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  1. Looking to buy the MOV version of Core. would prefer the clear version but would settle for the black. PM me if you have a copy to sell or trade.
  2. My clear copy sounds great. I will stick with that one.
  3. No need to spend more time on it. I was trying to make a joke about the year-long preorder. Obviously I missed the mark. You may carry on with more important things now.
  4. Agreed. This, Genghis Tron, and Chevelle are my top three right now.
  5. Grabbed the orange splatter. I arrived an hour late for the others. Stupid eastern time.
  6. I have 5 pressings from Wargod (including Sponge, Stabbing Westward, and Seven Mary Three). They all sound great.
  7. What does +2 mean in this? Are there two bonus tracks? What are they?
  8. I was about to place another order in Tower Records last night but didn't pull the trigger. When I tried today, this code didn't work. Any other valid codes for Tower?
  9. Are there really 1000 people who would pay $100 + shipping for this? The new album art is cool and all, but no way would I pay more than $40 for this.
  10. I predict this thread gets locked before the individual versions are announced.
  11. Just a crazy ass guess, but I'm going to say they fulfill based on the order the orders were received. So in the situation you described above, the 101st person would not receive their order. However, since amazon does not charge at time of order, some of the first 100 may end up being cancelled due to payments not processing, so you could be the 103rd to order and still get it.
  12. It will be back. There is a message on bandcamp saying they are replenishing the stock.
  13. Ordered as soon as I saw it this morning. Hoping I was in the first 300!

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