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  1. Looks like the Deluxe 2LP version of the new album is no longer available on their website. I think I read somewhere that it is limited to 3000 copies... Also, I bit the bullet and bought a marble/signed version on eBay... sucks paying the inflated price but I love these guys and their new singles are awesome. Big Picture
  2. Only 34 foxes left peeps. Wouldn't sit on this for much longer if you're on the fence. Edit: Fair effort to sell these out within 36 hours!
  3. The fleet has been culled to 133
  4. 247 foxes left in the wild...
  5. Just ordered from VMP
  6. Oh fuck yes!!! Sold my OP a couple of years ago due to being in a bit of a financial squeeze. Happy to get this back again hopefully under the iron sea follows suit
  7. Just got shipping notification from Marathon
  8. I've updated the OP with links and such. Can we get this thread moved back to the VC message board?
  9. dat solo!!
  10. @dreamover
  11. Looks like no box set at this stage....
  13. @dreamover move the thread back now hero?
  14. pre order is up