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  1. It only impacts business accounts. So either switch your PayPal account to a personal account or create a new PayPal account for personal use.
  2. I'm sure they will be more expensive for completely unknown reasons.
  3. I just snagged one. I have been eyeing this album for awhile, and I couldn't resist this variant.
  4. I ended up with two copies because of panic preordering. If you are interested, I can do $43 shipped which covers my costs plus shipping to you in the U.S. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. There are no issues. It sounds fucking great. Open it.
  6. They have never charged me for a preorder. They charge when it ships.
  7. Got my Siamese Dream from Deep Discount and of course it is beat to hell. I think I will wait 12 years and then contact the record label about a replacement!
  8. False. Look up what a recession is. We haven't had a recession since June 2009.
  9. You actually can do this at Nordstrom. No joke. They will take back anything for any reason at any time. Best customer service and return policy in the world. It works for Nordstrom because it earns them lifelong customers and because the number of people who abuse the policy is very small. It wouldn't work for.a vinyl reseller, record label, or band.
  10. But how can you know you'd rather have the original mix if you haven't heard the new mix? I have a copy with the original mix, but I went ahead and ordered this partly out of curiosity and partly because this album has never sounded that great on vinyl.
  11. Amazon replaced mine, but the only real difference I notice between the pressings is the last few seconds of Zero, which is rife with distortion anyway. Maybe one other track was like that. Otherwise, it sounds pretty much the same.
  12. I have never traveled with records in my life. Tell me more about this!
  13. Bought 4 Metallica albums, so now I will have all Metallica albums on Walmart wax except St. Anger, which I decided I don't need.
  14. Iowa and S/T both coming from Amazon tomorrow. Amazon pulls through where Bullmoose, Popmarket, and Walmart all failed for me.
  15. Other than the Platinum seats, prices seemed pretty reasonable for Minneapolis. I got very good floor seats for $95 plus fees.
  16. Caught these guys on their farewell tour last night. Been a long time fan but never seen them before. Holy hell did they bring it last night! Great setlist with a mix of everything, tons of energy, and the sound was awesome. Pretty much every song sounded much better live. If you have a chance to see them, I highly recommend. Far exceeded expectations even though they didn't play Rainbow Signs, which is my favorite song of theirs.
  17. My Rage tickets were $150, including fees, for floor seats. Bought them the day they went in sale. They were the most expensive tickets at the venue. I expect the SP/JA tour to be similar in price, but they will not sell out anywhere near as fast - if at all.
  18. Debating whether I should buy tickets right away for the Minneapolis show or if I should wait until they inevitably get discounted. Last time I saw them I paid $10 for a radio discount show.
  19. Holy crap. Can you recommend a few? This is quite overwhelming!

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