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  1. I emailed to preorder and they said they got it and would let me know when they arrived. I'm guessing it's local pickup only.
  2. According to Reddit, this went up on Bullmoose 9 days ago. I'm disappointed in Vinyl Collective for not letting me know sooner! Hopefully these will be available somewhere else.
  3. Are there any other versions of this available?
  4. Maybe the yellow thing is the slipmat? Or maybe just a round yellow piece of construction paper.
  5. I really wanted to buy this box set, but now that they announce the details, I really don't want to buy it. A fucking picture disc? No bonus material? They really blew this one.
  6. I found it pretty dull. Feels like they aren't even trying anymore.
  7. I've seen them 8 times, and Hazards of Love was the best show by far.
  8. You beat me by 3 sentences. Or maybe I beat you, depending on how you look at it.
  9. That really stinks. Fortunately, my order has already been packed up and shipped, so at least some of the Bullmoose orders went through this morning.
  10. Snagged NIB, Dino Jr, and Brandi Carlile from Bullmoose this morning!
  11. I will take a Nativity in Black if they have one. Not holding my breath! Thanks for this offer though.