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  1. Grabbed that Tiny Moving Parts - Pleasant Living since it’s been on my want list for a bit, but bummed I missed Tame Impala. Hopefully the price keeps fluctuating and lowers again soon.
  2. Ahh, as a casual fan who only really listens to their self-titled and Talon of the Hawk, I had no idea. Gave most of the songs listed above a listen and I dig it.
  3. Unforunately, Going Gray didn’t really do it for me - I only still listen to 2 songs off of it. This new snippet on the other hand, is awesome!
  4. Ah, since there aren't any variants I may as well just wait and grab this when I see them on tour in a few months. I'm really digging both singles though, so I'm excited to hear the rest.
  5. The newest single is awesome. The others were good, but this one sold me.
  6. Awesome! I’m definitely in for this. I like the beige, but might hold out for a minute and see if any other variants pop up.
  7. Damn, I figured the limited was delayed since it’s nearing the end of October and no shipping confirmation. I’m hoping it’s worth the wait. I’m not one to buy multiple copies of an album, but I’m digging the red/blue.
  8. That’s the variant I want as well, I’ve just been buying other records for the time being and it’s not like Currents is hard to find. Part of me was hoping the standard would keep going down in price on Amazon when it dropped $3 last week, but it went back up to normal price instead. The price for this edition is a little steep for me too.
  9. Nice! Been meaning to snag this, but now I’ll just wait until this edition.
  10. Metallica - Load Metallica - Kill ‘Em All Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am... Dr. Dre - The Chronic Rise Against - Wolves The National - Sleep Well Beast FIDLAR - FIDLAR
  11. QOTSA - Villains $12.79 Brand New - The Devil and God $13.29 The Killers - Hot Fuss $13.29
  12. Announcement Looks like pre-order and stuff goes live tomorrow at 12pm EST. Order here 250 - blue with white splatter 1000 - blue
  13. Eh, it's been slow for me lately, but: Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way All Get Out - The Season The Districts - Popular Manipulations STRFKR - Being No One, Going Nowhere Gengahr - A Dream Outside Queens of the Stone Age - Villains
  14. It's a little bit of a stretch on my part, but I'm hearing Kevin Devine's Little Bulldozer in the guitar riff intro.
  15. Positive. They never offered to price match and I didn't think to ask unfortunately. I would have agreed to that. Oh, well; I'll take the credit to my account/refund. I use Prime so often that it's not going to go to waste. This thread kills my wallet.
  16. No, I realize I worded that badly. They wanted to put my refund toward the new purchase and leave me still paying the remainder still. End of the day, I would pay ~$16+tax instead of $8.90. Not a big deal, I'd just rather buy a different record if I'm spending $16.
  17. After not getting my package for 4 days after the delivery date, Amazon told me the carrier lost my The Shins - Oh, Inverted World album and tried to get me to buy it from a third party for double the price and they would refund my portion that I already paid when I did. Nope, not doing that. They refunded me, but I'm still bummed because I had scored it for $8.90 and I was looking forward to spinning it. Eh, here's to better luck on your end: The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow $11.98 Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up $13.97 The New Pornographers - Whiteout Conditions $11.99
  18. Yeah, I'd just like to know what I paid for already.
  19. Off topic: When I saw Dashboard Confessional play in early August, Chris Carrabba said that their drummer was about to record a new album with his other band. He then introduced the drummer (Ben Homola) and confirmed it was Bad Books. It'll be a while until we see an album, I'm sure, but it was still great news. On topic: I'd probably grab an acoustic album if this is the case or even a live album. He puts on a killer show.
  20. I haven't seen an announcement or tracklist, but: http://creep-records-store.shoplightspeed.com/kevin-devine-we-are-who-weve-always-been-vinyl.html
  21. I'm just getting a "Sorry we couldn't find that page" screen from Amazon, but that'll be awesome if he has new material coming out.
  22. I can dig this new single. I'll be keeping an eye out for a pre-order. Bummed they aren't playing my city though.