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  1. God Is Dad

    PO: Unsane - Sterelize

    No problem! Sold out now so it looks like you guys got the last 2 copies.
  2. God Is Dad

    PO: Unsane - Sterelize

    I created the discogs entry last night, got my copy from a local record store last weekend. I messaged Matador about it and their response was: "We did a small repress and they're all gone (save for the band's merch table)." Didn't really specify if it was saved only for the Euro tour. Heard from someone that the Matador newsletter stated only 300 copies were issued. Matador said they would try to do more though. I've seen some record stores post on IG that they've received the repress last Friday too but are probably limited to 1 or 2 for each store. I'd suggest checking your LRS if they'v received any. If you're looking for one online though, these guys have 3 copies left: https://portofsoundrecords.com/products/total-destruction
  3. I posted the deadwax for the original Smack Bunny Baby on discogs last night. Also received my copies of the reissues yesterday and noticed some small differences on the covers compared to the originals.