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  1. 7 Copies avail on thier webstore currently... this was previously sold out http://www.citizentheband.net/products/646078-big-mouth-cassette
  2. on the strokes website. someone linked to it on page 1
  3. That new song is so so good. Didn’t realize it was the lead single when they played the video at the Bernie rally.
  4. Going to the album release party in LA tonight. bummer the vinyl is delayed a month tho.
  5. The black variant is $22 shipped on amazon currently
  6. I’d die if end credits got pressed, honestly.
  7. They dropped another song called bad habits and I guess I’m in the minority but I’ve loved all 3 songs they’ve released from this new record. Never thought I’d be looking forward to a new Silverstein record in 2020.
  8. Forgot I ordered this but got an “update” that it’s delayed and they don’t have a timeline of when it will be released lol
  9. Yeah no chance all 4k went up on merch now. 15 copies left stocked as of now.
  10. $1 of every item purchased will go towards offsetting the environmental cost of production and shipping. MCMXCV will also match every dollar. All versions include digital download & instant grat tracks leading up to release. PRE-ORDER All orders with vinyl will be shipping February 2020. Delayed to March 2020 OPTIONS: 140gsm clear vinyl. Gatefold jacket with translucent sleeve, translucent "no future" art prints, lyric zine and poster (first 1,000 posters signed) 140gsm black vinyl. Gatefold jacket. TRACK LISTING: good morning in hertz static projector love, death, distraction how to sleep calm down just saying fomo so far so good isohel ???? tides rushing $treams 2020 out untitled As far as im aware, there are 3 variants Clear deluxe Clear red /500 (UO exclusive) standard black https://store.iameden.eu/products/653958-no-future https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/eden-no-future-limited-2xlp
  11. So glad I held off. Can’t beat $10.
  12. never ordered something so fast. took them long enough.
  13. id suggest just posting them up at a random time and giving this place a couple minutes head start. announcing a time and date for such low quantities is a good way to waste a lot of peoples time which then turns into a lot of unhappy potential future customers.
  14. got this in on friday, spinning it now. sounds and looks really great. good job spartan.
  15. according to RFC site, that is indeed the variant. I guess its not out yet. if anyone notices it drops, PLEASE tag me. only thing i need for a full variant collection.
  16. sorry if this has been mentioned previously, but does anyone have any info on the citizen - youth pressing that is newbury comics exclusive?
  17. According to her IG, all vinyl represses going up tomorrow (11/15) @ 6 am https://shop.arianagrande.com/collections/music
  18. or they just photograph 1 record and use it twice. that mockup looks real.