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  1. It only impacts business accounts. So either switch your PayPal account to a personal account or create a new PayPal account for personal use.
  2. I'm sure they will be more expensive for completely unknown reasons.
  3. I just snagged one. I have been eyeing this album for awhile, and I couldn't resist this variant.
  4. I ended up with two copies because of panic preordering. If you are interested, I can do $43 shipped which covers my costs plus shipping to you in the U.S. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. There are no issues. It sounds fucking great. Open it.
  6. They have never charged me for a preorder. They charge when it ships.
  7. Got my Siamese Dream from Deep Discount and of course it is beat to hell. I think I will wait 12 years and then contact the record label about a replacement!
  8. False. Look up what a recession is. We haven't had a recession since June 2009.
  9. You actually can do this at Nordstrom. No joke. They will take back anything for any reason at any time. Best customer service and return policy in the world. It works for Nordstrom because it earns them lifelong customers and because the number of people who abuse the policy is very small. It wouldn't work for.a vinyl reseller, record label, or band.

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