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  1. It happen to have a phone number on it? I know Drag City did that with Wand’s most recent.
  2. The mailer just had no packing material and I could hear the record sliding/rattling around when I picked it up off my porch. Have no clue it didn’t have any seam splits.
  3. My copy just arrived. One of the worst packaging jobs I’ve seen of late, but fortunately it was completely unscathed. Hope everyone else’s copy arrives safely as well.
  4. Got mine as well, very solid mailer, packed well and still got a little seam split. Oh well I guess, gave it a spin last night and while I have nothing to compare it to, thought it sounded great!
  5. Nearly every record I’ve received of late has had a ton of damage to the mailer and a good amount of the jackets have had splits or creases. Partly at fault is bands/labels/shops skimping out with inconceivably poor packing, but it seems like there is even less care than before with parcels. Maybe I’ve just been on an unlucky streak.
  6. I really wish bands and labels read this thread. The records I’ve received from virtually every record shop outside of Bullmoose have been packed poorly. I’ve never received as many damaged records as I have this past year. Why have they stopped using packing materials? It’s really frustrating.
  7. $13 to ship 1 record domestically, bahaha gtfoh (fuck me I still ordered it).
  8. Just got notice from Bullmoose that my preordered copy from many months ago is shipping. Assumed that wasn’t going to happen, am stoked to finally get a copy of this.
  9. My OG copy of De-loused is far from great sounding, and needed Frances and Bedlam, but will hold out hope of finding Bedlam cheaper down the road as it’s moreso about compulsive completionist behavior than loving that actual record. Bending you over on the shipping was annoying, but they know people are going to buy it regardless.
  10. Yeah, figured it’s worth a shot? If it doesn’t end up shipping I won’t be out anything, but that is an annoying practice for sure.
  11. My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves Deluxe 4LP set $26.61 It Still Moves [4 LP][Deluxe Edition] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DUX9A7M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_0CXYZYKPCJA1K0NYRM06
  12. Maybe already in the thread, but just ordered a copy of Loveless from HHV if anyone still is looking for a copy. Just shy of $40 shipped due to being in the US, but worth an upgrade over the Plain version I have.
  13. The store I ordered the indie non deluxe variant from cancelled the order and said their distributor told them that version isn’t happening. Got a refund, but 6 months after the preorder is weird.
  14. Those Murlocs Loopholes reissues went fast. I guess when you let flippers take two copies per variant that is going to happen. Just not meant to be with this record I guess.
  15. Gonna be real if I ever actually receive a record from the Levitation sessions.
  16. This isn’t new, and I don’t think anyone with a brain is buying records off there.
  17. Would love a copy, but not for $50, ah well.
  18. I was badgering them about reissuing Karate stuff probably 5 years ago now, and they said they were later that year. Guess they had a change of heart.
  19. Numero just posted on their IG they’re putting out the S/T and Death Kit EP with more to come. Guessing preorders go up today. The S/T is one of two that I already have but will be stoked to pickup the EP.
  20. This will either be a wait and find on clearance somewhere or pass for me.
  21. Have only ever bought one other record from them, but preordered the new Casket Lottery from Wiretap Records on 9/8. There were a bunch of delays and I wound up finally getting my copy a few weeks ago. The record was put loose in a mailer with no cardboard inserts or bubble wrap, you could literally feel the record sliding around inside the package. The record did indeed have a nice 6+inch crease and a seam split. I’ve emailed the label twice politely asking them if they had any spare jackets and they’ve ignored both emails. I was really annoyed that an actual label mailed

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