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Dave Hause 7" Series - All Pressing Info and Release Dates

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So, now that the final release has been announced, I figured I'd start a thread just like Chris made over at Terrible Vacation.

Here’s the info from Chris’ Terrible Vacation thread, with some updated info.

All props to victimofadriveby, I mearly updated some of the info.

#1 Resolutions via SideOneDummy - Available only on RSD (4/23/12)


Pressing info:

300 Clear

700 Black

Track Listing:

1. Resolutions

2. Melanin

3. The River (Audra Mae cover)

4. Whistles the Wind (Flogging Molly cover)

#2 Heavy Heart via Jade Tree - http://new.merchnow.com/catalogs/dave-hause


Pressing info:

300 Clear Orange

700 Black

Track Listing:

1. Heavy Heart

2. Rankers & Rotters

3. Skips a Beat (Over You) (The Promise Ring cover)

4. Psalm (Jets To Brazil cover)

#3 Pray For Tuscon via Bridge 9 - http://www.b9store.com/davehause


Pressing info:

300 Black


2nd Press

?? White Vinyl

Track Listing:

1. Pray for Tucson

2. Years From Now

3. We Are The Blood (The Trouble cover)

4. First Will and Testament (Strike Anywhere cover)

#4 Time Will Tell via Chunksaah - http://www.chunksaah.com/shop/index.php?....products_id=156


Pressing info:

100pcs Black Vinyl (Chunksaah Mailorder)

250pcs Red Vinyl (Interpunk, SRC, & retail)

250pcs Aside/Bside Red/Black Vinyl (Chunksaah Mailorder)

250pcs Red Vinyl w/ Black and White Splatter (Tour)

2nd Press

500 White

Track Listing:

1. Time Will Tell

2. Meet Me At The Lanes

3. Ghosts On The Boardwalk (Bouncing Souls cover)

4. Odessa (Detournement cover)

#5 C'Mon Kid via Sabot - http://totaltreble.bigcartel.com/product/dave-hause-c-mon-kid-7-mp3-pre-order


Pressing info:

300 White

500 Black

Track Listing:

1. C'Mon Kid

2. Prague

3. Oh, There's Legwork (None More Black cover)

4. Joining The Army (Lucero Cover)

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By the way, thanks for posting this!

I wonder why C'mon Kid and Time Will Tell first presses don't total 1,000... I know it's weird, but I'd prefer it to be out of 1,000 just because the number looks neater than 800 or 850.

I agree. Not sure how true these pressing numbers are. Some were posted on the web, some were not. I'll e-mail each label at some point to double check on the actual pressing numbers.

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Every pressing should have been 700 black and 300 color, but Chunksaah just had to go and be special.. Don't know whats with sabot. Although the second press on all white isn't a bad idea. Gives people who missed out the first time to get their own copy.

Need to find Resolutions on clear.

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