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  1. I guess I'm one of the few that has a lot on my list this year? Andre 3000- All Together Now The Cure- Greatest Hits Marcy Playground-ST Toto- Africa Pineapple Express Soundtrack Space Jam Soundtrack Ted Wulfers- The Cubs Won it All in 2016 Pearl Jam- State of Love and Trust/ Breath Maybe: Blind Mr. Jones- Stereo Musicale Iggy Pop- Post Pop Depression: Live at the Royal Albert Hall Super Furry Animals- Fuzzy Logic Superchunk- Cup of Sand Field Music- Tones of Town Filthy Friends- Any Kind of Crowd
  2. Can't seem to find the UK list. Can someone link it? Sorry if it's in here already just don't feel like going back 29 pages.
  3. I guess those bonus tracks aren't coming with the deluxe? Only with the deluxe CD. Idk, I feel like I might just cancel especially considering, RSD is a few days before that.
  4. Deluxe and Regular up on BullMoose
  5. Yeah, I'm super bummed about this. Really don't want to do a three month for probably only one record. Their releases haven't really interested me up until this point. I had a crate membership in the Summer, but never an "official" member...
  6. Man, was waiting till I got home from work to order. Got home, no more month subscriptions..
  7. Great new song! Wondering if there will be an indie exclusive? Don't really feel like pre ordering for a standard black and a print.
  8. Idk I would totally pick up the Pineapple Express soundtrack!
  9. Yeah, I'm really hoping there's not much this year. Decided to save up for an 8 game plan for Cubs games as opposed to saving for RSD.
  10. I bought a purple press in store. Sounds really good. I think they just sold out of it. It's up on Discogs for $45ish which isn't horrible considering if you bought it online with shipping and what not, I believe it came out to around $37?
  11. If I remember correctly, that's usually how it goes!
  12. St. Vincent is this year's ambassador. Pretty stoked about this!
  13. Does anyone think BullMoose will have this up for pre order? Really don't feel like shelling out $30 for something like this right now especially cause it won't be shipped for almost four months..
  14. Seriously, would buy this shit in a second... Not for the soundtrack but the trading card!