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  1. I have not seen Gurren Laggen since it aired, I should rewatch it soon.
  2. Yup, even the soundsmith ones are expensive.
  3. Just picked my table up from the shop after getting the AT mounted. Sounds a million times better. I still hear random "womp womp" noises in some silent parts, but it is on the same record so must be something with that record (never noticed it with the Grado though). Only charged me $50 this time, so not bad.
  4. This reminds me, I need to finish my Elliott Smith discography.
  5. Good plan. I'm used to just doing shit that night, and spontaneously. That was more when my best friends still lived here, because they hated plans. I guess I'll text people tonight. Can't believe I'll be 31 Congrats Jason, that's awesome! Good luck with the job and school.
  6. I don't want to turn this into a tape hating/vinyl loving thing, but vinyl has a much warmer sound than a cassette. As you said with a tape deck, the record player and cartridge make all the difference. I bet the cart. you use is what makes you think vinyl lacks warmth.
  7. Nice! Sounds exciting. No plans, just going to do nothing all weekend and it's going to be amazing. I might try to go out Saturday night, since my birthday is next week, but that's only if no one is busy (which most people are these days . Guess that happens too often in your 30's). It is going to be in the 60's all weekend, and for a lot of next week, so I might do some yard work. Tons of sticks and shit in my yard from the winds we've had lately.
  8. 5th Press Up 1000 - 180g Clear Dark Blue w/ White Splatter Vinyl 2000 - 180g Black Vinyl
  9. Trying to help a friend out who is really into this band. Anyone have a copy they want to unload? Discogs prices seem insane. Her and I would be quite grateful.
  10. This seller is selling Data Discs stuff.