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  1. In all seriousness I do not own any R.E.M. on wax, and I don't plan to unless it's a box set situation. I see used copies of the IRS records come through my local shop frequently, but these aren't my favorite albums from this band. Elite music, no doubt, but R.E.M. kind of starts with Green for me. The Warner era LPs seem to be scarce and somewhat pricey, so I just don't feel the drive to seek them out, and I'm not shelling out for MOFI reissues either (I've read implications here that these are the only good reissues). If they ever do a comprehensive and encyclopedic discography box set or box set series though, I'd immediately be all over that.
  2. R U Talkin R.E.M. Re: Me, bro? https://soundcloud.com/troubles-afoot/how-does-it-feel-when-youre-in-rem-good
  3. New Xanthochroid 3LP via Qrates. For those unfamiliar, this is pretty dense symphonic extreme metal. Somewhat similar to later Emperor or early solo Ihsahn, they self describe as "cinematic black metal". This is a lengthy, two act concept album. This one is not as visceral as Blessed He With Boils, but it is still extremely well written and performed, and is a very challenging listen. $41 shipped for a 3LP set is extremely reasonable, I feel. I've also been enjoying the works of Sentient Horror, an old-school Stockholm Swede-death styled band from New Jersey. Very well done Entombed/Dismember worship. Get the new EP and the 2016 full length.
  4. This variant is actually the PledgeMusic exclusive, hence why the Bullmoose link now redirects to the yellow/orange splatter version. For this band in 2018, this album is remarkably good. Not nearly as good as Star, but to my tastes, it feels like it could easily be superior to King (which is a good record I never really connected with on a deeper level). Dove lacks the ethereal vibe of Star (as did King), as well as uptempo numbers akin to something like "Dusted" or "Slow Dog", but the songwriting, arrangements, production/sound design, and performances are all excellent here. I also have no qualms about how this PledgeMusic variant sounds, and its a relatively quiet master as well. Highly recommended.
  5. DASiano

    PO: FUEL - Sunburn

    Vielen dank.
  6. DASiano

    PO: FUEL - Sunburn

    Source/info on this? Google turned up no useable results...
  7. DASiano

    RSD in Chatlotte NC

    Hippo Records in Greensboro. CFBG in Greensboro. Earshot in Winston-Salem. Main Street Vinyl in Burlington (never been, but has a good reputation). Yeah I know these are not in Charlotte and it's quite a hike to get to these from Charlotte. But RSD or not, these are all worth a visit, Hippo in particular. I guess this serves as a general plug, I am only now seeing that OP is from the UK and probably won't have time to commit to travel to these areas.
  8. I think "Half Light" is excellent. I just prefer "Mother And Child Divided" between the two and think it flows better with "So Called Friend" which would be the preceding track. I tell you what, that's not a terrible idea in of itself. But what kills this particular song for me is the tempo. PT sounds awkward and feels uncomfortable at this type of fast tempo. I personally think the fastest they should go is something like "Arriving Somewhere..." or the title tracks to either Deadwing or Fear Of A Blank Planet-all three are relatively fast, but a bit slower than "...Master Tape". It just feels weird when they tried to play fast tempo material, at least to my ears, and "...Master Tape" might work a lot better 10-15 BPMs slower. Of course, I am talking of the "band" albums, as there is faster tempo stuff on the early "solo" albums (think "Linton Samuel Dawson") that works because it fits with the psych/krautrock pastiche vibe of those records.
  9. My local shop got these in over the weekend, the black vinyl variants, snagged them both (as well as a 2018(?) black vinyl repress of Fear Of A Blank Planet). These both sound tremendous, but In Absentia in particular sounds full, booming, and crisp. Could very well be the best this album has ever sounded. God damn, this album is excellent-I haven't listened to this one in a long while and it just holds up amazingly (save for "The Creator Has A Mastertape", which never really resonated deeply with me as much as other PT/SW songs have). My only tiny gripe is that if you are going to include B-sides/non-album tracks on Deadwing, I personally would rather have had "Mother And Child Divided" instead of "Half Light". All in all, these represses are highly enjoyable and recommended. EDIT: I hope SW and Burning Shed do something with The Incident to round out the PT catalog. That said, they allegedly have copies of the original Tonefloat version available for purchase (although I do not see how that is possible). I think I'd hold out for a potential repress personally, if SW were to do a remaster in line with these two.
  10. Hyped. That said, I slightly am wary of pre-ordering any limited variant of this because the New Bermuda pre-order was something of a disaster, especially regarding the "coke bottle clear", which manifested as a translucent green months after the initial release and other variants were readily available (funnily enough, googling info on the New Bermuda delay lead me here for the first time). Ah who am I kidding: this song is excellent and I'm near certain I'll cave on a limited variant pre-order.
  11. Both Pop and ATYCLB ordered via Amazon showed up for me on Friday, albeit too late in the day for me to play (which reminds me, I absolutely hate Amazon's new in-house delivery system, Flex). So I spun these this morning. I don't think Pop sounds bad at all, but there is a noticeably dark EQ profile in this master, at least that's what I perceive. I only find this glaringly obvious on the side openers-"Discotheque", "If God Will Send His Angels", "Gone", and "If You Wear That Velvet Dress"-for some odd reason. Overall, this master fits the trashy electronic vibe of the uptempo numbers ("MOFO" in particular) and the low key, down and out vibe of the downtempo numbers quite well. Only "Discotheque" feels slightly "off" to me-some things (mainly guitars) aren't popping out like they should, or rather, like I am used to hearing from the digital version I own. But make no mistake, I am happy/satisfied with this version. As for ATYCLB, it sounds pretty damn good overall-very crisp and booming. The only thing I noticed is some distortion during "In A Little While". I first thought this might be because they crammed 6 songs onto side A with this being the last. But I am hesitant to cry "IGD!" because it's only really noticeable in the vocals, which could be a production aesthetic I never picked up on (don't really care for this particular song) or it could be that I did not clean the LP as thoroughly as I normally would or something. All in all, I am pleased with these purchases, and I hope the last three full lengths I need-Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and No Line On The Horizon-get repressed relatively soon.
  12. I have not gotten mine via Bindrune as of yet, and supposedly that's because the CD versions were delayed at the pressing plant-I ordered the LPs and CDs at the same time, and I assume the delay in shipping the LPs is to not split up the order while they wait for the CDs to arrive from the plant. This is apparently affecting Nordvis as well.
  13. I got my ship notice from Amazon for both albums, FWIW. Delivers tomorrow, which is the scheduled release date.