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  1. Loved both Ísland and Living Room Songs projects. Might as well pull the trigger if a cheaper buying option shows up. Oh, and that Bach or Chopin thing duo from a couple of years ago looked promising too!
  2. Selling some stuff. Nothing too fancy. Don't like a price? Hit me up and let's work something out! PayPal only.
  3. PO up for signed copies. No idea when they'll be sent tho.
  4. From what I remember, I guess he wrote in his short books that he does (or did?) mine for his uncle's company in Swastika, Ontario (I know, what a name)
  5. Not yet, but it's still early in Canada
  6. Out today. can't wait to get that Dine Alone bundle
  7. YES Preorders up on Amazon. Here's an Euro store with a bit of a description I can't seem to find any variant. Drop a link if you do. But wow. That's excellent news. FINALLY.
  8. Long Knives Drawn has its moment, but yeah...many flaws. Try Catastrophe if you haven't: as a whole, I think it's a great album.
  9. First post reunion album, coming on august 18th. Available on: 180gr Clear LP (Ltd.500) 180gr Black LP Cd & tapes You guys are into them? Better Version Of Me and Catastrophe Keeps Us Together have aged pretty well I guess!
  10. It's a great album as a whole. Fireworks, Thompson Girl, Vapor many great songs!
  11. Release date: may 5th I, Me, Mine as B-Side (Beatles cover?) Can't wait!