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  1. https://store.smashingpumpkins.com/products/mellon-collie-and-the-infinite-sadness-4lp-box-set
  2. got my purple copy in. looks like she sold a clear one too.
  3. just a quick update here since this confirmation email is lingering in my unread mailbox, just constantly staring at me for months. i checked the product page and looks like this was quietly bumped to an end of august release date.
  4. i tried ordering from rhino, once the order placed it kicked me back to an empty cart. no confirmation email, no confirmation, but the charge is pending on my card so 🤷‍♂️
  5. unrelated to this record, but this doc came out 1 month ago and i really enjoyed it.
  6. same. also got the "approval needed" on amazon twice, so dont think that ones gonna come thru at all.
  7. pretty sure it was limit 1, so if you went back and reordered a second copy of a variant under the same name theres a chance they will cancel it.
  8. got one of each variant. cant believe that /1000 sold out within 1 minute.
  9. Didn’t realize these were numbered. Now I’m thinking maybe it’s a new press ?
  10. They also raised the prices on hot ticket merch items they sold out of previously.. Duffle restocked and went from $50 to $70 … long sleeve went from $40 to $50. Hilariously glassjaw.
  11. Thanks. I just guessed the password and it worked lol. Grabbed that picture disc.
  12. i just noticed they had raised the price on this by $5 since the last restock, lol.
  13. a bit confusing cause it says the box is /100 but then you can buy the individual tapes which are also /100 each. so theres /200 of each tape total?
  14. If anyone is looking for this, looks like they got in at least 500 copies , but stock is dwindling quickly cause I know a lot of people have been waiting on this one https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/products/b-matchbox-twenty-b-br-i-yourself-or-someone-like-you-transparent-red-vinyl-i
  15. Totally forgot I preordered the regular version almost a year ago , but just got shipping confirmation
  16. It says PayPal charges up front but if you use cc it doesn’t charge till it ships, so I’ll do pop market as a cheaper backup for my Amazon order. Really no risk if you use CC and they don’t charge till they ship

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