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  1. The Wombats - Glitterbug - $10.71 http://a.co/g9vS2v6
  2. New album from George Ezra up for preorder + new single "Paradise" Signed black vinyl Webstore exclusive (as far as I can tell) pink vinyl Indies exclusive white vinyl (UK only? linking to Banquet here) Some bundles and stuff over on the webstore as well. Been a while since his debut and two singles from this are super catchy, so I'm excited.
  3. P.O. Keane - under the iron sea repress

    Up on Amazon now too, along with Perfect Symmetry
  4. Yeah, I got a copy where the white disc was super crackly but BM was super nice and I got a fresh copy that was totally fine. I absolutely love it. I think it's their most mature, emotional, and experimental record yet and there isn't a track that feels weak or strikes me as filler. It's one of my personal favorite albums of the year, honestly.
  5. Is anyone else's disc 2 of this super crackly?
  6. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Any chance they'll have something better later this week for Black Friday/Cyber Monday?
  7. I now regret preordering this for $22 from Bull Moose. And it literally just shipped today.
  8. This band is on the same label as The 1975, Wolf Alice, and The Japanese House. Pretty solid stuff but I will say, after having seen them live, all of their songs sounds almost *exactly* the same. Even the melodies in these two are extremely similar. But hey, still fun tunes.
  9. Their label shared a photo of the 7"s on Instagram a few weeks ago where you can make out that one side is "Yuk Foo (Demo)" but they haven't shared what the other side is yet
  10. Heck yes. Super into "One Foot" and I am STOKED for this. I wonder if the colored version will pop up some other places. Maybe an indie exclusive or something?
  11. US preorder for standard vinyl is up. Nothing about a US release of the marble so far. https://nbthievesstore.com/products/broken-machine-lp
  12. What's your White Whale record?

    For me it used to be "August and Everything After" by Counting Crows, but I found a copy in a shop in Antwerp while on vacation two summers ago. Now that leaves me with: Motion City Soundtrack - My Dinosaur Life Counting Crows - This Desert Life (hoping the recent represses mean this is coming soon)
  13. PO: Bleachers "Gone Now"

    It sounds like there are three variants — the white/red marble being sold through the Bleachers store and a couple retailers, solid red being sold through some other retailers (both shown in Jack's videos from a week or so ago), and the opaque red sold through FYE.
  14. PO: Bleachers "Gone Now"

    So clear vinyl was both true and not true at the same time..?? What a rollercoaster, FYE
  15. PO: Bleachers "Gone Now"

    Urban Outfitters now also has the red version and the Bleachers store has been updated to show the marble as being more white like in Jack's video before. Honestly a little disappointed with that marble; I liked the original mock-up better.