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  1. If anyone has any leads on the Smiths 7", definitely let me know!
  2. So basically "Acid Green" is neon green?
  3. Anyone know what the acid green looks like? I take it none of these have any goo inside of them like the ones they put up last year?
  4. Shuga is usually has a higher price point. I was down the street at Reckless on Saturday and then hopped over to Shuga and didn't feel like waiting 45 minutes in line. They were giving out a glass that you could get free fills at emporium all day. That's probably why the line was so long lol.
  5. Space Jam
  6. Well you guys, it happened. Looked on Instagram one last time before giving the guy $235 for his wedding and low and behold Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz posted about it. Called them up and they're shipping it to me. I'll have my very own copy of Before the Flood signed by Trent and the boys!!!! $124.99 +shipping!!!
  7. On the emails it says something like "to manage your available credits, go to the manage your account tab and in the top right hand corner, it will show the available credits you have."
  8. I got five emails from VMP saying that my referral code was used (two of which were from friends, the other three were probably from you guys so thank you!). When I look in my account though, it says that I have $0 in credits. Does it take a few days to process or should I contact them?
  9. Yeah, but that was for one of the ones Lakeshore put on there site without a shipping date. So I'd have to pay him $160 and then possibly wait until October to get it. I just messaged the wedding guy one last time and told him about all the ebay listings and the Georgia store that the highest bid was $75. So we'll see if he lowers it. He said if he can't get the price he's after, he's just going to keep it in his collection.
  10. Yeah it's the same guy. He told me when he saw the listing for $2500, that he could get a nice chunk of change for his wedding. He claims to have over 3000 records in his collection and isn't an RSD flipper asshole. If he's willing to go down to $200-$225, I'm going to take it. As of right now though, he's not budging.
  11. I did and the lowest he would go down is $250 shipped. The other two on Ebay, one is a shop owner who I had a very disheartening email exchange with over the record (I know flippers and all), but it was pretty appalling that a store owner who is trying to run a legit business would respond the way he did. The other, is a guy who I don't fully trust. Said that he bought it from someone on Instagram and when I asked for more details, he went MIA. This guy who's trying to fund his wedding, I guess I trust, seems legit (said which shop he got it from). Just don't know if I want to drop $250 on it..
  12. I totally hear what you're saying, but I'm not sure they hype for this release is going to blow over? I do think $250 is a lot for it, but who knows if I'll be able to track one of these down in a few weeks?
  13. It's probably the last opportunity I have to get it considering Lakeshore isn't going to put more up on their webstore and the other two listings on Ebay aren't budging.