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  1. sold out in less than an hour on the MO patreon. i had to sign up for KD patreon to get the tri color. only reason i did that is because i HATE splatters on any type of solid white/cream/black record.
  2. i like the record. its a bit more pop than punk, but its got some decent jams on it.
  3. two new green variants up https://isurrenderrecords.merchdirect.com/products/67423-i-am-the-avalanche-dive-vinyl-pre-order-2
  4. Sandbag enters the room and says “hold my beer”
  5. Is this the 10 track or the 12 track version ?
  6. New sixth pressing avail on hot pink /1000 on RFC webstore and bandcamp
  7. my amazon just shipped, and then i got an email saying i paid less than the PO price... looks like amazon adjusted to $52 as well.
  8. https://respawnedrecords.com/products/goldeneye-n64-orchestrated goldeneye orchestrated repress is up 500 Split w/ Blood Splatter (repress)
  9. You don’t need to make a separate topic for everything you sell. Just list all your shit in one topic ffs.
  10. i just wanna say how much i appreciate having the record on release day on my doorstep. feels good to spin the record the first day it comes out.
  11. stoked norma jean is getting an RSD press. almost gave in and bought a copy of the recent press at secondary prices. in for that, linkin park, and the chariot
  12. I noticed a review on amazon about the ice, a guy in germany. saying it sounds atrocious. i run pretty much same set up as him and it sounds great to me. wondering if they were all pressed in germany or if some were manufactured stateside, cause in his photo he had A LOT of blue in the clear. in case you didnt see my photo from yesterday, this is how amazon shipped my two copies. https://postimg.cc/LqKS60Y4
  13. randomly just received my confirmation email for this from i surrender.. days later lol. better late than never, right?!
  14. Sorry for the double post but I just spun it and it sounds PHENOMENAL. I checked out the smoke variant on discogs and it’s actually my fav variant so I went ahead and ordered that one from UO. im intrigued to figure out what the euro exclusive color is.
  15. Lol same, except miraculously not one ding or dent on either of the two copies I ordered. You can see the second one below the box flap... https://postimg.cc/LqKS60Y4 yeah it’s literally just clear with blue wisps. Almost has like a coke bottle blue tint to it
  16. my pic disc from her offical store and my ice from amazon both shipped yesterday.
  17. haha YUP. remember that one year dillinger escape plan ripped the AC unit out of the ceiling? good times.
  18. that was the album with brandon, right? so fucking good. in a related vein, i also really loved spitfire. seeing them live at hardcore fest in fredericksburg was nutso.