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  1. Spotify has all 10, but I honestly prefer the album with only 7.
  2. Let's see...250 copies at $50 each. Assuming a 50% profit margin, that's a whopping $6,250, divided by four members. So $1,562.50 each. How do these capitalist pigs manage to sleep on their mountains of cash knowing their poor fans are being forced to surrender their hard-earned money?
  3. Last I checked, Amazon was still selling new copies of the special edition 10,000 Days CD for 10 bucks. I snagged one about a year ago.
  4. My daughter is 8 and listens to Tool, NIN, Pantera, etc. She also loves Disney music and Taylor Swift. Kids listen to what you expose them to.
  5. So how will I feel if Undertow and 10,000 Days are my top two?
  6. $210? This must be the biggest rip-off record shop in the world. It's $37 on Amazon.
  7. I gave mine a good clean before listening and didn't experience this distortion.
  8. I haven't listened to the bonus material yet, but the album sounds fantastic. They did a great job on this pressing. Sounds much more dynamic than the CD and blows away the most recent pressing of Short Bus. Get this!
  9. My copy came in from Amazon on Friday. I will spin it today and report back.
  10. As I've always told my creative writing students, if no one interprets the work the way you intended it to be interpreted, then that's your fault as an artist.
  11. This album sounds like Justin Vernon woke up one morning and said, "I want to make a really shitty version of 22, A Million." In that, he has succeeded. Great job, Justin! There are some seriously shitty songs on this record.