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  1. I remember the first time I heard the band Asteria I though to myself they sounded like Houston Calls
  2. I haven't yet! I've literally been checking their social media every day and saw the tweet and was like YES. I even checked my Informed Delivery and nada. Hoping soon!
  3. https://twitter.com/TrophyScarsBand/status/1620954673757949953?t=9CYEhMM4w7MtMV6pAhVeIw&s=19 They're in and starting to ship!
  4. Heh I remember ETR pressing that back then.......there's only one on discogs, that really can't be what it's selling at right??
  5. I missed all y'all lovely people too Had me seriously remembering when the OG B9 and deathwish boards went byebye and was like well, poop.
  6. Preorders. Each release's page shows when expected ship date is. March/spring 2023 is earliest anything says.
  7. Hm. I ordered via their Bandcamp but I dunno if it was through them directly or their record label Zegema Beach. I sent an email to whoever the support was through their Bandcamp so maybe whoever will get back to me.
  8. Damn, I still haven't gotten mine yet. Did you ever get a shipping notification or did it just show up.

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