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  2. WTB - BTBAM Coma Screenprint and Test Presses

    Please sell me this pooping screen-printed thing! AHHHHHH https://www.discogs.com/Between-the-Buried-and-Me-Coma-Ecliptic/release/7221149
  3. I've been needing to buy this one. Shoot me a pm with your info!
  4. http://www.theprp.com/2017/07/25/news/buried-mes-colors-get-10th-anniversary-vinyl-release/ Colors repress.....NOT on victory. Currently the pre-order is up on Amazon ...don't know much details.
  5. WTB He Is Legend - It Hates you / Heavy Fruit

    Hey man, I think tweeting Schuylar/the band would be a good guess on a repress ETA. People are sprouting up on the boards here fairly often asking for both of them. The more that contact the band, the quicker you may see the records.
  6. ISO: He Is Legend Records

    Oops, I only looked up HF on discogs. My bad! I know they had some at the recent shows.
  7. ISO: He Is Legend Records

    Hey man, Heavy Fruit and It Hates You were the only two pressed (aside from the upcoming album few). There are a couple up on discogs
  8. Tied for my fave (with the Parallax EP).
  9. Multiple band members have confirmed this is happening in the fall.
  10. So the EU exclusives are up on metalblade's Europe store if anyone wants to snag some
  11. Update: They are releasing the recently recorded Coma show as well as a few records, two of which are EU exclusive... 180g black Gold - EU Ultra Violet - EU Purple /Black- US I've tried to ship to American from the site it directs me to, EMP, with no luck. Any EU people getting these that can lend a hand on the gold and ultra violet ones??
  12. Anyone Collect Enamel/Button Pins?

    Mitchell has some nice, simple anti-trump ones up too: http://www.sirmitchell.com/product/45-enamel-pin http://www.sirmitchell.com/product/president-butt-enamel-pin
  13. WTB - BTBAM Coma Screenprint and Test Presses

    New Year bumppp... Have all the variants now....just need this coma ecliptic screen print (and of course a poop load of Tests). https://www.discogs.com/Between-the-Buried-and-Me-Coma-Ecliptic/release/7221149
  14. Tried for the Sven Hoek as well, but no luck :'( . Let me know if you'll keep it; I'll gladly take it off your hands, dj.
  15. PO: Haken - Affinity

    I'm hoping so before I bite the bullet on 22 dollar shipping.