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  1. Thanks for taking one for the team! Mine hasn't been canceled yet, but when it is, I'm going to reference your experience to get myself a gift card too.
  2. I ordered as well at that $17 price point. I mean, they have a pre-order price guarantee, so they would be dicks if they didn't honor this.
  3. Same here! I do like parts of other Deafheaven songs.
  4. So I'm not allowed to own these albums on vinyl because I can't attend any of the shows? That makes sense.
  5. The tribute collection sounds very interesting, but I'm not going to buy the vinyl. I wish they would have mixed up the tracklisting. I don't want to hear 9 consecutive versions of Nothing Else Matters. I'll listen to this album on shuffle on Spotify.
  6. I also grabbed a black copy of Brother, Sister this afternoon, so you can blame me too!
  7. I get up at 5 every morning. I have been able to buy all of the releases when I wake up. No need to stay up for the midnight release.
  8. Didn't Bull Moose issue a public apology, give everyone their job back, and provide backpay to employees who missed time?
  9. Sold out in my cart because it took me three damn tries to sign into my account and then I tried to checkout with accepting the stupid terms first!
  10. Any Canadian stores with the Our Lady Peace Healthy in Paranoid Times release? I almost had one from Dead Dog Records but missed the terms and conditions checkbox. By the time I tried again, it was all gone.
  11. Cyr exceeded my expectations. I was expecting it to be their worst album, but I think it's their third worst.
  12. Thinking about re-signing up for VMP for this. Does anyone have one of those referral links?
  13. I think this is the setlist, in case it helps anyone with their decision. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-smashing-pumpkins/1992/club-citta-kawasaki-japan-3f099cf.html I'm going to pass for now. If it had more SD tracks then I'd probably buy it.

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