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  1. Daaaaaaaaamn, they got Songs for the Dead. Definitely one of their most important releases.
  2. What's the latest I can join the club and still get this? I still have the option to join using the 1-month plan, which is cool. It'd be great if I can listen to the record first and then decide if I want it.
  3. Does anyone else feel a sort of anxiety while anticipating a new release from one of their favourite artists? Like, what if it sucks? Or what if it's not amazing? You expect greatness from your favourite bands. This is a good album, it scratches the itch but nevertheless, I'm disappointed. There are many riffs worth of note, especially the one from Terminal Itch, that's a classic Scott Hull riff right there. And House of Snakes is one badass track. Army of Cops still sucks. And so do the guest vocals throughout. As a cost-cutting measure, I only collect albums that I love, but I'll be keeping the pinwheel because it's sexy and rare.
  4. The price difference between continents is massive and makes no sense. The electric blue variant that I bought sells for 19 pounds. That's 25 dollars, literally half the price of the American variants!
  5. It would really suck if these are limited. Even a run of 5000 pressings are not enough for a band like SOAD. Especially when the demand is pent-up like it is now.
  6. I found two more variants for America. They still cost 50 bucks though. The album comes out via Metal Blade in the US. I added the link in my OG post.
  7. Because I've already seen them and I have to travel like 2 hours to every concert I go to. Not really worth it anymore if the artist is not one of my favourites or the if the venue is big. But this line-up is crazy good and the venue fits max 900 people.
  8. And that tour line-up they got. I don't feel like seeing Behemoth again, but I'm not missing this. Behemoth, At the Gates AND Wolves in the Throne Room.
  9. Interesting offering: They're hosting a launch event in London on October 5th. Tickets only available at the UK Nuclear Blast store. If you live in the USA, their band store is your only option because the double LP at KRM costs 50 bucks! But something's weird even there. They seem to be offering two identical bundles with the only difference being the vinyl colours. But one costs 39 dollars and the other one 66!
  10. Get hyped! The most consistent death metal band is back with a new album. October 5th. Band store: https://behemoth-store.com/eng_m_ILYAYD-287.html ( They sell an exclusive 7'' of the new single) NB EU: https://nuclearblast.de/en/shop/artikel/gruppen/51000.1.no-label.html?records_per_page=9&custom_keywords=BEHEMOTH&custom_artists=71073&custom_deliverable=f NB UK: http://www.nuclearblaststore.co.uk/shop/nuclearblast/products.php?cat=4583 MB USA: https://indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords/search/?q=Behemoth-ILYAYD-2018 KRM USA: https://kingsroadmerch.com/behemoth/?id=3159 KRM UK: https://uk.kingsroadmerch.com/behemoth/?id=3853 KRM EU: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/behemoth/?id=3853
  11. There is no experimentation in this album. Nothing we weren't expecting Deafheaven to do at some point. The songwriting sits right in the middle of Sunbather and New Bermuda in my view.
  12. It's simple. Good album, but not their best. Their formula is getting a bit stale now and some the songs are repetitive (You without end, Worthless animal). New Bermuda was better because the songwriting was more dynamic and therefore fresher, but with OCHL they seem to have regressed.

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