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  1. I'm tempted, but it's missing "High for This" which is my favorite Weeknd song.
  2. Maybe they will put them on a 3.5" and throw in a toy Crosley for the $350 35th pressing.
  3. Got it now! Thanks for translating. I'm an old man and don't always get this hip internet speak.
  4. I feel dumb reading this post. I can't figure out what you are trying to say. The red 3LP is $60. The deluxe edition is $120 plus $15 shipping.
  5. This same shit happened when OKNOTOK was first announced. There was a frenzy around the blue copies and then they were super easy to find on release date.
  6. Thanks for this I did do the mail forwarding, but I thought USPS didn't forward packages. I guess I will just wait and see!
  7. My $16 copy just shipped today as well, but it isn't supposed to arrive until the 15th. I've never had an Amazon package take that long to arrive. It's also going to my old address. Anyone have any luck changing an address with USPS after an item shipped?
  8. Which version do you have? I have no noise on side D, other than what's supposed to be there.
  9. My copy from last year sounds fine. What was the problem with it?
  10. This is easily their second best effort for me with only NMG topping it.
  11. Also this: Step 1: me think me might like music or have liked anything the artist has ever done? Step 2: me buy
  12. My dust cover always gets dusty. There is a thick layer of dust on it right now. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to prevent this? I don't want to do any dusting and can't afford a solution that automatically removes dust particles from the air. Do they make dust cover covers?

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