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  1. a sticker they use sharpie for that rubs off when you put the record on your shelf lol
  2. that heavy splatter /400 went quick. glad i was on and ready at 8 am when they dropped.
  3. Tigers Jaw new EP 'Old Clothes' is available on 7" vinyl for pre-order! Check out the first single from the EP here. The forthcoming EP features 4 brand new songs that capture the magic of the I Won't Care How You Remember Me sessions. split /1000 https://hopelessrecords.myshopify.com/products/tj00oc00bn-lp coke bottle /300 https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/tigers-jaw-old-clothes-7-limited-edition-only-300-made-coke-bottle-clear-7-vinyl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk8lDZmhWRU
  4. Parting gift has always had the comments off. It’s take this to heart IG where you’ll find the comments. And they aren’t turned off/deleted.
  5. these were leftovers from cancelled orders, so i expected them to go fast. im just really confused as to why they didnt just password protect the release from the jump? 24 hours on US/UK for patreon members, then only password protect the patreon variant after that... and not to mention CREATURECLUB2022 is like the easist password to guess as well lol. a real head scratcher.
  6. UK Variant /300 https://sumerianmerch.co.uk/products/circa-survive-violent-waves-easter-yellow-process-blue-side-a-b-w-black-splatter?variant=40377195200627
  7. US /750 https://www.sumerianmerch.com/products/circa-survive-violent-waves-black-inside-transroyal-vinyl?variant=39820964823102
  8. yeah its 2x12" confirmed via their twitter. newbury just dumb.
  9. scratching my head as to why this is a 10" and not a 12"
  10. Ross stays the king of pressing stupid shit. but ultimately people are that much more stupid than him for actually buying it.
  11. Always just use it as a backup and worst case resell it at cost to someone who missed it.
  12. Deluxe black https://store.iameden.eu/products/730370-icymi-vinyl-deluxe yellow label clear standard https://store.iameden.eu/products/730367-icymi-vinyl-standard blue label clear limited https://store.iameden.eu/products/730368-icymi-vinyl-lmited-edition-blue green label clear limited https://store.iameden.eu/products/730369-icymi-vinyl-limited-edition-green interesting that they are doing all clear vinyl minus deluxe and only changing the center labels. no pressing numbers known
  13. dont forget to bring a towel 

  14. It’s the score, not the soundtrack, so I highly doubt that.
  15. ETR stay clogging up plants for useless shits worst than adele.