive deeper into the layers of each track. Random Access Memories (Drumless edition) vinyl includes a 2LP gatefold + 8 page booklet. This item is a preorder and will ship for a street date of November 17th, 2023. 2-LP Track List Side 1 Give Life Back To Music (Drumless Edition) The Game Of Love (Drumless Edition) Giorgio By Moroder (Drumless Edition) Side 2 Within (Drumless Edition) Instant Crush (Drumless Edition) (feat. Julian Casablancas) Lose Yourself To Dance (Drumless Edition) (feat. Pharrell Williams) Side 3 Touch (Drumless Edition) (feat. Paul Williams) Get Lucky (Drumless Edition) (feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers) Beyond (Drumless Edition) Side 4 Motherboard (Drumless Edition) Fragments Of Time (Drumless Edition) (feat. Todd Edwards) Doin’ It Right (Drumless Edition) (feat. Panda Bear) Contact (Drumless Edition) https://daftpunk.lnk.to/drumless12vinyl https://a.co/d/4TBkK2M
  13. interesting that the tapes say 40 / 60 but on the dropdown it says 50 / 50
  14. they are calling it interscope vinyl collective? super original.

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