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  1. nickj

    various download codes

    Ribbed is already gone of course, but thanks anyway.
  2. Kinda surprised they're breaking up. Loose Jewels > I'm Rich... > Aliens in the Outfield > Turn To Gold
  3. Does the 2xLP include a download code too?
  4. Always High and Smoking is Magic are both killer.
  5. Missed the /100, too. There's a $40 2 LP set with a 12" of demos, but not sure I can stomach the ~$60 total with shipping. Caught them a few weeks ago and heard 5-6 new songs. They all sound great.
  6. nickj

    Jawbreaker reunion

    Last night was fun. Was hoping for Bad Scene, Chesterfield, or I Love You So Much... but not all that surprised the set stayed pretty much the same.
  7. nickj

    King Tuff- The Other- April 13

    Not really feeling these new songs, but hoping there's at least a few good ones on this record.
  8. nickj

    The Concert Thread

    Damn - I had no idea. I discovered them on mp3.com in like 2001/2002. Was really pumped to see they're still putting out music. Hope he's alright.
  9. nickj

    The Concert Thread

    Pumped for that Treephort show.
  10. Pre-order just went up - http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/984 Pumped to finally be getting high quality versions of all the Oh! Calcutta outtakes. I remember them talking about the fast version of Warped Summer Extravaganza before OC even came out.
  11. nickj

    Gaslight Anthem '59 Sound tour

    I assume they'll have another NY area date or 2 and just can't announce it until after Gov Ball. I hope so anyway because I'm 100% not dealing with Gov Ball to see them again.
  12. nickj

    Mind Spiders - Furies

    Forgot this album was out. Thanks for the reminder
  13. nickj

    Jawbreaker reunion

    Will probably try for a ticket to see them in Brooklyn. $40 before fees seems kind of steep, though.
  14. If I could've bought Ripple back when I originally signed up it would've been under $1! What site are you using for Bytecoin transactions?
  15. Where's the best place to buy Ripple? My registration has been pending at Bitstamp for 3 weeks at this point.