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  1. Amazon says 100th Window is pushed back to June 8th. Heligoland reissue is gone from the site completely.
  2. I preordered both of these and got an email that Heligoland isn't available. Looks like 100th Window is still scheduled for Feb 16. I'm starting to wonder if Heligoland is ever going to happen.
  3. Amazon release day delivery failed me yet again. They haven't delivered a single album to me on release day all year. It's not like I'm in some remote bumfuck town either. Fucking sucks, I was really looking forward to spinning this one this weekend.
  4. You're the only one saying it's funny. Why is rape funny to you?
  5. I wished they shipped Media Mail instead of FedEX sure post. Sure post is slow as fuck. They route all my shit through Dallas, then Houston, then back to Austin. It's terrible. Media Mail is super fast and reliable. They must be getting a super deal on the FedEX slow boat.
  6. This version is much nicer IMO https://www.discogs.com/The-Cinematic-Orchestra-Ma-Fleur/release/4726464 Managed to get copies of The Claypool Lennon Delerium 10", The War On Drugs 12", and O+S - You Were Once the Sun, Now You're the Moon for retail eventually today. Just sat on eBay with three tabs open with the searches set to US only, Buy it Now, Vinyl category, and the sort by 'Newest First'. After refreshing each of them for a half hour or so every minute or two I eventually found record stores listing their stock at retail. The only thing I have left on my wantlist is the red Hooverphonic - Jackie Cane but I'm not sure I need it. I have OG copies of all their releases I imported from overseas, they sound great, and I didn't pick up the green splatter release last year so I might just not bother with this year's.
  7. Yeah, I've actually got skips in 'All Alone' and 'Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head'. I can see what look like flaws in the grooves in both places that skip. Damaged/dirty stampers maybe? That would mean an entire batch is affected, which judging by the comments on Discogs, might be the case. Seems to be lots of repeating skips in All Alone from what I'm reading. For what it's worth, I cleaned both discs before playing them on my Music Hall RCM and my turntable is a custom heavy platter idler drive w/an SME 3009 SIII tonearm and an Audio-Technica AT160ML cart. First time I've ever heard a skip on this setup.
  8. Was just about to post that I can't get over how good DD sounds, then the skip showed up in All Alone. Kinda sucks. I wonder how replacements will work, I'd hate to get an inferior disc 1 if they make us send back both discs.