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  1. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    Sorry guys, I posted about it in the RSD leftovers thread (because I got mine at the Numero pop up shop in Chicago on RSD). They did say they had 36 left when they put them up on their website and that they would be bringing the remaining copies to their pop up store in NYC which started today.
  2. No tax. It was $80 flat at the pop up shop yesterday. Shocked it didn't sell out quick. By the time it was opened, there were maybe 20 people in line. First guy and his wife got there at 6:30 in the morning. My buddy and I were second and third in line and got there around 8:45ish.
  3. Record Store Day 2018

    Put this in the online sales thread, but thought I would also drop it in here. Yesterday, Numero Group released a limited to 100 pressing on "skittles" colored vinyl of their Savage Young Du boxset at their Chicago pop up shop. I was able to snag one, but their remaining stock is now online.
  4. Numero Group released their Savage Young Du boxset on "Skittles" colored vinyl limited to 100 yesterday at their pop up shop in Chicago. I was able to snag one, but if anyone's interested, they released their remaining stock online. It was $80 at the pop up and their selling it for $100 online... https://twitter.com/numerogroup/status/988123355365683203
  5. Record Store Day 2018

    I'm looking for A sea of Split Peas picture disc. Sadly 1234 doesn't seem to have it in stock anymore.
  6. Record Store Day 2018

    Any Courtney Barnett picture discs at cost? I purchased one on Ebay, but it was $37 shipped. Seems like it was going for about $10-$15 less.
  7. Record Store Day 2018

    Looks like they already did....
  8. Record Store Day 2018

    If anyone comes across a Courtney Barnett picture disc, let me know.
  9. Record Store Day 2018

    If anyone can snag me Ben Kweller, I’d really appreciate it. My local didn’t have it...
  10. Pretty sure the loser up on Sub Pop, Bull Moose, The FJM store are all the same?
  11. Was just about to post this. Good thing I held off ordering it from his site!
  12. Record Store Day 2018

    On Wayne's Instagram, he made it seem like all of them will be beer filled. I wonder if only a select amount are? Says it's limited to 5000 on the RSD site.
  13. Record Store Day 2018

    I'm not the biggest Flaming Lips fan, but the 7" they're releasing is "beer filled", which could be cool.
  14. Record Store Day 2018

    Anyone know if The Bird and the Bees Interpreting the Master's Vol 1: a Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates, was scratched from this years list? Can't seem to find it on the RSD website... EDIT: Contacted BullMoose and it did indeed get canceled. They said to look out for it maybe next month...
  15. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    Got a shipping notification last night!!