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  1. Nice! Does Ed still have that buy 2, get 1 free deal going?
  2. Nice. Got mine from Eds today as well. Number 1663.
  3. ntslash


    That definitely wouldn't happen if it was just a dynamic keyword insertion case. Sounds like a pretty blatant violation of Google's policies. How long did they get away with it?
  4. ntslash


    It's possible they were using dynamic keyword insertion using "vinyl" as a broadmatch keyword. So if someone searched for "vinyl me please" then it would be inserted into the ad. Happens all the time.
  5. I also received my shipping notification from Ed. But no email about a cool number. In regards to the sound of Vol 1, I had no issues with my copy. It sounded good but not amazing. There was nothing wrong with it.
  6. Mine sounds fine. I have the green version.
  7. It doesn't suck. It's just super mediocre. Most bored I've been listening to an album in a long time.
  8. It doesn't look limited, so I'm going to wait until I see some reviews on the sound.
  9. What are you talking about? I feel so lucky to have a copy of Lateralus that sounds like sandpaper.
  10. Thanks for the tip. No brainer for me at that price. One of my favorite albums of the 2000s.
  11. Glad this is being released but I wish it was by someone other than MOV. This is an album that deserves great packaging and MOV packaging is usually pretty lame.
  12. ntslash

    PO Now: XXXtentacion - SKINS

    I would listen to it if someone paid me $16.
  13. I didn't get this the first time around, so I've just been spinning some Taco Bell soft taco shells. They sound like shit and are really gumming up my needle, but it's all I have to listen to since I missed out on this HUM record.
  14. What the fuck else would it be? A box set of pillows?
  15. Mine also plays fine. That stinks that some people got bad copies. Why don't they just keep this album in print? Enough with the limited releases.