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  1. I'm also on the toilet right now. I'm also going to pass on the sub and order the regular version. I have no need for cassettes or flexis.
  2. Buy why only spend $16.99 when you can own an original press!?!?!?!
  3. Does anyone want to give me a ton of money for my original pressing? Anyone?
  4. If you sell it to someone else, than you are profiting off his evil. You just burn it all.
  5. Sure, I'd be happy to walk you through it: Some people have a hard time separating the art from the artist and think you shouldn't consume the art of shitty people. Others prefer to separate the art from the artist and will continue to consume the art, possibly while also acknowledging the artist is a shitty person. The general consensus is that Ryan Adams is a shitty person. As such, some argue his music should be cancelled. Others will still listen to his music because they like it and they feel like they can separate the art from the artist. The new s
  6. The fact that the new song really sucks makes it a lot easier to cancel this guy.
  7. I buy what I want from where it's most convenient or most cost-effective. If you want to judge me for that, then go fuck yourself.
  8. They really need to quit with the variants of this one. It really makes me mad that every new variant looks cooler than the one I own!
  9. I grabbed an extra copy of Purple Ten today on my last-minute Thanksgiving Day run. DM me if you need it. EDIT: Copy has been claimed!

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