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  1. New song sounds good. Digging it more than most of the last album. Also into that Brendan Kelly podcast.
  2. I thought it sounded surprisingly tight and well recorded, which makes me less surprised about the overdubs. Still feels a little strange considering NOFX doesn't mind releasing sloppy live performances.
  3. Totally missed this going up for sale and now it's gone. Bummer
  4. Would love to catch a White Reaper / Dirty Nil show, but sadly no NYC dates with both of them.
  5. Album Stream here - https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/pa8yek/the-dirty-nil-master-volume-album-stream
  6. Pre-order for a Fanny Dog picture disc with a demo, alternate version, and live version. http://midheaven.com/item/fanny-picture-disc-by-segall-ty
  7. Is there a way I can add the soon-to-be-released Flexi to my existing order?
  8. Ribbed is already gone of course, but thanks anyway.
  9. Kinda surprised they're breaking up. Loose Jewels > I'm Rich... > Aliens in the Outfield > Turn To Gold