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  1. FS: Shit ton of records/prints/tapes

  2. PO: Lifted Bells- Minor Tantrums

    New single is sick, I am so looking forward to this album
  3. Such a killer EP, and in some ways it has strengths that they toned down for the full length. I've got an OG press of Welcome the Problems but will have to grab the repress, just because. An underrated band for sure.
  4. Three pages of comments, and only a handful about the actual music. Ah, VC is reliable if nothing else
  5. Albums you once wrote off

    In a one-two punch, both Bear vs. Shark albums. As a result of my initial dislike, I missed out on one of their final shows with Fall of Troy in their prime (Doppelganger era). Right now... is now one of my all-time favorite records, and I was lucky enough to catch them in NYC a couple years back.
  6. FS: Shit ton of records/prints/tapes

  7. I've been disappointed in their latest albums, it feels like they lost whatever creative drive helped them write their first couple albums. The music is still decent it just has no heart. Perhaps I should give this one another go.
  8. I'm with you, alphabetical/chronological is easiest for me - I recently purchased some shelf dividers (every 3rd letter) and it has soothed my closet OCD. If I had a collection in the thousands I may feel differently, it can already be a pain to sort through my S's alone.
  9. I would say start with your table as it will determine a lot of other links in the chain. At that entry/mid-level (I'm in the same boat) the cartridge can make the most difference for the money, but you'd need to balance that with the other equipment you buy. For example, a $400 cartridge wouldn't make sense paired with a $200 table and $25 Behringer pre-amp - get a table that will work well as is, but also has the ability to upgrade if you should want to in the coming years. The U-turn makes sense with your budget and has many upgradable features. A dedicated pre-amp can really improve overall sound, but if you buy a receiver that has that tech built in and does it well, you could get away without one (for a while). Be weary of turntables that come with built-in preamps however, they tend to be lower quality overall and the preamp capability is never that good. Lastly the "receiver" stage has the widest breadth of acceptable options in my experience, there is an abundance of new and used gear that could do the job just fine, ranging from entry level audiophile to . An alternative would be to get a power amp in the mix, but that might start to eat away at your budget. Speakers and headphones are so incredibly subjective (as this all is, really) that I would just say try a bunch out until you hear what you like. Be prepared to set aside a good chunk of your budget for that; perhaps in that budget range a solid pair of bookshelf speakers would do it. I'm sure others will disagree with some of this, but I'd say a good north star for budget would be roughly: 30% table / 30% speakers / 20% receiver - it won't get you in Audiophile magazine but it'll certainly sound decent to your average listener.
  10. My black copy of C&L sounds pretty flawless as well
  11. Thanks for the heads up, I ended up grabbing it!
  12. They also left off "Gravity Hoarding" on the repress, kind of a bummer.
  13. Amped for When Broken Is Easily Fixed - that was a core album in my emo/hardcore rotation back in the day.
  14. I've heard great things about the Bugle, I'm curious to hear about your U-Turn experience as well )if you go that route). I have a Debut III (w/ acrylic platter) right now and am in the market for an upgrade. I've heard things all over the map about U-turn so I'm interested to hear what someone "downgrading" to it thinks.
  15. Agreed with the piss poor status of the single they released, sounds nothing like the Underoath I like. People will still inevitably go wild over it so I'll keep my Acid Green order for now. Haven't checked out Sleepwave, thoughts?