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  1. Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    Here's a few I'd like to see. Some are obvious (uhhh, obviously). Heavy on 90's/early 2000's stuff. First Issues: -Fountains Of Wayne: Welcome Interstate Managers and Traffic And Weather(license these two to Yep Roc, as they did an excellent job with their other three albums. I can't fathom why WIM in particular has not been pressed) -Harvey Danger: King James Version (No Sleep did an awesome press of Merrymakers, they should get the license for this one too) -Tears For Fears: Raoul & The Kings Of Spain -Flickerstick: Welcoming Home The Astronauts and Tarantula (seriously Idol, get on these) -Garbage: Bleed Like Me Reissues: -All 90's and 2000's U2. There was a recent repress of Atomic Bomb that was literally a first press recreation, and that's what I want for these other five albums-no remastering, no "deluxe editions", no "definitive versions", no nothing. Just put these five back in circulation as they were. -Tears For Fears: Elemental and Everybody Loves A Happy Ending (there was a promo version of ELAHE, but no wide release. And we are getting into Chinese Democracy territory regarding their new album) -Belly: King -Garbage: Version 2.0 and Beautifulgarbage -Hum: Downward Is Heavenward (yeah, I'll pile on to this one) -Death: Symbolic (let Relapse give it the proper treatment) -Devin Townsend: Ki, Addicted, Ghost, and Epicloud -Husker Du: the remaining catalog. Fuck all the bullshit squabbling, get everything to Numero and get these out. -Smashing Pumpkins: Machina 1 to complete the original reissue series (it's nonsense this has not been released yet, when it is otherwise allegedly ready to go) At this point, I'm realizing that I am just going through my digital collection alphabetically and stream of consciously just riffing here, so I'm gonna stop myself before this post gets unmanageably large.
  2. I hope to take advantage of the sale, as I have the Hazy Mountains LP, and it was so well done that it's obvious you're putting out quality products at very fair prices (even before the coupon code). The only thing I didn't care for was the delivery of the digital album (discussed at length in the Hazy Mountains thread-no need to revisit here), but that was an extremely minor issue on my end. You have an interesting roster, and I could stand exposure to more things out of the norm for me. I'm gonna look to dig in to the catalog once I get my holiday spending leveled out. It does look like titles 001-005 are OOP as per your webstore? Also hoping you do more work with Prott to get more Hazy Mountains titles out there.
  3. I'm likely still gonna wait for Amazon US/US distro/my local shop. I tried putting the items at in my cart again at Burning Shed and it did want to charge me VAT, even after I changed the currency from GBP to USD. I am, however gonna keep my eye on this thread and the Burning Shed shop on the quantities of the color/clear variants and may splurge if holiday spending doesn't wipe me out. Honestly though, at this point, now that KScope has the rights to nearly everything (The Incident is the one we have not seen yet), they should just finish out the catalog in box set form. The 1991-1993 and 1994-1997 Delirium Years sets were so well done that I think it would be awesome to have the rest done up the same way. There are clear line of demarcation for three more sets. Obviously there are no plans, I am just fantasizing/daydreaming here, but this is how I think it should go (put behind a spoiler tag to slim down the wall of text): If they put something like these together, I would buy those in a fucking heartbeat. And seeing as how PT is never coming back, I think this would be a fitting way to provide closure on the catalog of one of prog rock's most celebrated bands.
  4. Do want those white/clear, very badly so, but I have to pass because Burning Shed's shipping to the US has always been unreasonably high. After the GPB to USD conversion, it's $26 per album plus $15 each for shipping; $41 per record is pricing me out unfortunately (even Kevin Shields didn't charge that much). I'm gonna have to keep my eyes on either Amazon or my local shop for the black variant.
  5. PO St. Vincent- Masseducation

