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  1. My roughish favorites of the year The True Faith - Go to Ground* Wednesday - Rat Saw God Explosions in the Sky - End Osees - Intercepted Message Faerie Ring - Weary Traveler Kadabra - Umbra Lathe of Heaven - Bound by Naked Skies Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Fronzoli Rosenstock - HELLMODE Hotline TNT - Cartwheel
  2. Wonder when those Dragon Age boxes will ship. I thought they were supposed to this month
  3. Pretty solid Newbury order for about $110 after taxes: Gaslight Anthem - American Slang Dispatch - Four Day Trials Doomriders - Darkness Come Alive Jawbreaker - Etc Fountains of Wayne - Out of State Plates Oh Sees - Face Stabber Weakerthans - Left and Leaving Bad Religion - Gray Race The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms
  4. Have been hoping this would one day get pressed, but at $50 it can get fucked. In case anyone here is interested in it though: https://ghostmuttrecords.bigcartel.com/product/gmr-002
  5. We need to rename this thread to Dr Bob’s VMP referral links
  6. I’m sure most everyone here is smart enough to avoid using route protection offered by various labels, but I recently paid for it, tried to get something from it for a seam split, and got what I deserved, a swift kick in the balls. Evidently it does not cover cosmetic issues at all, so if you’re ever considering it, don’t. I ordered Bane’s reissue from EV and the seam split isn’t huge, but I’m a little bit more picky than I used to be with every record costing $40+ shipped nowadays. Anyway. Route Protection is worthless.
  7. It really hasn’t gone up, but might as well gouge us because we’ll pay it.
  8. As someone who waffled on buying the box set and never did, I’m super happy with these as a consolation.
  9. It’s nice to see normal prices. First time in a long time for a preorder for me.
  10. If you don't spend 20 hours a day listening to your records, don't bother getting into the hobby
  11. Very late to this while checking to see if there was a post for 2023 and really no reason to add to the lists but why not 30. Extra Arms - What Is Even Happening Right Now (one of former Thunderbirds Are Now frontman Ryan Allen’s projects) 29. Wo Fat - The Singularity 28. Caleb Caudle - Forsythia 27. Izaak Opatz - Extra Medium 26. The Orielles - Tableau 25. Superchunk - Wild Loneliness 24. Camp Trash - The Long Way the Slow Way 23. Friends of Hell - S/T 22. Pedro the Lion - Havasu 21. Lawn - Bigger Sprout 20. 84 Tigers - Time in the Lighthouse 19. Wilco - Cruel Country 18. Boris - W 17. Beach House - Once Twice Melody 16. Our Lady Peace - Spiritual Machines II 15. Delivery - Forever Giving Handshakes 14. Sam Jr. - S/T 13. Hooveriii - A Round of Applause 12. Chat Pile - God’s Country 11. Kikagaku Moyo - Kumoyo Island 10. Cave In - Heavy Pendulum 9. billy woods - Aethiopes 8. Guided By Voices - Crystal Nuns Cathedral 7. Ty Segall - Hello, Hi 6. Built to Spill - When the Wind Forgets Your Name 5. Band of Horses - Things Are Great 4. Sloan - Steady 3. Viagra Boys - Cave World 2. Osees - A Foul Form 1. Gnome - King
  12. I like the album but not $80 like. That said I'd be willing to trade some stuff for it if anyone has a copy they don't want.
  13. Dragon Age box set is live $115 https://spacelab9.com/products/dragon_age
  14. Just checked their site and FB, where did you see the numbers? They’re typically my go to afterwards as well.
  15. Did anyone’s shops have a bunch of Wilco? I was surprised being pretty early in line not to be able to get one. Assuming they’ll be fairly available but just checking.
  16. This story has some serious vinyl jerk vibes going on
  17. I pulled out Local Natives - Gorilla Manor a couple weeks ago after not listening to it for a couple of years. Definitely forgot how good it is.
  18. This has saved me a lot of money from cutting way back on blind buying I agree with everything you said, and I tend to have listening patterns similar to yours in terms of surfing genres. I was really loving the psych revival that was occurring from late oughts until I guess a few years ago, but feels like that has sort of dissipated. I probably just need to spend more time in terms of discovering new/unfamiliar artists, but it’s been a real struggle of late it seems.
  19. I’m sure this probably isn’t as individualized as it feels, but does anyone else feel like they’re in a bit of a rut or lull in terms of music? Between favorites not really being very active anymore and/or not finding much new music that I connect with, it just feels weird as I can’t recall another time in my life experiencing that. I probably should be digging into stuff that I’ve missed over the years, but I don’t have a huge drive to do that either. Anyone else experience this? What got you out of the rut?

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