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Typos / Mistakes

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How often do you come across records where there is some kind of typographical mistake on the packaging? I don't own that many records but I can think of 2 off the top of my head that I personally own.

"Bayside - Self Titled":

On the insert, the same lyrics are printed for 2 different songs. "We'll Be Ok" and "Existing In A Crisis" both have the lyrics for "We'll Be Ok".

"Norma Jean 4xLP Box Set":

The back of the first sleeve for "Bless The Martyr, Kiss The Child" has the songs listed that are on the second disc. The back of the second sleeve has the same songs listed, which is correct.

Anyone else see things like this often?

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the Darkest Hour "Deliver Us" LP sleeve spine says "undoing ruin"

the Nomeansno "Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie" 2xLP, both have the generic Alternative Tentacles labels on the B/D sides but the A/C sides both have the A side label on them...but that could be only my copy.

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there's a typo in the lyrics on the packaging of the Bright Eyes/Son Ambulance 12" split. The song title "Oh You are the Roots that Sleep Beneath My Feet and Hold the Earth in Place" is written with two "that"s. i think it was printed incorrectly on every jacket (i.e., not some sort of limited error).

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The ASG - "Win us over" album is called "Win us" on the A-side.

The only other typo I can remember is the DFA 1979 - "You're a woman..." repress. I usually don't read all the fine print, but somehow I noticed that on the label they misspelled "license" twice:

"under exclusive liscense to 679 Recordings Ltd." and in the next sentence "under exclusive liscens to 679 Recordings Ltd."

On the cover they spelled it twice liscence.

Writing this I just realize that I should get a life ... fml

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I know on Thrice - Beggars the songs were listed in the wrong order

And on the first 'page' of the Alchemy Index they misspelled Dustin Kensrue by spelling it "Dustin Krensue". The sad thing is that one name is right above the other, so how the fuck did they miss that?

Just like the DFA "license" misspelling.

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