    This album has grown on me considerably. This is either #1 or 2 for me for this year (flip flopping with Steven Wilson's To The Bone). An utterly sublime record. I also went to the show when it hit Durham, and holy shit was I blown away. I initially had misgivings when I found out this was a one woman show (I didn't know that when I bought the ticket), as I generally frown upon the use of backing tracks-you can't be a good "live band" if you use backing tracks (as elements of the presentation are definitively and unquestionably not "live"). But 2 songs into the first set it clicked with me that this was not meant to be a conventional "rock show", but rather a performance art piece where the visuals and theatrics-from elaborate choreographed draping, to video projections, right down to what she was wearing, how her makeup was done and eventually undone, and the color choices of her guitars alongside the colors in the lighting-were equally important as the music to the presentation as a whole. Plus, I got to experience her otherworldly guitar stylings in person. I just found the whole thing to be incredible, and I especially enjoyed the reinterpretations of the older material in the 1st set (to fit the Masseduction sonic aesthetic).
  6. U2 - Songs of Experience

    Got my copy today-the translucent cyan looks awesome. Goes great with the whole packaging aesthetic. This is first on my to do list Monday and I can't wait to hear it in full through my setup. That said, my download code did not work. Not sure if it's worth the hassle of opening a ticket with The Sound Of Vinyl support, of if I should simply pony up for a digital version.
  7. U2 - Songs of Experience

    You know, a lot of people type "lol" on an given website and maybe they are not really laughing out loud. But, I read this and legit howled out loud with laughter. YES. And I'm not even that big of an REM fan. For non-album episodes, I personally prefer "Staind Glass". The 10-15 minute segment where Scott plays a bunch of stuff to see if Todd Glass can identify it as U2 or not is downright hysterical. The samples played on ep 24 were perfect to whet my appetite for SoE. I didn't hear anything that would suggest it's this otherworldly album though, but we're talking about 30 second samples here, and I nonetheless can't wait to get my LP on Friday and dig deep on it.
  8. U2 - Songs of Experience

