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  1. I have decided to start making my own videos, if you dig punk/hardcore, check it out!
  2. Here is a video of me showing off some stuff. I am thinking of doing some videos myself because I had a good time doing this. As for the audio, I'll bring it up to my friend, he shot and posted it, thanks!
  3. I was a guest on my friend Pats YouTube channel. We filmed this yesterday after a day of hangs and record buying. Watch, subscribe.
  4. I go on runs of posting on here but I may stop. Just pages and pages of things that don't interest me. Where are all the old heads?
  5. Just Paid
  6. Gonna pay mine on Thursday when I get paid.
  7. I saw Smackin Isaiah roughly 4,000 times. I still call them that instead of A Wilhelm Scream.
  8. Tank records? Talk about a blast from the past!
  9. I prefer the buy in, makes it worth while.
  10. So you sold a record for less than what's it's worth and then they resold it for asking price. It just sounds like you are a sucker.
  11. The Paige leak was insane. Brad Maddox, who knew?
  12. I still have not seen this yet? Is it worth getting? I am definitely a first gen. Fat kid.
  13. I'm in for this season, whats the buy in?