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  1. PO Now: Myrkur - Mareridt

    The clear vinyl is usually the rarest variants issued by Relapse-only 100 and not available to the public (generally only for the band and Relapse employees). I would not be terribly surprised if a few of these clear copies sent to the band by the label mistakenly got added to their tour inventory. Either way, you have the rarest of the rare variants (if that means anything to you). Edit: I was unaware there was a difference between the standard and deluxe versions of this album. From what I've seen, clear is only available as a standard variant, so if you paid for and were expecting deluxe, yeah I see now why you'd be disappointed.
  2. About a half hour ago there were 7 copies left. Against my better judgment, I put down for one. It's sold out now. Crazy. I was unaware of what this was until I came upon this thread. I streamed it on Bandcamp and I found it to be a really, really interesting and bizarre audio experiment/collage. I don't know if I'd call it great music per se (given the fact that it's not technically original music), but through the lens of "art project", it holds up as a highly creative listen. I don't follow meme culture so I am listening out of that context. $28 shipped isn't terrible. I don't ever look at records as "investments", but if I find that this stops resonating with me over the years, it'll likely have decent resale value given the lore surrounding it. I figured, I was patient for over a year with the Blood Music Emperor box set, I was patient for over a year for the NIN reissues, I can be patient for a few weeks, possibly months for this. This board definitely hasn't helped me with my impulsive spending behavior
  3. I had no aspirations to buy a physical version of this album twice (already own the red of the original album), but this price as a prime member sealed it for me. I would've paid at least this for the 2nd LP had it hypothetically been released as a stand alone album, so this was a total no-brainer.
  4. Is Shopify different from Sandbag? I ask because the current store.nin.com redirects to a Shopify holding page.
  5. PO SOON: U2 - Songs of Experience

    Yeah, standard edition for me. Not only that, not even gonna bother pre-ordering. My local shop is almost always reliable for getting the standard edition new releases by big name bands. There's nothing that's been posted thus far that would suggest the standard 2LP is only available directly from the bands webshop. As such, I'm probably good to go at my local shop.
  6. I actually did email you a week ago in reply to the original email containing the download that came from your "sales" address. But honestly, I wouldn't sweat it at this point. I don't mind paying into the artist's Bandcamp for a download because this was such a reasonably priced limited LP that even if you bundle both costs together-and that is taking the EUR to USD conversion at the artist's Bandcamp as well as your shipping costs into consideration-I still end up paying less than a lot of limited LPs I've splurged on in the past. No worries. At base level, an LP is what I paid for and an LP is what I got.
  7. Best verbal description: mine was blood red/crimson with primarily black and grey marbling, and some slight baby blue marbling as well. I did snap a shot, but I don't have and am not gonna bother with registering with a 3rd party hosting site at this time (kind of silly that posting pics functions this was in 2017). Maybe I'll tweet it at you or something. Interestingly enough, I received two jackets, and they appear to be identical (neither one appears to be the limited silk screened jacket variant). My download still does not work. 7zip is kind of a useless file format-I used two 7zip extractors (Zipeg on Mac and 7Z Opener on Windows) and can see the WAV files, but neither program can extract them. No biggie I suppose, I'll eventually buy the digital version from Prott's Bandcamp (I prefer MP3 320 for digital music anyhow), as I did with his back catalog. All that said, I cannot wait to spin this! I dug into his back catalog in advance of the LP arriving and this is some tremendous, emotionally evocative music!
  8. Figured it was worth mentioning that I did get a partial refund, totally unsolicited. I ordered the 2 album bundle on Friday at $45 before shipping, and even though the $21 shipping stings a bit, I figured I've spend $33 on single album releases before (similar sentiment to what kannibal expressed above). On Saturday they issued a refund of $3, bringing the base level cost to $42. I guess this was some sort of compensation for the bundle being higher priced than the two individual albums ordered separately ($22 each IIRC). I know the bundle basically exists to get something of a "break" on shipping, as I believe it was stated that shipping on a per record individual basis was more expensive cumulatively than shipping on the bundle. Still somewhat pricey, but I suppose it was cool of them to take the initiative to incentivize ordering the bundle by making the base per album cost slightly cheaper, even though I never asked them to make this adjustment.
  9. $21 (!) shipping if one orders the bundle that includes both albums.
  10. Battle Born is awesome. WAY better than this record. WAY better than Day & Age. Not better than Hot Fuss. For the most part, it's better than Sam's Town, too (my mood on any given day dictates this).
  11. Solid album. Gets off to a completely terrible start with the title track and "The Man" (easily tied with "Joy Ride" as their worst all time song), but it picks up pretty quickly right after that. And yeah, the writing is on the wall with this lineup stuff, at least as far as Keuning goes. Aside from not touring, not appearing in any press photos, not appearing in any music videos, and not appearing in any of the sleeve photos, the credits are very specific as to who played what on what song, revealing that he only played on 5 of the 10 songs ("The Man", "Rut", Life To Come", "Tyson Vs Douglas", and "Have All The Songs Been Written?") and is only credited as a writer on "Rut". It's notable that Jackknife Lee is credited as a guitarist on all songs. Fairly obvious that Keuning has one foot out the door, which doesn't necessarily bother me personally, as I've never been an "original lineup" purist with the vast majority of bands I enjoy.
  12. Got my golden mead 2LP yesterday. The golden mead color looks awesome and the jacket also looks excellent and is full of visual detail. I'm three sides into my first listen and it sounds awesome too (sonically speaking). Not their best work (that's Black Cascade for my money), but very solid overall. "Angrboda" stands out as the best cut on here by far. I will say this: I am only clicking with Celestial Linage now despite having and listening to it repeatedly since its release in 2011, so after a few listens over time this might reveal itself as something special as well. My only (admittedly minor) gripe is that at 42 minutes this did not need to be a double LP. You can sell it all you want as an "audiophile pressing cut at 45", but I'd rather pay single LP price for the record cut at 33 on a single LP. I mean, neither track on either side of disc 1 cracks 10 minutes, to the point where side two is 8 and a half minutes. Seems almost wasteful. Overall though, very good pressing of a very good album.
  13. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    Man, I feel almost compelled to offer you a trade of anything from my haul for this Nasum record. This and two Amorphis records? I really got the shit end of this grab bag deal hahaha. It might be, but my listen through of Elemetary did nothing to pique my interest in this band going forward.
  14. @allenh Thanks for taking the time to reply. Gives me a clearer perspective.
  15. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    So, I did get my download over the weekend. Numero, despite being inundated, did a fine job getting (at least) my order up to speed. I'm very stoked to get my set in November.