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    I play bass in a band called Modus Aurora.

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  1. I was surprised to not see RAINN as well, but Puppies Behind Bars seems like a cool charity, so I went with that.
  2. So excited. I love this record and honestly never thought it would get pressed.
  3. This band is so good. I have some mutual friends with them who have been raving about this album for a while.
  4. I wish I could buy this without the live album that I'll never listen to, but this album is so good that it's still worth it.
  5. Yep. They cover some more diverse genres than Modern Vinyl does (but not a whole lot of punk/etc stuff, from what I remember), and they also have a small label.
  6. Also on the bummer train. This is a really awesome and personally important album for me.
  7. I don't like listening to this album on vinyl because the side split is between "Make Out Kids" and "Time Turned Fragile," which ruins the spectacular transition between those songs.
  8. Oh wow, I mixed up time zones and jumped on this an hour late. Glad I could still snag a purple.