    Totally doing this as well-my local shop is gonna hold a copy for me and I'm buzzing right over after work to grab it. Might even head over on my lunch break if time allows it. That said, based on the singles released thus far, the feedback from you guys on here, and early reviews, I am fucking hyped for this album, in a way that I haven't been hyped for an album in quite some time. I can't wait to get my hands on this one. If this is even remotely true-and I have no real reason to doubt it-then we have to be talking about an album of the year contender, in a year where there were quite a few easy album of the year contenders (for me personally, Steven Wilson and St. Vincent immediately come to mind, and I know there are more). If this album is truly the best since Achtung Baby, then we're also looking at a top 5 all time U2 album, easily. I really an excited to hear it. I am also really and legitimately excited to hear Adam Scott Aukerman's take on it, as when they slow down the jokes and get to the brass tacks of analyzing the records, they have a very earnest and passionate fan take on it. Should make for a really solid episode 24 when it does drop (resisting all the obvious jokes here ).
  9. Add Violence doesn't sound bad to my ears at all, but it is noticeably different from most records, and my ears hear it as being due to a comparatively much more dark EQ profile. Of course, I've done no wave form analysis-not that I would know how-it's just how my ears interpret it. I didn't change my receivers settings either. Cant compare it to any digital version, as I got this at a local indie record shop rather than order online. As others have noted, the EP doesn't come with a download, so I have the minor inconvenience of having to buy a digital version after the fact because I opted to support a local business. No biggie. Side note, two local indie record stores in my area have both new EPs, all the current reissues, and Deviations (which I understood to be limited and web store exclusive). As such, that's the route I'm gonna go for With Teeth, Year Zero, The Slip, and EP3 whenever they are due.
  10. Per the link above, only two of these are actual Sigur Ros albums, the others being a Jonsi solo EP and an Alex Sommers LP (obvious Sigur Ros peripherals, of course). The two actual Sigur Ros LPs sound like they'd be super esoteric. If I can get them, I'll get them. Otherwise, no biggie to let these go. Would rather have a new studio album, although I expect that to be a radical departure given Congleton's rumored involvement as a producer.
  11. I did get the Stooges-the packaging is super well done, the vinyl color looks great, the audio quality is excellent, the material itself is so so. I know it would be utterly pointless for this boutique label to simply press Fun House itself, but this outtake compilation doesn't hold a candle to the actual album, despite being portrayed as such. I also own the MC5 compilation (decent, some sound issues on side A-seems to be source material rather than pressing related), and the Secret Machines album (outstanding all around-ROGV's best release by FAR). The physical aspect (packaging and the vinyl itself) of all three that I own are phenomenal-a lot of care has been put into the presentation of these releases. But I have say that I feel slightly disappointed by the MC5 and Stooges releases in terms of material. I haven't bought anything else because nothing else appeals to my tastes, and that also applies to the ballots as well-I don't vote most times because none of the choices appeal to me. I guess that's my whole dichotomy with the ROGV experiment as a whole-it's both a success and a failure, both satisfactory and disappointing. Their entire approach just feels off to me. Way to genre focused for my tastes (LOTS of soul and 70's rock on the ballots, whereas I think they could make a KILLING raiding the vaults on 90's and early 2000's stuff that's never been on vinyl before), very compilation and live album focused (only three of the 10 albums issued are full length studio albums), and they seem to push titles that they want more heavily (they've had the Meic Stevens on the ballot for the past 2 or 3 rounds, and there was another title (which I can't remember) that went through 2-3 rounds of voting and never even got voted in). The ballots should be a fresh slate of titles each time, as I see it. I voted for Ministry this time around, but even that is a disappointment because it's not even the full Greatest Fits compilation-it's a 1LP distillation (13 tracks on the CD, 8 tracks on the proposed LP). So rather than offer up Filth Pig (random example) or another full length studio album by Ministry, we get a compilation that's then further distilled from the CD version (I voted before knowing this because I though it to be a convenient way to get most of Ministry's best tracks from that era on wax. Probably would've voted for Fear had I dug a little deeper). Meanwhile the Meic Stevens is an "expanded" 2LP version. Very, very weak. I'll buy either Ministry (I still dig the selected tracks) or Fear (even if Lee Ving is an idiot) if they get voted in, but given how hard they are pushing for Meic Stevens, I would not be surprised if that gets the nod. Yeah, ROGV, very hit or miss. But do know that if it is a title that you know you would like, you are very likely to get an extremely high quality product both in packaging and audio (MC5 notwithstanding).
  12. PO Now: Myrkur - Mareridt

    The clear vinyl is usually the rarest variants issued by Relapse-only 100 and not available to the public (generally only for the band and Relapse employees). I would not be terribly surprised if a few of these clear copies sent to the band by the label mistakenly got added to their tour inventory. Either way, you have the rarest of the rare variants (if that means anything to you). Edit: I was unaware there was a difference between the standard and deluxe versions of this album. From what I've seen, clear is only available as a standard variant, so if you paid for and were expecting deluxe, yeah I see now why you'd be disappointed.
  13. About a half hour ago there were 7 copies left. Against my better judgment, I put down for one. It's sold out now. Crazy. I was unaware of what this was until I came upon this thread. I streamed it on Bandcamp and I found it to be a really, really interesting and bizarre audio experiment/collage. I don't know if I'd call it great music per se (given the fact that it's not technically original music), but through the lens of "art project", it holds up as a highly creative listen. I don't follow meme culture so I am listening out of that context. $28 shipped isn't terrible. I don't ever look at records as "investments", but if I find that this stops resonating with me over the years, it'll likely have decent resale value given the lore surrounding it. I figured, I was patient for over a year with the Blood Music Emperor box set, I was patient for over a year for the NIN reissues, I can be patient for a few weeks, possibly months for this. This board definitely hasn't helped me with my impulsive spending behavior
  14. I had no aspirations to buy a physical version of this album twice (already own the red of the original album), but this price as a prime member sealed it for me. I would've paid at least this for the 2nd LP had it hypothetically been released as a stand alone album, so this was a total no-brainer.
  15. Is Shopify different from Sandbag? I ask because the current store.nin.com redirects to a Shopify holding page.