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can someone who already filed with IC3 post all the info here that they used for the IC3 complaint application? like all the general info you have to fill out (obviously dont post your order numbers and stuff, as they will be different for anyone)

This is the info I included in my claim:

Information about the Individual/Business that victimized you

Business Name: Mightier Than Sword Records, LLC

Name: R.J. Crowder-Schaefer

Gender: M

Address: 109 Ingraham Street, Suite 309

City: Brooklyn

State: New York

Country: United States

Zip Code/Route: 11237

Phone number: 3475991855

Email Address: [email protected]

Other Identifiers

Web Site: http://mtsrecords.com/

IP Address:

IRC Server:

Chat Room Name: supchillinyou (on http://vinylcollective.proboard)

Usenet Newsgroup:

Other: http://www.facebook.com/mightierthanswordrecords

I also referenced the three (technically four) different updates RJ posted on the MTS website while explaining how he lead us to believe that the release was actually being manufactured:




And just to reiterate on the Paypal end of things, when I called they said they'd put a hold on his account if there were a number of complaints (which there have been), and the rep later slipped up and admitted that it looked like there was a hold on the account. With the addition of that ditzy girl complaining about not being able to give her money away for nothing, I think it's safe to say he can't receive any money through that account at this point.

Just called paypal and talked to an awesome guy. Heres the deal....

Everyone that paid Mightier Than Sword Records through PayPal (whether you called or not) you need to follow these steps to open a case.

1) Log into your Paypal Account.

2) Go to "My Recent Activity" and find your Payment to MTS.


3) Click "Details"

4) Find your "Unique Transaction ID #" and copy it


5) Click on "Resolution Center"

6) Click on "Dispute a Transaction"

7) Click on "Item Dispute"

8) Paste your "Unique Transaction ID #" in the box provided

9) Click on "I Haven't Received my Item"

10) Category "Entertainment Related Goods"

11) Enter a Message about the case OR copy this one

"I purchased records from Mightier Than Sword Records on (Date of Your Purchase). The sale was for pre-order items that were supposed to ship in September of 2011. Mightier Than Sword Records then stated they could not ship the items until December. Once that date passed they said they could not ship until February. Once that date passed they said they could not ship until April 10th. It is now April 16 2012 and i still do not have the records i ordered over 9 months ago. I have tried to contact the seller multiple times and he has not responded"

12) Click "Continue"

The case will close automatically because it is passed the 45 day time period. Although it says closed it still shows up as a red flag in the paypal system. I was told if more then 15 people do this paypal will file an investigation because they must have a "really good reason" to re-open a case after 45 days i was told.

I'm sure most of you know how to do this but just incase you dont.

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