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  1. This has by FAR the most filler of any National album. Name one moment of filler on Trouble Will Find Me. That album is flawless.
  2. I had a copy of the blue s/t pressing. Sold it for $300 and bought a $15 black copy instead. Then I just spent $75 on 2 variants of this new album and regret that. First album is way better. "Theory of the Crows" is a top ten National song.
  3. Shoot me an offer. I will probably get rid of mine. The deluxe copy of this album is enough for me.
  4. Will "Blind" still sound like shit and completely disrupt the flow of the album? I'm all for bonus tracks, but put them at the end.
  5. Love this album. I will definitely be picking it up somewhere.
  6. This site claims to have The Crow and a lot of other RSD titles in stock: https://thegiantlab.myshopify.com/products/the-crow-the-crow-soundtrack-colored-vinyl-vinyl-2lp-record-store-day
  7. Anyone else still waiting on shipping from Plaidroom Records? Placed my order within a minute of stuff going live and still haven't gotten shipping notification. I know they said it would be awhile. Just curious if anyone else had any luck yet.
  8. So everyone who bought the first press will buy another copy. Then he will press it on another color, and we will all rush to buy another one. They will continue to go for big money on the aftermarket. And people will continue to complain they didn't get one.
  9. Same here. The re-recorded versions they did of songs from WBBP were not good. I'm skeptical of this.
  10. I bought the black first from a person on facebook and then found the yellow the next morning on the Plaidroom site. I'm happy to spread the love around instead of hanging onto both, but I'm not going to take a loss on it! I should have both in hand by beginning of next week. Hit me up of you are still looking then.
  11. I have a black and a yellow on the way. If they both do in fact arrive, I can sell you the black. Not sure what you think a reasonable price is, but I spent 45 on it. In order to ship it and break even after PayPal fees, I would need about 55 for it.
  12. Is Plaid Room the only place that got the yellow version of Seven Mary Three? They are still showing 45 copies and there are only 200 total.
  13. Probably a long shot, but I'm looking for a copy of Seven Mary Three if anyone manages to land one they don't want. Good luck out there today!
  14. They are still on Spotify for me. Been playing them all day.