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  1. I've received about 25 records from Amazon since covid. 24 in pristine condition. 1 was mailed in a padded envelope and was beat to hell. Of course they gave me a full refund and let me keep it. Unless I find something cheaper elsewhere, Amazon is always my first choice.
  2. Then we should probably just stop buying vinyl.
  3. These do look way better than the original mockups you posted. Good job. Small piece of advice: don't post product images of super wrinkled shirts. You will sell a lot more that way.
  4. I would have preferred not hearing about this. What a kick in the teeth. You already can't go to any of the shows you were planning to attend. Now here's a super awesome show you want to attend that we cancelled before we even announced it.
  5. If the sustainable sleeves produced less static and cost less, then I would be highly interested. Otherwise, hell no. No one collects records for the sustainability factor.
  6. Agreed. I honestly wouldn't order it for free, but that's mostly because I wouldn't want to sacrifice the precious space.
  7. I got one from Zia a few weeks ago. It was yellow.
  8. Spun Vol 2 today. My copy is great. No pops, skips, or cracks at all the whole way through. This is a solid performance. Matt's voice holds up pretty well throughout to me. Is it flawless? No, but that makes it special. Otherwise I would just listen to the studio versions.
  9. Where is the tracklist? I can't make an informed buying decision without being certain that all my favorite Creed songs are in this album.
  10. This was delayed, but the digital files are now available for anyone who ordered the box. I haven't ordered yet. Anyone out there have the digital files to comment on the quality?
  11. I've seen The National live 8 times. The performance is always incredible, and I never notice his voice going out. But every concert video I've watched or audio recording I've heard has been rough on the vocals. He seems to be one of those vocalists that can pull it off if you're there but sucks on recordings.