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  1. Someone on reddit seems to think it's a pressing of 500 again
  2. No word on how many copies they've done this time?
  3. Surely the sound of vinyl can't be the only retailer for the limited edition??
  4. Appears that this is US only at this stage... tried to order from AUS but couldn't... bummer
  5. Signed/marbled copies are selling for a pretty penny on the bay...
  6. The 7 incher might leave a bit of a mark. But the 12 incher will really leave a dent #vinylandpenisparody
  7. Just got shipping notification from from Boomkat
  8. More complaints rolling in about people ordering marbled and getting black. Someone on discogs said that they were replacing their incorrect order so hopefully they can do this for everyone. Might be tough to replace all considering it seems very limited... did anyone have the opposite happen? order the black and receive the marble instead?
  9. Shark Smile off the new album is possibly the best song I've heard this year... no joke
  10. Everything Everything's 4th album is due August 18. Pre orders open now with signed vinyl and test pressings! Official Store: New single:
  11. Wolf Alice have announced their sophomore album 'Visions of a Life' which will be out on the 29th of September. No pre order up yet but I will update the thread once available. They have also dropped a new song 'Yuk Foo' to mixed reviews... will be keen to hear peoples thoughts on this one
  12. So I don't think the Everything Now Orange 12" is so "limited" any more. These are in heaps of places for cheap now...