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  1. From what I remember, I guess he wrote in his short books that he does (or did?) mine for his uncle's company in Swastika, Ontario (I know, what a name)
  2. Not yet, but it's still early in Canada
  3. Out today. can't wait to get that Dine Alone bundle
  4. YES Preorders up on Amazon. Here's an Euro store with a bit of a description I can't seem to find any variant. Drop a link if you do. But wow. That's excellent news. FINALLY.
  5. Long Knives Drawn has its moment, but yeah...many flaws. Try Catastrophe if you haven't: as a whole, I think it's a great album.
  6. First post reunion album, coming on august 18th. Available on: 180gr Clear LP (Ltd.500) 180gr Black LP Cd & tapes You guys are into them? Better Version Of Me and Catastrophe Keeps Us Together have aged pretty well I guess!
  7. It's a great album as a whole. Fireworks, Thompson Girl, Vapor many great songs!
  8. Release date: may 5th I, Me, Mine as B-Side (Beatles cover?) Can't wait!
  9. From Warner UK will release a previously unissued version of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side as a physical 45. The sleeve, above, is by Morrissey, with layout by Darren Evans at Warner UK. The B-side is a previously unissued version of Rubber Ring. The sleeve image is Salford actor Albert Finney. Details of availability of the record will follow shortly.
  10. Third variant to add to my collection? Yes please.
  11. YUUUUSSSS Will wait for the Fat variants.
  12. Yup they do. My local store in Canada can have it.
  13. So am I, and I'm in Quebec. Emailed them a couple of days ago, got a reply they were going to forward it to the shipping office. Eagerly waiting for a reply since then.
  14. Montreal alternative-punk band, Smiths-y/80ies vibe. Great fun! Stream here: Preorder here: Shipping expected by the end of october.