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  1. Fuck it, ordered.
  2. Only saw the book for sale on deathwish eu after ordering copies for a friend and I, but with the crap euro exchange rate I doubt I lost out much or at all. Either way, stoked to have a look through this! (Fuck yeah post #1000)
  3. Mine got shipped today, can't wait! 1 post to 1000!
  4. My PO hasn't arrived yet, but downloaded the leak cos I couldn't wait. It's fucking amazing.
  5. I'd prefer that final Crossbreaker album that never materialised.
  6. Heard back this morning, they reserved me a "God's Eye" variant, so I can't really complain. Shit happens.
  7. Yeah I dropped em an email to see what's up. It's not really a big deal if I end up with another variant tbh, just wanna know what's going on.
  8. Got a similar email re: relic variant from the eu store, they didn't ask me what I wanted instead though. Not sure whether to hold out or drop em a line.
  9. Got this piece finished yesterday! So happy with how it turned out.
  10. Missed my delivery by 15 mins this morning. Damn.
  11. My Baizley should arrive on Monday, watched the live set last night, got me even more excited for this to arrive. Normally I'm put off live releases due to crap audio but this did not disappoint at all.
  12. I too got my shipping notice from DW EU for my Baizley edition. I got two emails with two tracking codes, which I'm assuming is a mistake rather than free stuff. Can't wait to give this a blast! Now if there's a blood moon live album as well I will be so damn happy.
  13. Most of my pieces are by the same artists, I don't really have the budget to travel around and whilst it'd be nice to book in with guest artists, I don't have the cash to book in on a short notice as being a PhD student doesn't pay well. When I finish next year and inevitably move somewhere else (although I'd love to stay in Edinburgh) I'll look into getting some more variation in my next pieces.
  14. 1st of two 3.5h sessions last week on this piece, starting to cover up my first tattoo. Second session early next month, can't wait to get this finished!