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  1. Mine also plays fine. That stinks that some people got bad copies. Why don't they just keep this album in print? Enough with the limited releases.
  2. This is my favorite FR album as well. I'm happy with the sound of my first pressing, but I've practically worn the thing out. I should probably get another copy. I'm also the proud owner of the limited edition FR art print that came with my Insound order back when they didn't suck!
  3. Anyone else not get theirs yet?
  4. ntslash

    Primus Reissues

    Does the preorder price guarantee cover these discounts at checkout? I probably won't cancel and reorder to save 1.55. Just curious.
  5. If you stare at it long enough, you might solve it. I finally got it after 7 hours. It's like one of those magic eye posters.
  6. I don't know. Did your caretaker come up with that witty retort, or did he just type that message for you? The image for the bundle on the website clearly shows two records coming out of one jacket. There's a lot of stupid shit that goes on in this record business. It's always nice to get some clarification. I hope you get a papercut when you open your next record.
  7. What if Life Without Sound is my favorite release of theirs? Will I like this one?
  8. Is the bundle 2 LPs in the same jacket like in the picture, or do you get two jackets?
  9. ntslash

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    Last track on both sides of Mezmerize sounds great on my copy. I haven't listened to any of the others yet.
  10. So should I buy this pressing or not?
  11. ntslash

    System of a Down Re/Pressings

    The tax is probably related to the Supreme Court Wayfair ruling from June. States can now require websites to charge tax even if there is no physical store. Within a year or two, every online purchase will likely be taxed.
  12. ntslash

    Megadeth-RIP blue vinyl

    So the only way to get this shitty mix on colored wax is to sign up for this dumb text website? That is about the easiest pass ever.
  13. ntslash

    Megadeth-RIP blue vinyl

    I read somewhere recently that the Capitol Vaults reissue used the original mix. Not true?
  14. It's the ultimate vinyl destination. They are a team of passionate music fans who believe that vinyl is a uniquely satisfying sonic experience. And they're here to help you build the perfect record collection.
  15. How are they? I was very underwhelmed by the As Good As Dead bonus tracks.