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  1. So the indie versions should be available at retail, yeah?
  2. What he said. Anyone? Bueller? I’ll get this or the regular version coming out next month, just trying to decide if there’s anything about the box worth doubling the price.
  3. I wanna do the signed, was hoping that will pop up for US shipping, but perhaps not. They were on Warner Bros in the past yeah?
  4. I wonder if a US shipping option is coming. They had a US store in the past..
  5. Working my way through the Obelisk box set, LP 2 of Full Fathom Five Live, whole first track (Body of John Wilkes) is jacked and skips. Anyone else? I wonder who I would contact about it..
  6. Anyone who ordered from their website get shipping confirmation? I ordered the deluxe with Zine so it’s u likely mine is coming anytime soon but I have an order on the way from Gnarlywood and I’m not sure what record or artist it is. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Welp, guess I’m signing up to be notified of leftovers. Is that a thing that actually tends to happen? Or no?
  8. So there’s no workaround on the VMP Deaf pressing if you haven’t previously been a member? I do not want the other two records at all.
  9. Welp, I guess a t-shirt it is then. I wonder how many they pressed of this new album. They might be stuck with them after the tour is ove me at that going rate.
  10. Read on a Facebook group the album is $70 at the show. Can anyone confirm? If that’s unsigned, that’s bananas.
  11. I really love this set. The cover of When a Blind Man Cries is great. Nice to have a good copy of acoustic Four Horsemen and Disposable Heroes works so much better that I would have anticipated. Great stuff.
  12. Going to try to do this from memory, makes me think I should figure out a way to filter on discogs and keep track of this stuff: Soundgarden - King Animals (signed by whole band) Tenacious D - self titled (signed by Jack and KG) Jackie Brown - soundtrack (signed by Pam Grier) Friday the 13th Waxwork soundtrack (signed by Adrienne King) Royal Blood - Out of the Black (signed by whole band) QOTSA - ...Like Clockwork indie blue (signed by Josh) Mason and Stone - Knife Fight (signed by Stone Gossard) Spoon - Hot Thoughts (signed by whole band) J

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