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  1. I get more damaged records from Bull Moose than Amazon (or anywhere else, for that matter). Amazon replaces them for free, no questions asked. Bull Moose usually tells me they can't replace it and gives me a $5 credit. I choose Amazon over Bull Moose 10 out of 10 times. Only reason I ever order from Bull Moose is if there are no other options.
  2. Each album was only one LP, so this is the first time this album has been spread over 2 LPs. My copy sounds fine. I don't see this as being a big improvement, so I'm going to pass.
  3. My red copy sounds pretty good when it isn't skipping and popping. Unfortunately, there are quite a few very bad skips. This is probably the worst offender in my entire collection.
  4. You can save $80 by not having them scribble their names on it.
  5. I'll sell you my copy of Fantastic Planet for enough money so I can just buy this box set if you'd prefer! Then you can have it right away instead of waiting until April.
  6. Wow, this is dirt cheap compared to their recent Pledge Music releases!
  7. Do you have a list of stuff you're looking to trade or sell? I would be happy to order a copy of Fun Blame Monster for you in exchange for something I want.
  8. Looks like the page was taken down. Is this still happening? Been looking forward to it all week!
  9. Yes, I do need another copy of this album. I hope it sounds as good as the standard black pressing I have now.
  10. Okay, I want your app to do two things: 1. Allow me to scan my records each time I listen to them and record the number of listens 2. Tap into the Spotify API and associate the number of streams with each record in my collection If you do those two things, I will download it. I won't pay for it, but you could maybe make a few bucks a month in ad space.
  11. What problem is your app trying to solve? That's the fundamental question you need to answer before you put together a survey like this. Most of these questions will provide no value to your project. You need to find out the frustrations record collectors currently have, and then your app should address those. Either that or you need an app that solves a problem record collectors don't know they have yet.
  12. What's the hourly wage at Bull Moose? Do they provide healthcare or other benefits? What about paid time off or paid paternal/maternal leave? Are the working conditions ideal? I don't know the answers to any of the above. It's easy to point fingers at Amazon because it's a public company and under constant scrutiny. But lots of small companies have really shitty working conditions. Amazon has also created 300,000 jobs and didn't make a profit for the first 14 years. On a personal level, 75% of packages I've received from Bull Moose have been damaged. In the rare event I get a damaged record from Amazon, they replace it, no questions asked. I don't like to ask Bull Moose to replace a damaged record because they are small and I know it comes out of their bottom line. Amazon doesn't give two shits about the minuscule loss in revenue. Edit: According to the Bull Moose website, their employees are eligible for healthcare, retirement, and paid time off. Good on them for taking care of their employees. Many Amazon jobs come with great pay and benefits as well.
  13. This is the logical progression given their last couple.
  14. Spotify has all 10, but I honestly prefer the album with only 7.
  15. Let's see...250 copies at $50 each. Assuming a 50% profit margin, that's a whopping $6,250, divided by four members. So $1,562.50 each. How do these capitalist pigs manage to sleep on their mountains of cash knowing their poor fans are being forced to surrender their hard-earned money?
  16. Last I checked, Amazon was still selling new copies of the special edition 10,000 Days CD for 10 bucks. I snagged one about a year ago.
  17. My daughter is 8 and listens to Tool, NIN, Pantera, etc. She also loves Disney music and Taylor Swift. Kids listen to what you expose them to.
  18. So how will I feel if Undertow and 10,000 Days are my top two?