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2 hours ago, stranaspank said:

I've been buying and trading since the post-Thanksgiving fun fest, and today was pretty rough. But, I started the day off four digits in the red and now I'm back in black. If I didn't buy Tron and Litecoin at the exact wrong times I'd be faring a lot better. Riding it out to see where it all goes. Might check out Bytecoin now that it's below a penny again and Poloniex finally let me in.

Don't buy bytecoin through Poloniex, they've been having a lot of issues lately with that coin in particular for some reason.


Honestly the last week has been a roller coaster for me. I don't plan to sell for some time, but all the same I looked at everything today and was like, "uh....shit."


All good though, normal fluctuations and adjustments. I think byte will be back up over .01 by the end of the week, and hopefully nit a new ATH by the end of the month. .02 here we come!

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