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  1. Yeah, I ordered to Canada along with South Park and Death Grips for $9.99. This is CAD so all in not bad.
  2. Private Parts - 2 left - https://www.srcvinyl.ca/various-artists-howard-stern-private-parts-rsd-2xlp.html
  3. Anyone in Toronto know where I can get a Crow Soundtrack?
  4. Anyone have a link to Guns N Roses - Shadow of Your Love 7”? thanks!
  5. Anyone grab Folsom Prison? Looks like a great set.
  6. Anyone in Toronto see Soundgarden or Planet Terror and remember the price?
  7. Wow, finally back on the Mondo train with the Magnolia release - Aimee Mann is incredible.
  8. Thanks for heads-up but need it shipped to Canada. Anyone see a copy of this at any stores in Canada? Specifically Toronto?
  9. Any sighting of MURS - 3:16 9th Edition? Did this get delayed?