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  1. I love this band, I will definitely be picking it up at some point, their first record was excellent!
  2. So stoked for the QOTSA, that has needed a repress so badly for too long.
  3. Even with the original press, this is an easy one for me. Can't wait to check out the demos and outtakes!
  4. Someone running Our Lady Peace social media accounts responded to my inquiry about Happiness Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch and said end of this year/early next year.
  5. It looks like the record is sitting on top of the 45 adapter? Is the record laying flush to the platter?
  6. If anyone would be able to pick up an extra Akuma No Uta tour copy I would be forever grateful!
  7. It’s by no means bad, I just don’t anticipate listening to it all that often. I give them credit for continuing to experiment, maybe will grow on me more after more listens.
  8. Probably my least favorite Oh Sees stuff I’ve heard after the first listen, was bound to eventually not love something they put out.
  9. Looking forward to new Mikal stuff. III was pretty solid, but I really haven't revisited it in quite awhile. II is still my favorite of his to date.
  10. You have to actually listen to them to know whether or not you like them.
  11. Also, a few things got cancelled last night, but the majority of everything looks like it will go through.
  12. I got so much stuff, been waiting for a sale like this. Some really cheap MOV reissues, and loads of other stuff I’ve been wanting but hadn’t picked up yet: Fever Ray Preoccupations Jim James Melvins Walter Schreifels Bright Eyes Soundtrack of Our Lives Horace Silver Sun Ra LCD Soundsystem Neko Case x2 the Bevis Frond Bass Drum Of Death Matthew Good Band Rural Alberta Advantage Shabazz Palaces White Hills Tad Tindersticks The Ting Tings Carl Broemel
  13. I don't really own any test pressings, but couldn't pass on owning a Braid and Pele's the Nudes test presses. Pretty excited to snag those.
  14. All three of mine showed up in good shape, and I'm pretty happy with the pressing quality to boot. The Last Broadcast had a slight warp, but doesn't seem to affect the sound at all.
  15. Crazy, I just got notification that my order of God is an Astronaut S/T record is being fulfilled from amazon.ca from last March. Didn't think that was going to happen.
  16. Came here to post this, can't wait. Föllakzoid rules!
  17. I will say that the app does help some, but moreso if there aren't a ton of variants and pressings. For stuff with a ton of pressings I found it a lot easier to just catalog it the usual way. Still need to get the rest of mine on there, probably have 80% or so of it done.
  18. Oh man, pretty damn funny. Where do they find these people?
  19. I’m a little slow on the intake, I’m not seeing where I can choose my keepers, maybe its the app?
  20. Good looking out! Ordered with the quickness, so stoked to finally hear this on vinyl.
  21. Life comes at you fast, looks like most variants are sold out. Ah well.
  22. I'm still planning on playing, let me know who I need to send my keepers to, thanks!