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  1. It's simple. Good album, but not their best. Their formula is getting a bit stale now and some the songs are repetitive (You without end, Worthless animal). New Bermuda was better because the songwriting was more dynamic and therefore fresher, but with OCHL they seem to have regressed.
  2. I received the album today, without a shipping confirmation from KRM EU. The green with black smoke and it looks exactly like the picture in the store.
  3. By the way, you can find previews of all the tracks on iTunes. The whole album is 31 minutes and all the previews together (along with Army of Cops) add up to 14 minutes! Twelve tracks on the album. The last one is 7 minutes long.
  4. Is that actually bad, though? It kinda rewards nerds like us, who spam the refresh button an hour early.
  5. Pre-orders went live at :46 and the pinwheel sold out within 7 minutes in both stores. First time I got something so limited, brand new. Which is why I'm excited. Now I hope it actually looks nice like the picture. Alright I got what I wanted, can this plane take off now?
  7. I read on MetalSucks that the pre-orders will go up in 11 am EST, which is in an hour exactly from now. I'm boarding a plane in a half hour from now, which means I'll miss it, but that's what I deserve.
  8. Yoooooooo. Isn't Nic Cage's son super into metal?
  9. Don't worry about the hate. It only comes from me, haha.
  10. The addition of bass makes them sound like ANb. I should have expected that. But this is Pig Destroyer, where's the badass riff, the hook for the whole song to centre around. Where's the ferocity in JR's vocals? He sounds lazy. There's no build up to anything, the song just stops. No structure whatsoever. 3 minutes full of nothing. This is below PD's standards. And my biggest question is why did they pick this song as a lead single? I know this track will sound better in the context of the entire album of course, but on its own it doesn't hold up. And I love Book Burner, man, I'll defend that album to death, but this is lame. Last post for tonight. I promise. End of rant.
  11. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I've already listened to it 5 times and I DO NOT LIKE IT. It's so long and it doesn't go anywhere and MY HYPE IS FUCKING DIMINISHING. WHY AM GETTING UPSET. Please tell me you don't like it either, because I'm freaking out right now. EDIT: Bass sounds good, though.
  12. There's a new song in that page, didn't you notice?
  13. It's been up on Spotify for around 2 hours now. I'm in Europe though.
  14. Whatever you think of the album, you can't deny the riffs. Which is what I pay the most attention to in metal music.
  15. Yea, since Phantom Limb this band doesn't play grindcore anymore. They've become one of these metal bands that don't fit in a single genre. Super unpopular opinion: Book Burner is their best album. The album that transcended Scott Hull into a God. A masterclass in riffing.