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  1. You should probably delete this post. If the IRS sees this, you will owe the government money. You can't sell 10k worth of stuff without paying any taxes on it. At least not legally. The new law doesn't mean you now have to pay taxes on these sales. This has always been the case. The new law just changes the requirements for companies like PayPal and Venmo in terms of who gets a 1099 and how they have to report things.
  2. According to the Target app, these are the items similar to this product: Bounty Paper Towels Bananas Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper
  3. Yes, they will put the net amount they paid to you on the 1099 form.
  4. This was exactly as described and far exceeded my expectations.
  5. Not true. PayPal explicitly stated that this is for Goods and Services transactions only. https://newsroom.paypal-corp.com/2021-11-04-New-US-Tax-Reporting-Requirements-Your-Questions-Answered
  6. Discogs should add a field so you can record how much you paid for a record and upload a receipt.
  7. The odds of being audited are very very small unless you make a big mistake or do something obviously suspicious. Just be as honest as possible. You don't have to provide proof on your actual tax forms, but you will if you are audited.
  8. If your total sales are over $600, they will send you a 1099-misc at the start of 2023. Technically speaking, you should always pay taxes on any income you have. Most people just don't do it unless there is an official document.
  9. Keep in mind here that you only have to pay tax on the profits you make. You'll file this as self-employment tax. If you sell $1,000 worth of shit in discogs but you paid $900 for it, you only owe the government taxes on the $100 in profit. You'll report $1000 in sales and $900 in expenses. Edit: you might need to file this as capital gains tax. Records likely fall under collectibles here, in which case your net gains are taxed at 28% regardless of income bracket. Fun stuff. What this really means is that prices are going to go up to make up for the additional hit to profit.
  10. I converted my collection to NFTs, so I don't have anything on preorder. Everything I buy is delivered instantly.
  11. I have a sealed copy with a bent corner that someone can have for $6 to cover shipping and fees. PM me and it is yours.
  12. Are these still for sale anywhere? I didn't buy it at first because I read several reports that it was a boot. Now it seems like it's official, although I find it strange that a release from a band as popular as Audioslave would fly under the radar like this.
  13. My replacement arrived last week and sounds much better.
  14. Dammit, there was a pube release? I missed that one!
  15. This is spot on. I really wanted the Fillmore pressing but balked at the price. Now it's 5x the price and I am really regretting my decision not to buy.
  16. Cheaper than I expected. I was hoping they would do an alternate album cover for this one, but I went ahead and ordered.
  17. The 30th anniversary press sounds great. I haven't tested it next to my BG/Pallas pressing yet, but on first listen I didn't hear anything that was too noticeably different. Bass might be a little better and the cymbals might be a touch brighter. This version has a lot of power to it.
  18. I'm calling $60 plus shipping for a single LP.
  19. Got my copy from Plaid Room last night. I've listened to Kid A and Amnesiac but not the bonus disc. No issues with pops or sibilance for me on either disc. This definitely sounds better than my OG 10" copies, most notably on Idioteque and Pakt Like Sardines. Really brought out sounds I'd never noticed before, which is saying a lot given how many times I have listened to these albums.
  20. $51 shipped. Glad I just bought a copy of the standard black for $18 or I might have been tempted by this.
  21. The only Radiohead albums that aren't a 10.0 are King of Limbs and Pablo Honey.
  22. Did anyone else get this email from Port of Sound regarding the status of the red vinyl? I thought the delays were all on the black version: Reaching out to you in regards to your order. Due to manufacturing delays your item will not be shipped until 2nd week of Dec Possibly sooner. The item has been secured from label for your order, we are now just waiting for the item. THIS IS NOT A CANCELATION EMAIL. If You would like to cancel your order please let us know. We are so sorry for the delay and inconvenience this may cause.
  23. Are your poly inners cut really poorly so they don't fit in the paper at all? This seems like a real hack job. But at least they sound good.

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