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  1. Order from Amazon. You won't get charged until it ships in October, and you'll get the price guarantee for when this inevitably drops to $50 before release like every other deluxe edition on Amazon.
  2. I have all 4 Sparklehorse albums already, but maybe I will sell them to get this box. Would be nice to have them on 2 LPs instead of one. Some of those sides are very crowded.
  3. I'll give you $15 for it. That's a 3:1 ROI!
  4. I'm 38. Here are my rankings: White Pony > Koi No Yokan > Around the Fur > Diamond Eyes > Gore > Adrenaline > SNW > S/T I'd give them all 8/10 or better.
  5. My local shop had a handful of copies of Year Zero in the discount bin at 50% off. This was about a year after it came out. I stupidly only bought one instead of gobbling them all up.
  6. Thanks. I haven't heard anything from S&M2, so I was asking a serious question. I was looking for something more along the lines of: Yes, you definitely need this because these performances blow the first one out of the water. Or maybe this: Yeah, the sound is going to be killer on this, much better than S&M. But it sounds like I can just skip it.
  7. Is there any reason to get this if I already have S&M? It's mostly the same songs except for a few newer mediocre tunes.
  8. Age of Adz is my favorite Sufjan album by a lot, so I think I'm going to enjoy this. I'm not going to listen to it until the official album release though.
  9. I enjoyed both of these albums a lot. I guess I'm not sure exactly what "radio rock" is or why it's a bad thing. I've heard lots of good rock on the radio. But I've also never heard Cloud Nothings or anything similar to Cloud Nothings on the radio.
  10. Is this going to be available without the signed litho? I just want the vinyl.
  11. Are you looking for a copy? I have one that I want to unload.
  12. Fully agree with you. The singles have been forgettable. I need to hear this in full before I buy it.
  13. I've received about 25 records from Amazon since covid. 24 in pristine condition. 1 was mailed in a padded envelope and was beat to hell. Of course they gave me a full refund and let me keep it. Unless I find something cheaper elsewhere, Amazon is always my first choice.