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  1. Grabbed an Against Me! for the board. Pm me if you want it. If anyone magically comes across Bangerz I'm still searching.
  2. I don't think my store will have Miley Cyrus' record so if anyone sees it send me a PM as I'd love to own this one. I'll keep my eyes out for things I see other people trying to get
  3. Looks like blue isn't around anymore
  4. Aaaaand I got my second order cancelled today
  5. Ordered! Hopefully it doesn't get cancelled, thanks
  6. Ordered Alice In Chains Live Facelift from Easy Street records and ended up getting my order cancelled, Anyone see any extras in their local shops or have any leads to buy it online?
  7. I thought this would be up all weekend, guess I don't know how to read at all. If anyone backs out on wanting this let me know because I'd love to own it.
  8. I know several people were displeased by the quality of this press, if you feel like offing your copy PM me
  9. If you have this or any leads on it PM me
  10. What's your go to method to cleaning record jackets? Occasionally my dumb greasy hands will leave marks on them (usually on black glossy covers) and I was just wondering what is the best way to clean these up without damaging the jacket at all.
  11. I'm willing to trade my first born or pay for this as well!
  12. Anyone else find the Type O cover to be pathetic?
  13. I feel like the album art is so Beach Boys and I love it